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Added Wednesday 18th September 2019
Hardie Race Promotions (In Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) wish to issue a reminder to all drivers that interfering with the inside of a silencer including putting a pipe up the inside of it by any amount will be an automatic six months full ORCi ban.

October Speed Weekend Information

Added Friday 13th September 2019
The 2019 National Micro Banger World Cup, sponsored by ACE Car Disposal and Spares is the headline event of our FOURTH speed weekend of 2019, 12th and 13th October 2019

Alongside the Micro Bangers, the ProStocks will be competing for the British Championship, whilst the Junior Bangers, Junior Productions and CC Rods complete the line up across the two days.

CC Rods are Sunday only.

Event Guide
- Spectator gates will open at 1300 on Saturday 12th October and at 1130 on Sunday 13th October
- Drivers will be able to arrive at the venue from 9am on Saturday morning. Drivers will be able to sign in from 1130am.
- Practice will take place from 1500-1530 and will only be open to ProStock formula and Junior Productions
- The racing will commence at 1630 on Saturday and 1300 on Sunday.
- On the day wristbands can ONLY be purchased from the main reception. There will NO wristbands sold from the drivers' sign in office.
- 2 covered areas to keep you sheltered whatever the weather
- Trackside parking available on a first come first served basis.

Admission Costs -
Adults £17
Concessions £10
12-15 £10
Under 12s Free
Trackside Parking £5

Adults £15
Concessions £9
12-15 £9
Under 12s Free
Trackside Parking £5

There are almost 140 Bangers booked into race and ready to put on an excellent showing across both Saturday and Sunday! The lists can be found below for the formula that are racing both days at the speedweekend (Correct at time of publication)

Micro Bangers Booking List
Seeded Entrants For World Cup
11 Gavin Fletcher
12 Phillippa Prestage
24 Stephen Boyd
40 Lester Freestone
63 William McFaul
74 Jamie Sangster
84 Jack Ansell
99 Lee Clarke
112 Daz Prestage
118 Kenneth Scollon
127 Mark Boyle
134 Josh Heeps
164 Gary Mentiplay
174 Aaron Smith
180 Sean McConnachie
181 Grant Doe
209 Mark Morrison
226 Brian Youngson
246 Graham Grant
274 Jon Taylor
275 Ryan Sangster
352 Ben Mynott
354 Josh Vowden
360 Jack Reynolds
374 Jake Carter
400 Lee Kingsworth
412 Callum Lacey
475 Chris Speirs
477 Jack Speirs
478 Craig Royal
638 Darren Rae
676 Frank Boardman
717 Adam Robinson
760 Joey Reynolds
830 Lee White
949 Tony Fidoe

Last Chance Race 1
3 Ryan Martin
14 James Paton
20 Alan Molloy
22 Douglas McConnachie
27 Liam Glendinning
30 Josh Tonks
36 Matty Henbrow
46 Phil Flannery
57 George Boult Jnr *
60 Dan Croskell
85 Nathan Thurlow
101 Cieran Harmer
109 Andrew Molloy
120 Lewis Fallows
123 Rob Smith
129 Ben Moll
141 Jake Stewart
146 Dan Wigman
160 Jamie Warr
166 Andy Armstrong
183 Lee Scriven
208 Oddy Gamble
219 Ben Lewis Thompson
222 Craig Dougan
226 Karl Smith
231 Callum Lamont
233 Daniel Sinclair
240 Brian Low
256 Chris Moon
310 John Nicholson
343 Carl Davis
380 Lee Hopkins
409 Charlie Murrell
421 Josh Mayo
442 Tyler Ivins
448 Jay Bryam
513 Steve Gallagher
573 Oggie Ogden
583 Dan Weeks
621 Gareth Gruff Parker
634 Ben Green
664 Ryan Sutcliffe
711 Tom Mackenzie
823 Jamie Murrell
846 Ste Flannery
908 Lewis Judd
917 Mathew Peterson
919 Adam Peterson
999 Dan Cliffe

