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Latest Results

Saturday 14th March

Ford At The Double In 1300 Stock Cars

Added by Kevin on Monday 16th March
Junior Productions
Heat 1: 127, 605, 88, 232, 5, 352, 35, 687
Heat 2: 5, 35, 127, 232, 605, 352, 555, 687
Final: 35, 127, 5, 232, 352, 555, 687

Heat 1: 145, 007, 603, 682, 199, 684, 604, 137, 607, 165
Heat 2: 603, 145, 199, 604, 007, 059, 178, 172, 165, 684
Final: 603, 604, 007, 199, 178, 059, 684, 607, 172, 682

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 888, 144, 23, 26, 610, 172, 217, 169, 183
Heat 2: 144, 172, 888, 217, 668, 26, 23, 610, 169, 183
Final: 888, 26, 217, 668, 23, 144, 172, 183, 169, 610

CC Rods
Heat 1: 671, 700, 20, 32, 267, 224, 71, 232, 81, 170
Heat 2: 20, 289, 700, 232, 170, 671, 224, 71, 32, 69
Final: 671, 32, 232, 700, 81, 170, 267, 224, 71, 289

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 688, 715, 700, 100, 67, 654, 78, 668, 9, 969
Heat 2: 668, 700, 688, 715, 100, 969, 75, 111, 124, 146
Final: 688, 668, 715, 100, 969, 654, 124, 78, 126, 9

What a fantastic evening of Stock Car Racing we had on Saturday 14th March at Lochgelly Raceway.

Despite the weather doing its utmost again to put a dampner on thing, the drivers turned out in numbers and put on a show for the expectant crowd.

The 1300 Stock Cars were the formula that drew most attention with a fantastic amount of cars taking to the track, promising entertainment throughout the evening.

The Junior Productions kicked off the evening as the rain began to fall. Kyle Rogerson got away well from his yellow grade starting slot, and was quickly chasing down those in front of him, James Slater and Jack MacLeod. Kyle moved into the lead within a few laps, but soon had the oncoming Lennon Grant chasing him down for the lead of the race. Lennon made his move to overtake the Rogerson car and found himself in the lead of the race, just over the halfway point. John Bremner was up into third place with Harvey Sneddon not too far behind. The closing laps seen John Bremner challenge Kyle Rogerson for second place, and with Rogerson running wide going into the turn one on the final lap, Bremner seen a gap and put his nose in, though the gap disappeared with minimal contact between the two cars. Rogerson held onto second place up the straight and into turn three, with Bremner still challenging, and as the cars exited turn 4 alongside each other, it was Bremner who crossed the line just ahead of Rogerson, with the two cars tangling and crashing after the chequered flag. Heat 2 of the evening for the Juniors seen Jack Beresford bring his new car home in victory lane following the docking of Lennon Grant who had crossed the line first, with Jase Walle continuing his impressive start to the season, finishing in second with the demoted Lennon Grant in third. The meeting final seen another excellent race from the Junior Productions, although with a slightly depleted field of cars. Harvey Sneddon and Koddi Wright did there best to battle there way through the grid from the back of the field, though found the going tough with many of the cars in front showing great pace and consistency. Jase Wall took the victory in the race, with Lennon Grant finishing second, and Jack Beresford in third.

