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Keir Millar Memorial

Added Monday 13th May 2019
We can't thank the drivers and race teams enough for turning out in force, putting on an excellent show.

From the push car parade and races, you just knew it was going to be a night to remember and we are thankful that there were so many of you there to celebrate the occasion.

We'd like to thank those that helped out in any small way to support the meeting;

- Keir's parents and family
- Laura, Nicola and the rest of the Ministox Disco Team for the effort they put in into organising the Ministox races and grid
- Emma Bruce for assisting in the supply of goodie bags for the Ninja Karts
- Dean McGill (D. McGill Electrical) for supplying medals for the coupe car teams

Finally, congratulations to Aaron Richards on winning the Keir Millar Memorial in the Ministox.

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