Last Chance Race 2
13 Bobby Palin
16 John Paton
21 Dave Watson
23 James Geddes
29 David Mawdsley
32 Connor Byram
38 Jason Greener
49 Liam Boden
58 Ryan Thompson
79 Michael Byram
99 Charlie Athersmith
105 Gordon Gibson
110 Garrie Mirza
114 Adam Jackson
122 Lee Waddington
124 James Gregory
137 Daniel Edwards
144 Matt Woodcock
147 Leighton Cain
161 Stephen Van Putten
166 Mark Fletcher
199 Shady Gough
217 Matt Smith
224 Kevin Gumble
232 Ryan Fretter
236 Paul Rozynski
247 Don Lineham
250 Peter Thompson
265 Tamzin Gordon
273 Andrew Webster
340 Wes Freestone
364 Bradley Lee
440 Peter McVay
441 John Mitchinson
444 Charlie Jackson
479 Dale Jakubowski
566 Hamish Gilfillan
579 Graham Watt
623 Matty MacFarlane
642 Tony Glendinning
666 Roberto Jay
798 Jack Catteral
825 Joe Murrell
842 Barry Innes
901 Derek Wilson
914 John Nelson
918 John Peterson
950 Scott Gamble

Junior Bangers
06 Thomas Rawthorne
08 Finlay Damon
14 Will Walmsley
50 James Slater
68 Maisie Armstrong
90 Joey Holmes
112 Coby Prestage
131 Harley Mcarthy
199 Jobie Gough
211 Kai Newby
229 Harry Cobb
239 Mollie Taylor
303 Morgan Hill
308 Joss Proctor
327 Rocco Trench
352 Koddi Wright
418 Lauren Connelly
476 Freddie Speirs
546 Lachlan Horlacher
555 Harry Gelsthorp
603 Brandon Morton
608 Lenny Murkin
622 Harvey Webb
665 Shelby Cooke
800 Jacob Rushton
999 Louis Cotterell

Junior Productions
5 Jack Beresford
9 Amy Devine
17 Dylan Smart
35 Jas Walle
50 Leona Anderson
88 Kyle Rogerson
112 Chloe Baird
127 Lennon Grant
232 Harvey Sneddon
352 Koddi Wright
605 John Bremner
698 Mark Crawford
871 Jensen Bell
902 Matthew Nicholl
903 Adam McFall
917 Graham Meek
933 Samuel Percy
984 Sam McNeice

1 Dean McGill
16 Dean Abercrombie
17 Scott Tomlinson
23 Ryan Cameron
39 Boab Hamilton
63 William McFaul
79 Sean Devine
122 John Jackson
133 Lee Kopacz
133 Steven Haugh
145 Dougie Kidd
162 Grumm Fleming
170 Ian Christie
231 Grant Barker
327 David Izatt (Sun)
401 Aaron Lithgow
638 Darren Rae
710 Boab Welsh
719 Dylan Booth
754 Scott Wilson
900 Lee Smart
922 Jason Miller

CC Rods (Sunday Only)
9 Vernon Sutherland
13 Shane Allen
20 Brian Allen
28 Sandy Allen
69 Graham Campbell
71 Emma Kirk
176 Gary Nicholls
224 Dylan Coutts
232 Andrew Nelson
267 Lee Wotherspoon
289 Kyle Hutchison
337 Lee Scott
518 Daniel MacDonald
671 Brandon Gourlay
679 Craig Watson
822 Paul Winfield

Provisional Running Orders
Race 1 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 2 Micro Bangers LC 1
Race 3 Micro Bangers LC 2
Race 4 Junior Bangers Open Scottish
Race 5 ProStocks Heat 1
Race 6 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 7 Micro Bangers World Cup
Race 8 Junior Bangers H1
Race 9 Prostocks Heat 2
Race 10 Junior Productions Open Scot.
Race 11 Micro Bangers Half Cars
Race 12 Micro Bangers Half Cars (If Required)
Race 13 Junior Bangers H2
Race 14 ProStock British
Race 15 Micro Bangers AC (Only if race 12 not required and subject to time)

It is expected that 8 cars from each last chance race will qualify - this figure may change dependent on numbers on the day.