The Ministox were again in great numbers, with just under 20 cars taking to the track for the opening race of the night for the formula. The ever improving Rachel Kidd continued her development in the formula and took her maiden victory in the opening race – the first of many more to come we’d expect – Fellow former Ninja Kart driver Charlie Hardie took his car to a second place finish after an excellent battle with Brandon Morton for the second half of the race, with Hardie finishing just ahead of the Morton car. Brandon Morton picked up the pace in heat 2, and found himself a little more breathing space on track from those challenging behind. Rachel Kidd again led the race in the early staged and once caught by Brandon, didn’t let the position go without a fight. Brandon looked to have pulled enough of a gap to Rachel with around 5 laps to go, but Rachel came back at Brandon with the pair duelling for the win for the remaining laps. Brandon took the race win, with Kidd getting a second position, with National Points Champion Mitch Gold finishing in third. The meeting final seen Brandon continue with his impressive start to the season as he took another excellent race win in more comfortable fashion this time as the pack behind battled it out for the other places. Ryan Borthwick and Charlie Hardie had an excellent battle throughout the race, and ultimately, an excellent battle for second place, with Hardie pulling away in the early stages of the race. Borthwick was never too far behind though, and caught up with the 007 car before forcing his way through into second place. Borthwick managed to open up a bit of a gap to Charlie Hardie and had his eyes on trying to chase down the leader out in front. Charlie Hardie didn’t give up the fight though, and closed the gap to the Ryan Borthwick car again, and managing to make a last lap effort to take second place. Contact was made on the back of the Borthwick car, however, not enough to dislodge him, and Ryan brought his car home to an excellent second place finish with Hardie rounding out the top three.

The 2.0 Hot Rods made their season debut with 11 cars taking to the track at the beginning of the night. Marc Fortune was plagued by problems though, and didn’t make the opening lap of any of the races on the night. The lower graded drivers, Cameron Willacy and Ger Wilson both showed great pace throughout the night, with the pair of them taking the race wins between them. Ger Wilson took a heat and final double, that will see him promoted to blue grade for the next event, whilst Cameron took his first ever win in the class. Ger will have been gutted to miss out on a hat trick of race wins after nudging Cameron Willacy in the second heat with a lap to go as they battled for the lead. Spotted by the race steward, Wilson had the win taken away from him and docked a couple of places for the contact, dropping him down to third place.

The CC Rods were in action for the second meeting in succession. David Glencross made his return to racing after a number of years on the sidelines and battled his way from the back of the field into contention for points places in each of the three races. Brandon Gourlay had a disaster of a meeting last week, but made amends this week, taking the opening heat race win as well as the meeting final – a feat that will see him elevated to red grade for the next CC Rod event! Ian Donaldson again had his car going well in the wet conditions, finishing in second place in the opening heat from the rear of the grid. Brian Allen completed the top three in the opening heat of the night. Allen is another driver that has started the season in fine form, also taking a race win in the second heat of the night. Kyle Hutchison hasn’t had too much luck in the first two meetings of the season, but will be happy to finish in second place in the second heat of the night. The meeting final seen Brandon Gourlay race away and into the distance as he never looked like being challenge as he took the win. Behind him though, there was a great three way battle going on for second place between Ian Donaldson, Ian Taylor and Andy Nelson. Nelson, sitting second and under pressure from Taylor battled superbly to hang onto the place. The pair of them tried to out battle each other with Ian Donaldson lurking just behind. It was Ian Taylor though, that used his experience to bring his car home ahead of Andrew Nelson in the end, with Donaldson finishing fourth and David Glencross fifth.

The 1300 Stock cars were the final formula on the agenda, and with around 30 cars taking to the track, it was never going to be a quiet affair! The opening race of the evening for the full contact formula seen two complete restarts following a host of early crashes. Craig Warner found himself with a bit of damage which put an end to his evening, though not nearly as much as Declan Lindsell! Lindsell found himself pointing the wrong way on the back straight with a pack of almost 30 cars coming towards him, it was a matter of who, not when, someone would collect him! Danny Whyte would be that person that didn’t see the stationary car and run into him, with Steven Gold also in contact with Danny at the time of impact. A fair amount of damage was had to the Lindsell car, with the Whyte car also suffering, though to a lesser extent. Dougie Ford was in excellent form on the night, as he took his newly built car to an opening heat win, with Kyle Hegg and Rory Naismith completing the top three in the opening race. Heat 2 of the night, seen another frantic race, with numerous cars jostling for position throughout and again, it was Dougie Ford that crossed the line in first place, however, he would have that win taken from him as he started in the wrong grid position at the beginning of the race. Fraser Clark inherited the race win as a result, with Hegg taking second and Ford down to third. The meeting final was yet another lively affair, with Conor Mason being in the wrong place at the wrong time in two consecutive corners as he was pushed wide and into the barrier by the pack of cars behind, before being clattered again at the next corner, where he went sideways into the wall, bringing out a race caution. Dougie Ford seen his lead of the race disappear with the pack now right behind him. Though, the in form Ford, wouldn’t let that phase him and held on to take a super race win, with Fraser Clark and Kyle Hegg completing the top three!

