Stock Rods

Stock Rods are a non-contact, high speed formula made up primarily of Novas, Saxos and Corsa.

Cars can have up to a 1400cc race tuned engine. Stock Rods provide some close and fast racing and are always a joy to watch.

With healthy numbers of cars on track, it can be extremely difficult to overtake without contact, leading to some daring high risk moves in order to gain positions.

Hardie Race Promotions (in Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) are delighted to be hosting the Stock Rods British Championship on September 23rd and 24th.

Relevant Downloads

- 2017 Stock Rod Rules - Updated 21st Nov 2017
- Stock Rod HRP National Points Meetings 2017 - Updated 20th Dec 2016
- Stock Rod National Points 2017 #11 - Updated 6th Nov 2017
- Stock Rod Rules March 2018 - Updated 21st Nov 2017


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