Sunday - All Cars, All Races
Race 1 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 2 CC Rods Heat 1
Race 3 Junior Bangers H1
Race 4 ProStocks H1
Race 5 Micro Bangers Open Scottish
Race 6 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 7 CC Rods Heat 2
Race 8 Junior Bangers H2
Race 9 ProStocks H2
Race 10 Micro Bangers All Comers
Race 11 Junior Productions Fife Champ.
Race 12 CC Rods Final
Race 13 Junior Bangers Fife Champ.
Race 14 ProStocks Final
Race 15 Micro Bangers All Comers
Race 16 Micro Bangers DD

Please note - Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for the non attendance of any driver. We publish lists and numbers in good faith that drivers will honour the bookings.
Running orders subject to change.

2020 Licence Applications

Added Tuesday 10th September 2019
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to announce that 2020 Licence Applications are now available to download from our Downloads section of the website.

These can be handed in at your convenience.

Paper copies will be available from the track in the coming weeks.

Bookings Open For Remainder of 2019

Added Thursday 5th September 2019
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to officially open bookings for the following events:-

Saturday 12/13 October - Bookings now being encouraged forr the ProStocks British Championship, Junior Bangers Open Scottish Championship and the LC Engineer Services Ltd Junior Productions Open Scottish Championship and CC Rods.

Saturday 2nd November - This is our Michelle Freck Memorial Meeting and bookings are now being encouraged for Micro Bangers, 1300 Stock Cars (GMP Included), and Superstox. A reminder that anyone wishing to have a shot in one of the passenger experiences for CC Rods / Hot Rods should contact us directly to gain a sponsor form, or pay the minimum fee on the day.

Saturday 9th November - This is the final meeting of the season and bookings are being encouraged for all formula, National Van Bangers Scottish Championship, Superstox, 2.0 Hot Rods, ProStocks. National Hot Rods should book with the NHRPA as advised.

Drivers are welcome to advise us directly (using our website facility), but MUST also book via their home promotions.

Don't forget, selected events have advance discount tickets available - Use the HRP + menu to find our online shop where you can order them online for collection on the day, but at a reduced rate.

War of the World Weekend Report

Added Tuesday 3rd September 2019
World Extravaganza at Lochgelly Raceway!

What an excellent two days of stock car action at Lochgelly Raceway! Derek McMillan reigned supreme in the Stock Rods as he took the World Championship title across the Irish Sea with him, whilst English Superstar Michael Green was victorious in the Superstox World Championship event. Whilst the Ministox seen Taylor Borthwick claim the National Championship crown!

The afternoon kicked off with an all car parade led by ‘Ninja Piper’ Josh Bruce. Over 100 cars took to the track in the parade as they were welcomed onto the raceway by a massive crowd and a loud introduction.