We hope to be back in action this Saturday night with a 5.45pm start time – visit our website for further information!

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Saturday 7th March

Hat Trick of Hat Tricks - 7th March 2020

Added by Kevin on Monday 9th March
National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 36, 71, 700, 330, 629, 308, 34
Heat 2: 36, 71, 330, 700, 629, 308, 34
Final: 36, 71, 700, 330, 629, 17, 308, 34

CC Rods
Heat 1: 20, 700, 337, 232, 32, 289, 176, 71, 224, 822
Heat 2: 337, 32, 700, 232, 176, 71, 679, 822, 878, 267
Final: 32, 337, 232, 71, 20, 289, 679, 224

Ninja Karts
White and Yellows: 888, 117, 501, 90, 696, 267, 529
Heat 1: 112, 809, 388, 888, 27, 721, 49, 6, 297, 66
Heat 2: 888, 809, 388, 45, 297, 721, 562, 27, 74, 901
Heat 3: 809, 388, 49, 901, 6, 636, 297, 74, 562, 27

Heat 1: 55, 3, 133, 542, 577, 145, 122, 710
Heat 2: 55, 3, 577, 672, 122, 710, 123
Final: 55, 145, 133, 3, 542, 122, 710, 38

Heat 1: 309, 15, 119, 55, 178, 39, 26, 65, 426
Heat 2: 309, 15, 446, 119, 178, 611, 26, 55, 57, 65
Final: 309, 178, 119, 611, 15, 446, 55, 57, 65

It was a fascinating night at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday 7th March with some excellent racing seen throughout the evening. A Hat Trick of Hat Tricks going the way of Roy Anderson, Bryan Forrest and Tam Melrose on the night!

The youngsters in the Ninja Karts seen over 20 karts in action for the first outing of the year. The opening race of the night seen a race for the white and yellow graded drivers take place, and it was Eevie Ford who raced to victory, finishing well ahead of the chasing pack as she started off a night to remember. The first main race of the evening seen Jack Baird take victory by the narrowest of margins, as he finished just ahead of National Points Champion Toby Tyson, with Cole Ford rounding off the top three, only a kart length behind. Heat 2 of the night for the youngsters seen a couple of stoppages as karts spun and crashed around the raceway, most notably that of Connie Anderson and Jack Baird, with the pair having a heavy impact to the wall during the race. Eevie Ford seen her lead cut down at the start of the race with the yellow flag caution, with brother Cole just behind. Toby Tyson took advantage of the yellow flag as he made inroads after falling back early on. Eevie Ford managed to get away well and continued her lead, with Cole Ford in second place. The two battled for a few laps before Toby Tyson got involved as well. Eevie held on to take her second race win of the evening, with Tyson finishing second and Cole Ford in third! The final race of the evening for the Ninja Karts seen Toby take his first, and deserved win on the night, overcoming Cole Ford in the closing laps with a super drive from Connie Anderson in the late stages to finish in third position.

It was a night to remember for National Hot Rod driver Roy Anderson, as he looks to get into the top three qualification spots for the World Championship. In damp conditions, Roy has excelled in years gone by, but nothing quite to the standards that he set on Saturday night. ‘Rapid Roy’ took a first ever hat-trick of race wins as he pushed himself up towards the top three in the world ranking points. Gordon Alexander could do nothing to prevent the hat-trick of wins, with Alexander taking a hat-trick of runner up places on the night too! World Champion Robert McDonald paid a visit, but was plagued by engine problems throughout the evening. I’m sure Roy Anderson will be hoping for a wet European Championship weekend here at Lochgelly on the 25th and 26th April, as he looks to lock horns with some of the best in the business!

