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HRP and GMP Statement

Added Saturday 22nd June 2019

Hardie Race Promotions (In association with Spedeworth Motorsports) and GMP Scotland have the following statement to make with regards to 1300 Stock Cars.

Over the last week or so, dialogue with Spedeworth Motorsports has been ongoing in order to seek a solution which would enable drivers from both promotions to race at the upcoming memorial events (the Craig McNicol Memorial and the Michelle Freck Memorial).

We are pleased to confirm that given the nature of the events, discretion has been granted on this occasion to allow both sets of drivers to race at both venues without any repercussion. To confirm, HRP drivers WILL be allowed to participate at the Craig McNicol Memorial event at Cowdenbeath Racewall on the 10th August, and that GMP drivers WILL be able to participate at the Michelle Freck Memorial event on the 2nd November at Lochgelly Raceway.

Both sets of drivers MUST book in via there home promotions for these events.

Any queries, please contact your home promotions.

Stock Rod World Final News

Added Wednesday 19th June 2019
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to announce that Lee Smart Racing will be the headline sponsors for the 2019 Stock Rod World Championship here at Lochgelly at the end of August.

Lee Smart Racing are based at the complex and offer onsite welding services to those that require it, as well as bespoke fabrications.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Superstox World Championship, and Open Scottish events for that weekend.

Charity Night

Added Wednesday 19th June 2019
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to finally unveil our plans for Saturday 2nd November 2019 – A date that has been left blank on our fixture list for a very special reason.

Hardie Race Promotions at Lochgelly Raceway are keen to build a reputation as a promotion who are seen as a valuable part of our community, and to help recognise and remember things that are most important in lives.

As we navigate our way through 2019, you will see that we already have a coupe car charity event lined up for 20th July, where we are raising funds for FORDS-Care, the drivers charity, and Radio Forths, Cash For Kids. Both of these charities are important in their own sense – FORDS-Care, the drivers’ charity is one that is there to help drivers and race officials should any accidents occur which may see them having to spend some time off work. Cash For Kids is a charity that ensures children in the Fife, and Lothians area are looked after, and have the essentials that they require to get through life, something a lot of people take for granted.

Beyond that, we are looking at participating at Lochgelly Gala in August – you’ll have noticed the Gala team at the venue a couple of weeks ago raising funds for the Lochgelly Gala – this is again something that we are proud to be supporting and to be a part of. The Gala committee raised £281.75 on the day, a figure that will be matched by Hardie Race Promotions.

However, the biggest announcement is detailed below – Saturday 2nd November 2019.

We’ll kick off events at 5pm on Saturday 2nd November in a night that will impact the lives of many, and give many others an opportunity to make dreams come true.

Throughout the evening of Saturday 2nd November we will be hosting the
- The Michelle Freck Memorial event for the 1300 Stock Cars
- 2 seater races in the CC Rods &
- 2 seater races in Hot Rods!
- A 1300 Stock Car LADIES RACE
- Plus Superstox and National Micro Bangers

Michelle was a valuable member of the HRP team, who we sadly lost last year, and with the family’s blessing, the inaugural memorial event will be held for the 1300 Stock Cars. Michelle’s family continue to support us here at Lochgelly Raceway, with Jack striving as our Junior Mr Starter, and Nicole supporting in race control.

We’ll be supporting three charities on the night with collection buckets at the reception / sign in offices.

The charities that are being supported for this event are
- SAMH – The Scottish Association For Mental Health
- Strathcarron Hospice

We’re supporting Strathcarron Hospice with the backing of Michelle’s family, the hospice where Michelle spent her final days.

There has been a number of sad stories in 2019 within the local area with a number of people losing the battle to mental health issues such as depression and stress and we feel it’s important to continue to raise awareness of the issue, and encourage people to talk, should they be suffering in silence.

Costings for the event are based on securing sponsorship –
- 1300 Stock Cars Ladies Race - £100 per team will be required to participate through seeking sponsorship
- CC Rod 2 Seater Experiences – A minimum of £25 will have to be raised in order to experience the on track thrill of being in a race environment.
- Hot Rod 2 Seater Experiences – A minimum of £35 will have to be raised in order to experience the on track thrill of being in a race environment.