On the Saturday night, the Superstox World Championship was the first big race of the evening with 36 cars taking to the track, and what a race it was. From the off, Scotland’s Bryan Forrest got off to a perfect start, opening up a car length or 2 in the first lap which meant he would survive a big push from the field, which seen a number of cars spin and come to a halt. Stuart Gilchrist was one of the drivers who was caught up in the crash, although managed to get himself freed and re-joined near the back of the grid, before a yellow flag came out after 2 / 3 laps. Bryan Forrest continued to lead the way with Michael Green just behind and the two drivers opened up a bit of a gap to the field behind, with big hits continuing to go in as drivers made progress through the field. Barry Stephen was making good progress from his midfield starting position and was soon up into the top 5 positions after disposing of a number of cars on route with some big hits. Stuart Gilchrist continued his recovery after a dreadful first couple of laps and was soon back up into the top 10 places, making rapid progress through the field and wasting no time behind any driver. Up front meanwhile, Bryan Forrest and Michael Green exchanged places a number of times with both drivers racing in true stock car fashion. As the back markers began to play a part, it was Michael Green who found the most luck with Bryan Forrest finding life being made difficult by a number of back markers which enabled Green to open up a gap at the front from Forrest. Behind them, Barry Stephen was closing in on both cars as he looked to claim the glory, although, it wasn’t to be as the number of laps ran down. Green took the flag, ahead of Scotland’s Bryan Forrest, Barry Stephen and Stuart Gilchrist in what was one of the best Superstox World Finals’ we’ve witnessed. The following two races for the Superstox were equally as entertaining with the star graded drivers having to fight there way through a pack of cars to get to the front, and it was David Frame and Stuart Gilchrist who took the heat wins in front of their home fans.

The Stock Rods seen 37 cars in action on the Saturday, with drivers from all corners of the UK and Ireland competing. The qualifying heats to determine the grid for the World Championship were split into 3 groups with each driver participating in 2 of the 3 qualifying heats. With just under 30 cars in each of the 3 heats, the racing was fast and frantic throughout the evening, with relatively little incidents, although Darren McAlpine had an evening to forget as he was plagued with troubles including an being involved in an accident that seen him hit the wall with considerable cosmetic damage to the car. The first of the two heats were won by Northern Irish drivers, Derek McMillan and Shane McMillan, before Scotland’s Andy Grant managed to take a race win. As the grid formed, it was Stuart Smyth who had qualified best which meant that he started the World Championship on pole position with Derek McMillan alongside him. Two of the sports quickest drivers, on the front row of a 35 car grid.. As the green flag dropped, it was Smyth who got in front, with McMillan dropping in behind trying to put as much pressure as possible on the Smyth car. As the laps wore on, Smyth continued to lead until just over the half way stage, when McMillan seen a small gap on the inside as they entered turn 3, with Smyth doing his best to cover him off, although it was too late as McMillan was already up the inside as the cars made contact. Both drivers held on and survived any major damage, though it was McMillan who came out in front and never really looked back from that point forward as he opened up a bit of a gap to Smyth and the chasing pack behind him. The race quickly became a battle for third, with Gary Butler, Eric Walker and Dean O’Dell all in the mix, with Andy Grant, Siobhan Martin and Chris Lattka all waiting in the wings as well. A coming together between Butler and Walker seen both drivers ruled out of the mix with O’Dell promoted to third position, and this is the way it would stay in the closing laps, with McMillan taking the win ahead of Smyth and O’Dell.

The Ministox were in action for their National Championship and provided 2 excellent reverse grid qualifying heats, followed by a superb National Championship race. The heat wins went to arguably two of the top drivers of 2019, Taylor Borthwick and Aaron Richards. Upon the National Championship race, Aaron Richards was the driver that led the race for the majority, with Taylor Borthwick behind. From the outset, Richards got into the front with a super battle behind as the youngsters traded blows as they battled for the positions. Mitchell Gold was in great form and was determined to come out in front of those around him. Mitchell Gold and Sam Carter both provided excellent racing, with tit for tat hits lap after lap, with Lewis Burgoyne, Declan Honeyman and Owen Robbins all in the mix as well. Up front, Taylor Borthwick continued to follow less than a car length behind the Richards car, with the gap opening up and closing again on a number of occasions. As the lap boards came out, Richards was still out in front, with a number of back markers coming up ahead of him; this enabled Borthwick to close the gap up again and ensure she was in striking distance come the last lap. As the cars entered the final lap, it was Richards who took the 1 lap to go board. As Richards lapped the Ryan Borthwick car, Richards appeared to run wide which gave Borthwick the better drive out of the corner and she latched onto the back of the Richards car going into the last corner, to provide a delicate but forceful push onto the back bumper of the Richards car. Both cars ran wide, and Borthwick came up the inside. The cars entered the final straight side by side with absolutely nothing between them and it was a race to the line. Borthwick had her nose slightly in front and despite an attempt by Richards to force a move as they approached the finish line, it was Borthwick who took the flag and the National Championship in what was an epic race from the Ministox. Richards took 2nd place with Mitchell Gold rounding out the top three.