The CC Rods had an excellent 2019 season, and already, 2020 looks set to be another excellent year for the ‘budget’ non contact class. Just under 20 drivers took to the track for the opening meeting of the season. National Points Champion Ian Donaldson showed excellent pace throughout the evening, battling from the back of the grid in each of the heats. Ian Taylor showed his class as he took to the formula like a duck to water, picking up a solid set of results, improving as the evening went on. The opening race of the night seen Brian Allen take victory ahead of Ian Donaldson and Lee Scott. The second heat of the evening seen an excellent three way battle for the lead of the race. The last 5 laps or so seen Lee Scott and Ian Taylor race almost bumper to bumper as Taylor looked to find a way passed the flying Lee Scott car, and with Ian Donaldson just behind lurking for a slip up or mistake, there was no room for error from any of the lead two cars. Taylor tried the outside line, but was unable to find a way past, having to settle for second position. The meeting final seen another excellent race from the CC Rods. Ian Donaldson found the grip on the outside line to overcome Lee Scott for the lead of the race in the early stages. Scott wasn’t to be put off though, and stayed with the Donaldson car for the best part of the race, coming under pressure from the Ian Taylor car. Taylor managed to find away passed the inform Lee Scott to move into second place. Donaldson crossed the line in first place, but fell foul to a disqualification for getting out of his car without being instructed to do so, as a result Taylor inherited the race win, with Scott taking second and Andrew Nelson completing the top three.

The ProStocks were in good numbers for the opening meeting of the season for the class, with 16 cars taking to the track. The returning Tam Melrose took a hat-trick of race wins, putting an end to any quelms about him being rusty after missing the best part of 2 seasons of racing! Ryan Martin had an excellent evening, picking up a couple of second places, and narrowly missing out on a podium place in the meeting final, as he crossed the line alongside Lee Kopacz in the race for third! Jason McAlpine looked to be showing good speed as well, though was perhaps a little to eager, being disqualified in the final for 2 jump starts.

The Superstox started the season off in reasonable fashion, in less than ideal conditions. A host of new faces appeared on track and they will all take a couple of meetings to truly find their feet. It was yet another hat-trick of race wins on the night though, with Bryan Forrest completing the rout in the Superstox class. Steven Ballantine took a couple of second places in the heats before spinning in the early stages of the meeting final. Aaron Riddell and Dean Johnston both showed good pace on the night, and each of the two drivers battled hard for the third places in both the heats and the meeting final. The meeting final shaped up to be an thrilling battle amongst the two drivers, with neither holding back and using the front bumper to serious effect! Riddell would leave his mark on Johnston on one lap, the next, Johnston would leave his mark on Riddell, and as the race went on, these two started trading blows, harder and harder, and with the laps closing down, it was inevitable that one would end up with some damage. It was Riddell who came out on top of this battle, which I’m sure we’ve not seen the end of, coming home in third place, behind Forrest and Mark Dews.

We are back in action this Saturday night, with the CC Rods, 2.0 Hot Rods, 1300 Stock Cars, Ministox and Junior Productions all in action;

Any pupil from Lochgelly West Primary School, can come along to this event (14th March) free of charge, and have one adult admitted for free as well. Just bring a recent letter from the school, and the school tie to claim this offer.

