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Racing Resumes at Lochgelly Raceway

Meeting Date: Saturday 25th July

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Racing Resumes at Lochgelly Raceway
We are back to action at Lochgelly Raceway for the first time since mid March!

Whilst things will be slightly different to usual, we hope for an evening of good racing, from a good mix of formula. A change in government policy in regards to drive in events, enabled us to begin serious dialogue with the local council in gaining permission to re-start racing. That permission was granted on Wednesday 22nd July, and a late call was made to host a race meeting this coming Saturday.

A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes in a broad range of factors; seeking to find out if drivers were available to race, how many cars we can get into track side parking safely, understanding the restrictions put in place and the guidelines we must follow, and adding extra / new soap dispensers throughout the stadium in order to make the event as safe as possible, as well as having screening in place at the venue through our excellent medical team - Fife Medical Group. The most challenging part of what we had to overcome though, was a fair, but business practical pricing system, in order to ensure that the event could go ahead, without costing the business money, whilst balancing attendee costs. The stadium will be segregated, and those attending with race teams will be sectioned off to the A92 corner and stand in order to maintain social distancing. There will be no access to the pit area for spectators, with them requiring to stay in there vehicles apart from using facilities.

In order to work safely,
- All guests must use good hygiene measures; wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds, use the hand sanitising points throughout the venue.
- At the toilets, only one person should enter at a time, whilst any others should wait at a distance of 2m between each other
- Face coverings must be worn when exiting the car to visit any of the facilities
- Spectators should remain in there vehicles for the duration of the meeting apart from when visiting the facilities
- Race Teams, and Staff should wear face coverings throughout the evening
- 2m Social Distancing between seperate household groups (of more than 2 households) should be practiced by all throughout the evening
- The registration of the vehicle will be used to match against the information supplied to check payment. If you haven't yet uploaded your registration details, please do so in order to avoid being turned away!
- Drivers Scrutineering - Drivers should attend scrutineering with bonnets removed from the car, with the driver wearing a face covering. The driver should not exit the vehicle.

Despite the short notice to drivers, a good number of drivers have jumped into things and have spend hours in the garage since the announcement to get there cars race ready! We really appreciate the efforts!

The 1300 Stock Cars had an excellent start to the season back in March, and we hope that the formula will quickly get back to where it was back then as quickly as possible. Although a few drivers aren't available for a number of reasons, there is still a good turnout of cars. Sean Naismith will be looking to hit the ground running as he looks to secure the National Points Championship, whilst his brother Rory will be hoping to show the form that he is capable of, although, he does like to entertain as well! The Mathieson brothers are a welcome addition to the formula, and are returning with a new car at their disposal, which has been built throughout the lockdown period. They are both never shy with the bumper, and will be taking no prisoners come Saturday night!

The Stock Rods have been in good numbers through our practice sessions, and we anticipate low-mid teens in action for the resumption of the season. Siobhan Martin was declared the National Points Champion for 2019-20, and will again show off the silver roof for the coming campaign. With the points being reset, it's all to play for, and Chris Lattka, Gary Dean and Jim Pitcaithly will all be looking to score a good haul of points to get their campaigns off to the best possible start. Dean McGill and Darren McAlpine, likewise, are both more than capable of pulling off a win or two on any given evening.

The Ministox are normally always entertaining here at Lochgelly Raceway. It'll be interesting to see how the youngsters get on with a return to racing. Whilst a few of them have been at practice sessions, there are also a number of new drivers joining the grid. Rachel Kidd, Robbie Armit and Charlie Hardie are no longer the new kids on the block, with all three showing excellent pace and race craft in meetings previously. Mitchell Gold is nearing the upper age of his Ministox career, and has been one of the top performers consistently over the last couple of years. Scott Allardyce, Ryan Borthwick and Rian Mitchell will be looking to get in on the action as well!

The ProStocks looked to have a promising season on the horizon, with a good number of cars registered and in attendance in the opening weeks of the season. It will be interesting to see how the lockdown shapes the formula for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Trophy Presentations
There will be no trophy photo presentations this Saturday night, the drivers will be asked to remain in the cars, with helmets, gloves and race suits on, whilst the trophy is given to the drivers to complete the parade lap in their own cars.

Provisional Running Order

Pre Meeting Practice 4pm - 5pm.
Race 1 Ministox Heat 1
Race 2 ProStocks Heat 1
Race 3 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 4 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 5 Ministox Heat 2
Race 6 ProStocks Heat 2
Race 7 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 8 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 9 Ministox Final
Race 10 ProStocks Final
Race 11 Stock Rods Final
Race 12 1300 Stock Cars Final

Gates open for drive in spectators at 4pm.
Gates open for drivers at 3pm.

Please note, running order subject to change.

Booking Lists

Stock Rods
25 Siobhan Martin
27 Gary Dean
31 Ian Low
46 Stewart Paterson
91 Jim Pitcaithly
176 Gary Nicholls
232 Brett Sneddon
248 David Crichton
263 Dean McGill
473 Paul Wilson
658 Chris Lattka
671 Ross Graham
703 Craig Mason
721 Darren McAlpine

1300 Stock Cars
10 Patrick Calderwood
46 Barry Jarman
67 Craig Haxton
75 Michael Courts
78 Stewart Aitken
100 Sean Naismith
111 Regan Watson
124 Andrew Mathieson
125 Euan Mathieson
126 Danny Whyte
188 Jamie Stewart
357 Craig Warner
505 Andrew Wightman
506 John Downs
668 Fraser Clark
684 Ian McLaughlin
688 Douglas Ford
700 Rory Naismith
710 Martin McCafferty
715 Kyle Hegg

7 Charlie Hardie
28 Mirran Adams
50 Ethan Gemmell
59 Scott Smith
88 Kyle Rogerson
145 Rachel Kidd
158 Warwick McClymont
165 Jamie Dawson
167 Sam Cavanagh
172 Rian Mitchell
178 Scott Allardyce
199 Mitchell Gold
210 Aaron Richards
309 Freya Lovett
484 Dean Heeps
499 Alfie Aldous
603 Brandon Morton
604 Ryan Borthwick
612 Jay Paterson
627 Andrew Scott
630 Maddison Gilmour
660 Bailey Millar
682 Max Walker
684 Robbie Armit

3 Ryan Martin
38 Stuart Hall
55 Tam Melrose
98 Callum Elliot
122 John Jackson
133 Lee Kopacz
145 Dougie Kidd
162 Graeme Fleming
170 Ian Christie
542 Richard Cairns
638 Darren Rae
672 Jason McAlpine
710 Robert Welsh
754 Scott Wilson
822 Paul Winfield

Whilst care is taken to compile booking lists, Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for any drivers failing to fulfil bookings.

Admission Costs

Flat Rate - £45 per car. The car may have upto 4 adults in the car and upto 5 people in total (including kids). This must be booked in advance through our website. There is no opportunity to pay on the gate.

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