Rookie Bangers

The name banger conjures up an impression of heavy contact racing, the rookie bangers however are an exception to this impression being a 'limited contact' class.

The 'limited' banger formula is designed to tempt you, the spectator, off the terracing and on to the track for the first time.

While adhering to the limited contact rules, there is always action whenever the Rookie Bangers are in town!

Equally entertaining and interesting is the type of car that is used in this formula, where cars considered useless are resurrected and brought back into service.

HRP Lochgelly Raceway is the home of the Scottish Championship for Rookie Bangers and we also feature ramp racing as well as a caravan demolition derby during the season!

Relevant Downloads

- 2017 Banger Rules - Updated 23rd Jan 2017
- HRP Banger Fixtures 2017 - Updated 21st Dec 2016


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