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Saturday 29th February

2020 Season Opener

Added by Kevin on Monday 2nd March
Stock Rods
Heat 1: 671, 46, 248, 25, 232, 27, 658, 721, 184
Heat 2: 658, 263, 671, 721, 25, 232, 46, 248, 27, 184
Final: 25, 658, 232, 721, 27, 671, 248, 31, 184

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 344, 969, 124, 833, 654, 834, 22, 126, 710, 75
Heat 2: 344, 834, 969, 124, 833, 126, 715, 22, 100, 668
Final: 344, 100, 654, 688, 75, 834, 22, 668, 700, 124

Van Bangers
Shaun Walsh Memorial: 159, 226, 3, 74, 209, 883, 46, 217, 253, 245
Heat 1: 226, 255, 245, 159, 152, 883, 579
Heat 2: 226, 125, 209, 46, 74
DD: 74
Entertainer: 209

Heat 1: 199, 178, 684, 172, 607, 7, 167, 682, 059, 680
Heat 2: 603, 199, 172, 178, 607, 165, 684, 699, 682, 145
Final: 603, 199, 145, 699, 607, 165, 7, 682, 684, 172

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 35, 605, 88, 871, 232, 555, 127, 687, 94, 8
Heat 2: 605, 352, 17, 88, 35, 232, 555, 8, 94
Final: 35, 17, 605, 127, 232, 555, 871, 8, 94, 687

A well attended opening meeting of the 2020 season seen 20+ drivers participate in 3 of the 5 formula in action on the night, with 15 races being turned around in 4 hours.

Many thanks to all that joined us and braved the conditions on the night, with a cold wind and heavy rain throughout the evening. Hopefully the on track action was enough to keep you motivated to see out the evening!

The National Big Van Bangers took centre stage as they raced for the Shaun Walsh Memorial and with a record 20 vans attending on the night, the on track action was frantic from start to finish. The Walshy Memorial was the first race of the night for the vans and seen some big hits going in right from the get go. Lee Clark and Mark Morrison were getting stuck in and hitting almost anything they came across, whilst Chris Thomson wasn't shying away from any hits neither, despite being in a smaller van than most! It was Callum Campbell that came out on top and ensure that the Shaun Walsh Memorial Shield will remain with 'The Mob' for another year. Brian Youngson took his van to victory in each of the remaining two races on the night, whilst Jamie Sangster won the Demolition Derby.

The Stock Rods seen a couple of new drivers to the formula in the shape of Ross Graham and Dean McGill. The opening race of the night went the way of Ross Graham, making his debut in the formula as he opened up a healthy advantage over the rest of the grid with Stewart Paterson unable to close the gap in 2nd place. The second heat of the evening seen Chris Lattka show excellent speed from the outset and quickly found himself battling for the lead. Gunner took a comfortable win in the end with McGill and Graham rounding out the top three. The meeting final seen Chris Lattka and Siobhan Martin battle in the early stages of the race with nothing between the pair. It was Siobhan who managed to get the break and opened up a lead of a few car lengths which she maintained for the remainder of the race, with Lattka finishing second and Sneddon third.

The 1300 Stock Cars had in excess of 20 cars take to the track, with several new faces and former World Champion Ross Fisher on the grid. John Whyte showed some excellent pace in each of the three races, battling for the lead for the majority of the two heats, before Ross Fisher moved ahead. Whyte took an excellent 2nd place in the opening race, ahead of Andrew Mathieson. The second race was much the same, but with Declan Lindsell in amongst the battle for the lead. Declan and Whyte had a good battle throughout, with nothing between them for the main part of the race, though again, it was Fisher that took the race win! The meeting final seen an excellent finish to the evening for the 1300 Stock Cars, with a few hits going in around the raceway, and Danny Whyte losing a wheel to bring out a yellow flag, closing the pack up! Ross Fisher, Eddie Corr, and Sean Naismith led the way for the battle for the lead, with Mike Courts and Declan Lindsell also in the reckoning. The lead drivers traded blows, dummied each other and had a scintillating end to the race, with Fisher crossing the line sideways with Naismith attempting a spin on the final straight, with Eddie Corr completing the top three!