The Oval Track Legends seen three qualifying heats take place on the Saturday night before a fourth heat on the Sunday ahead of their European Championship which was ultimately won by 161 Dan Holden.

The 1300 Stock Cars joined in on the action on Sunday afternoon and 20 cars seen some excellent racing from the support formula. Ryan McGill and Brian Allan were out in hire cars, whilst Stevie Aitken was out in a car as well. The opening race of the day for the 1300s seen the bumpers fly in as the laps ran down, with chaos and oil being dispersed in the last couple of laps. Ryan McGill seen his car finish the race with a broken rear axle, and Danny Whyte in a cloud of smoke. Sean Naismith took the opening heat win, whilst Darren Rae went onto take a heat and final double in the following races.

The Superstox raced for their Open Scottish Championship on Sunday which seen 29 cars take to the track. An out of the hat draw seen Chris Hay draw pole position alongside Nick Roots. As the green flag fell, the bumpers went in on the opening lap which seen a huge pileup with a complete restart called for. Bryan Forrest, Chris Roots and Dean Johnston all fell victims to the opening lap drama. The grid re-formed and the race re-commenced with a number of cars sidelined. Eventually, Scotland’s Stuart Gilchrist got to the front and never looked back. Stuart took the flag as he brought an end to his Open Scottish Championship jinx, with Barry Stephen finishing 2nd and Martyn Coles rounding out the top three.

The Stock Rods seen 3 heats as the cars looked to qualify for the Open Scottish Championship. Jock McEwan had a day to forget as he failed to complete no more than a lap in each of his 2 qualifying heats! Ricky White raced to a super heat 1 victory, before Andy Grant and Chris Lattka took victories in heats 2 and 3. The Open Scottish Championship seen Gary Butler and Derek McMillan provide an excellent battle for the lead, with Butler challenging McMillan before some contact, which seen McMillan and Butler make further contact with Butler dropping down the order. McMillan crossed the line in first place, with a huge pack of cars behind led by Siobhan Martin. However, the contact with Butler seen McMillan docked a couple of places handing the win to Siobhan Martin.

The Ministox provided another great day of entertainment with 3 fantastic races as they battled for the Tartan Trophy. Robbie Hamilton and Robbie Armit took the opening two heats before another epic race in the meeting final, which seen Declan Honeyman claim the win, with Mitch Gold and Sam Carter completing the top three.

News History


Saturday 19th October 2019, 6.00pm


2.0 Hot Rods Scottish Championship

Stock Rods
Ninja Karts Jus Bounce Trophy

Friday 25th October 2019, 7.00pm

Friday Night Special Event!!!

1300 Stock Cars Mr Gunn Trophy
CC Rods

Saturday 2nd November 2019, 5.00pm


1300 Stock Cars, featuring The Michelle Freck Memorial
National Micro Bangers

1300 Stock Car Ladies Race
2 Seater Experiences for CC Rods & Hot Rods!

All in aid of SAMH & Strathcarron Hospice

Saturday 9th November 2019, 5.00pm


Big Van Bangers Scottish Championship

National Hot Rods 2018/19 World Championship Qualifying Round
2.0 Hot Rods

Saturday 30th November 2019, 7.00pm

The Hardie Race Promotions end of season presentation night takes place on Saturday 30th November 2019 at The Dean Park Hotel in Kirkcaldy.

The evening will feature a buffet, disco and presentations of various awards from throughout the 2019 season.