Notes –
- 1300 Ladies Race – The car will have to be organised by the participant – We’ve already spoken to a number of our drivers and the majority are happy to supply the cars
- 1300 Ladies Race – Participants must not have held a full ORCi licence within the last 5 years to be eligible to race
- Helmets, Overalls and Gloves should be supplied by the participant where possible (a number of drivers have spare sets available and would be happy to loan them for the races where necessary)
- 2 Seater Races – we plan on having around 8 cars on track for each race with each winner having a lap of honour
- 2 Seater Races – It is our intention to run 4 races across the evening for each formula, subject to the amount of passengers
- Funds must be paid on the night before entering your race
- All funds raised will be split equally between the charities
- There is opportunity for businesses to get involved in this meeting – get in touch with us to discuss.

To get involved and to get your sponsorship forms, please contact us by messaging the HRP Facebook page or by emailing

Let’s make November 2nd, a night to remember!

Superstox – Clarification On Rule Changes

Added Friday 14th June 2019
Spedeworth Motorsports would like to clarify the rules changes for Superstox ready for the 2020 season.

The rear suspension will stay to the current 2019 rules. No change.

Shock absorbers. Three shock absorbers on the car will be controlled shock absorbers supplied by Spedeworth Fabrications 2015 Ltd. These must be used on the inside front which is the centre green side and the two rear shockers. The only change to the shockers will be that you can put an extension top mount upon it because some cars are running short and others are running long. After talking to lots of drivers about this I have come up with the decision to leave white and yellow grade drivers on the shocker rule as per 2019 but if any drivers upgrades to blue grade or higher they must change their shockers before they are permitted to race and if they do not race they will not be dropped back down the grades to yellow or white. This is going to be for one year only and then all cars will be on the same shockers.

This announcement is to give everyone an idea of what is happening with the future of Superstox and at this point in time I cannot see any other rule changes coming in for the Superstox class in the foreseeable future unless I feel people are trying to twist the rules.

Deane Wood

Northampton CANCELLED

Added Thursday 13th June 2019
Northampton 15th June Cancelled

Spedeworth / Incarace would like to make everyone aware that due to the adverse weather conditions that are currently battering the UK that the event scheduled for Saturday 15th June 2019 at Northampton International Shaleway is cancelled.

Some of the reasoning for this is the track has bedded down lovely but has gone hard like tarmac so we rotavated down three inches on the day the rain started but John was unable to re-tire pack the surface due to the rain starting and as everyone knows it has not stopped since.

As a result of rotavating the top three inches the rain has therefore ran straight inside the shale track where normally once the surface is tyre packed most of the water would run over the surface and into the drains and then we would only need one dry day to be able to run a meeting.

With the weather forecast projected to continue raining in the area upto Saturday and with some drivers having to travel a long distance from Scotland as an example we have decided to make the decision today to cancel the event which we do apologise to everyone for.

The event at Mildenhall Stadium will still be running as the track is nice and hard and the weather forecast is projected that today is the last day of rain.

Due to this cancellation at Northampton International we are planning to run the Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars at Aldershot Raceway on Sunday 16th June. Drivers who are able to make it to Aldershot Raceway can you please book-in asap via 01252 322920 or via

The Superstox European Championship is to be re-scheduled to the 2019 Spedeweekend at Foxhall Heath Stadium over the weekend of the 6th & 7th July and will replace the East Anglian Championship. As a result, the Superstox will now race for the European Championship and The Eaton Family Trophy over the weekend event.

‘Back To Basic’ Bangers and National Bangers fixtures will be looked into to see if we can find replacement dates for the cancelled event and if so will be announced in due course.

Once again just to confirm the event at Northampton International Shaleway on Saturday 15th June is cancelled. The next event at Northampton International Shaleway is scheduled for Saturday 29th June at 5pm featuring the Bangers – Gold Rush Event 4, Junior Bangers – World Championship and BriSCA F2 Stock Cars.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Northampton International Shaleway soon.

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