The Ministox continued from where they left off in the 2020 season with a good grid of cars and competitive racing. A few drivers have now moved on from the formula, with a few newcomers joining in as well. Charlie Henry is in her final year in the formula and sported a new number and colour scheme in memory of her grandad. She was in no mood for being pushed around and put her front bumper to effect throughout the evening. Though she didn't pick up any points on the evening, it certainly wasn't for a lack of effort. Bailey Millar was showing some good pace and was unfortunate not to come away with any points after being disqualified in the opening race and spinning out in the latter two races. Rachel Kidd continues her improvement in the Ministox after graduating from Ninja Karts last year, picking up a couple of confidence boosting results on the night, whilst fellow former Ninja Kart star Charlie Hardie showed good pace, was often in the wrong place at the wrong time being caught up in a few bumps on the night. The opening race of the night seen Brandon Morton cross the line first ahead of Rachel Kidd and Bailey Millar, however, the three drivers removed themselves from their cars before being instructed to do so and as a result, were disqualified from the race, that gave the win to National Points champion Mitchell Gold, with Robbie Armit taking second and Rian Mitchell third. The second heat of the night seen Brandon Morton continue his excellent form as he roared to a second chequered flag of the night, and this time, was awarded the victory, with Mitchell Gold and Rian Mitchell completing the top three. The meeting final seen Morton again take the flag, which could have meant a hat trick of race wins on the night! As it was though, it was only his second official win on the evening, again with Mitchell Gold finishing behind him. Rachel Kidd put in an excellent performance to take third position.

The Junior Productions have seen a solid increase in car numbers over the winter months with a few new drivers taking to the formula, although not all made it out on Saturday night with a few not having cars ready as yet. Jack McLeod faired best of the newcomers on the night, showing good pace and consistency whilst picking up a few decent results on the night. Jase Walle raced to an emphatic win on the opening race of the night, with John Bremner, sporting a new colour scheme for 2020 finishing second and Kyle Rogerson finishing third. Heat 2 of the night seen Bremner go one better and take his first race win of the 2020 season ahead of Koddi Wright and Kyle Rogerson. The meeting final seen Jase Walle take his second race win of the evening, which will see him promoted to blue grade for the next meeting, finishing ahead of Dylan Smart and John Bremner.

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Saturday 9th November

Van Bangers Delight The Crowd at Season Finale

Added by Kevin on Thursday 12th December
Heat 1: 3, 263, 20, 297, 55, 672, 145, 133, 83, 170
Heat 2: 83, 3, 672, 55, 263, 297, 122, 133, 170, 710
Final: 3, 55, 672, 263, 122, 145, 710, 20, 133, 638

Heat 1: 309, 171, 265, 15, 453, 446, 119, 51, 562, 611
Heat 2: 15, 492, 611, 119, 562, 217, 113, 453
Final: 265, 562, 446, 3, 309, 492, 51, 119, 15, 217

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 888, 183, 23, 696, 144, 91, 217, 668, 26, 99
Heat 2: 888, 144, 183, 26, 91, 23, 172, 668, 217, 696
Final: 91, 888, 610, 26, 172, 183, 23, 217

National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 700, 17, 36, 629, 71, 77, 330, 500, 34
Heat 2: 36, 700, 330, 71, 77, 629, 17, 500, 34, 142
Final: 700, 71, 17, 77, 36, 629, 330, 500, 34, 142

Van Bangers
Scottish: 159, 209, 511, 245
Heat 1: 245, 579, 600, 511
Heat 2: 600
DD: 600

The 2019 season finale went off with a bang as we competed a fantastic season at Hardie Race Promotions.

The fireworks provided by 21CC went down well, and the Van Bangers provided excellent entertainment throughout the evening with lots of crashing and lots of cheers from the huge crowd within the stadium.

Callum Campbell took away the Van Banger Scottish Championship crown, and with it, a seeded entry into the 2020 National Micro Banger World Cup. Marcus Chant won the DD at the end of the night, as well as the Racing Dolls PR sponsored Entertainer Award.

We'd like to thank everyone that has supported us throughout the 2019 season and look forward to an even better 2020 season!

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