National Bangers

These are a full contact formula, which is not for the faint-hearted.

When you mentioned Stock Car racing, this is the image that many people think of.

While it may appear that Banger racers have spent little time preparing their cars for batle, nothing could be further from the truth. Many hours are spent painstakingly preparing these cars.

This formula allows you to hit the opposition as hard as you can, and events normally finish off with demolition derbys where the last car running wins.

Rookie Bangers

A slightly toned-down version of National bangers with a 1600cc limit - these can often be just as bruising!!!

Back to Basics Bangers

A formula that utilises some of the cars not normally used by the Rookie or National bangers; Back to Basics have been a sensation down south where their minimal build rules have encouraged drivers old and new back on track.

Relevant Downloads

- 2018 Back to Basics Banger Rules - Updated 11th Apr 2018
- 2018 National Banger Rules - Updated 11th Apr 2018


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