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Reynolds Takes The Gold

Reynolds Takes The Gold

Race Results: Saturday 10th October
Saturday 10th October
Junior Productions
Heat 1: 262, 924, 52, 17, 352, 232, 933, 605, 35, 555
Heat 2: 871, 605, 352, 17, 127, 747, 52, 35, 232, 687
Open Scottish: 924, 605, 127, 232, 747, 933, 352, 871, 2, 35

Micro Bangers
Last Chance: 329, 619, 146, 310, 120, 477, 217, 250, 710, 107
World Cup: 760, 478, 329, 619, 233, 710, 466, 146, 477, 58
All Comers 1: 146, 478, 619, 329, 84, 310, 227, 57, 466, 374
All Comers 2: 59, 760, 329, 227, 17, 625, 466, 32, 96, 557

Junior Bangers
Open Scottish: 682, 622, 842, 327, 361
Heat 1: 682, 622, 352, 518, 842, 327, 361, 362
Heat 2: 682, 842, 622, 362, 361, 518

Heat 1: 7, 55, 672, 638, 263, 39, 182, 916, 122, 231
Heat 2: 55, 7, 638, 263, 182, 122, 916, 170, 822, 133
World Cup: 263, 55, 672, 760, 122, 182, 710, 39, 822, 231

Sunday 11th October
Junior Productions
Heat 1: 52, 262, 924, 910, 747, 352, 232, 605, 127, 933
Heat 2: 747, 924, 127, 262, 232, 605, 50, 687
Fife Championship: 924, 127, 605, 871, 232, 933, 555, 50

Junior Bangers
Fife Championship: 682, 999, 842, 622, 361, 682, 352, 362
Heat 1: 682, 842, 999, 362, 361, 622
Heat 2: 682, 999, 842, 622, 362, 361, 352

Heat 1: 263, 170, 55, 672, 122, 916, 710, 760, 638, 822
Heat 2: 672, 55, 231, 170, 182, 638, 760, 822, 7, 518
Final: 55, 672, 170, 263, 638, 182, 263, 822, 231, 7, 710

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 9, 700, 710, 10, 6, 111, 76, 75, 688, 411
Heat 2: 100, 76, 10, 6, 668, 888, 834, 688, 710, 124
Final: 100, 10, 700, 357, 710, 917, 833, 124, 125, 6

Micro Bangers
Open Scottish: 760, 625, 622, 59, 17, 329, 901, 929, 477, 166
Heat 1: 760, 59, 478, 609, 329, 752, 46, 477, 475
Heat 2: 760, 159, 609, 90, 59, 146
DD: 760

What an excellent 2 days of Stock Car Racing at Lochgelly Raceway, with the National Micro Banger being the headline event as the drivers battled it out for the prestigious World Cup. 60 National Bangers participated over the 2 days of racing with 40 cars taking to the track for the main race. The Saturday night seen the Micro Bangers a bit ‘roddy’ as some opted to try and save the car for the Sunday afternoon as well. Saloon Stock Car driver, Will Morphey kicked off proceedings as he took the flag in a 28 car last chance event, as he claimed his place in the main race. With an Incarace draw taking place to determine the grid for the World Cup, it could have been pivotal in deciding the outcome. Ultimately, it turned out to be great race for the lead with a 4 car battle throughout the race with Joey Reynolds, Craig Royal, Will Morphey and Bradley Tomlinson scrapping for the lead. It was Joey Reynolds though, that took the race win to become the 2020 National Micro Banger World Cup winner! Dan Wigman had shown excellent pace through the race, but dropped out of the reckoning having been spun out mid way through the race. Dan made amends though, as he took a race win in the first all comers race, with Craig Royal taking a 2nd place finish. Former Unlimited Banger World Champion Steven Bolton took the final all comers race on the Saturday night having held off Joey Reynolds and Will Morphey, who had both battled there way through from the back of the grid. The Sunday afternoon seen the Bangers return to as we expect them to be, with lots of big hits going on, with a lot of wrecked cars come the end of the day, none moreso than that of Tony Glendinning who suffered one of the biggest wrecks that we have seen at Lochgelly Raceway, though thankfully managed to walk away with only requiring a few stitches to his injury. It was a clean sweep for the World Cup winner Joey Reynolds as he swept to an excellent hat trick of race wins, before rounding it off with a win in the Demolition Derby!

The Junior Productions seen an excellent 6 visiting drivers join us over the weekend as the field bolstered to over 20 cars for both days of action. The Open Scottish Championship and Fife Championships were on offer for the youngsters. 2 graded races would form the grid for the Open Scottish Championship title on Saturday night, with some Northern Irish domination taking place. The opening race of the night seen the first 3 cars come from Northern Ireland ahead of Dylan Smart. Mathew Weir took the win in the race ahead of fellow Ulster drivers, Jack Morrow and Chelsey Rainey. Heat 2, the Scottish drivers made some amends as they took the majority of the top 10 places. In damp conditions, Jensen Bell took the win ahead of track championship contender John Bremner. The Open Scottish Championship grid was formed based on the points scored from the 2 previous heats. John Bremner, Lennon Grant and Dylan Smart appeared to be the Scottish drivers best challengers, with Jack Morrow seemingly quickest representing Northern Ireland. Bremner led the race early on, however a spun car allowed Morrow to capitalise and overcome his Scottish rival, taking the Open Scottish Championship as a result, with Bremner coming home in 2nd, with Lennon Grant in 3rd.

The ProStocks battled it out for there own World Cup, and with Northern Ireland no longer running the formula, it was likely to be a Scottish driver that took the flag. 2 reverse grid heats seen William Hardie and Tam Melrose victorious and they formed the front row of the grid in the World Cup race. Darren Rae and Jason McAlpine both also showed great pace, with John Mason proving that he is still up there with the quickest of drivers. Hardie and Rae got to the front of the pack as they fought for the lead of the race, this gave opportunity to Dean McGill to take the lead of the race. As Hardie and Rae continue to pressurise each other, this allowed McGill to open up a lead before both Hardie and Raw crashed out of proceedings. Melrose moved up into 2nd place, though was unable to catch the Dean McGill car, with Jason McAlpine finishing just behind in 3rd place. The Sunday afternoon seen 2 graded races take place as the ProStocks raced for the Open Scottish title. Dean McGill took the opening race win, coming from the back of the grid, finishing just ahead of Ian Christie and Tam Melrose. A big rollover for Jay Doyle seen the 2nd heat brought to a halt following a coming together with McGill. Jason McAlpine took an impressive victory as he returned to form, with Melrose finishing 2nd and Kevin Bell in 3rd. The main race kicked off before a yellow flag stoppage seen the pack close up, led away by Jason McAlpine and Tam Melrose. Melrose put the bumper in early to take the lead, however, McAlpine chased him back as the laps ran down, however, it wasn’t to be for McAlpine as he finished less than a car length behind the Melrose car as they crossed the line. Ian Christie brought his car home in 3rd place.

The 1300 Stock Cars were in action on Sunday and with just under 30 cars on track, it was a lively affair with some super racing from the formula. Dale Robertson took a heat win, with Rory Naismith finally finding some form in his car, coming home in 2nd place ahead of Patrick Calderwood. Heat 2 seen Sean Naismith continue his excellent form as he took yet another race win, with the returning Jamie Brown finishing 2nd and Calderwood 3rd. The meeting final seen Naismith add to his tally of wins, finishing ahead of Calderwood and Rory Naismith.

We are back this Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway with the 2.0 Hot Rod Scottish Championship, Ninja Kart Scottish Championship, National Hot Rods WQR, Stock Rods and Ministox in action.

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