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Latest Results

Saturday 16th October

Connor Steals The Show in Ninja Karts

Added by Kevin on Monday 18th October
2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 107, 144, 529, 26, 178, 610, 217, 929, 23, 67
Heat 2: 107, 178, 529, 26, 144, 23, 610, 217, 67, 82
Final: 144, 26, 529, 23, 178, 610, 107, 67, 929, 82

National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 36, 756, 142, 523, 330
Heat 2: 756, 36, 330, 142
Final: 36, 756, 523, 330

CC Rods
Heat 1: 508, 56, 39, 750, 133, 13, 171, 91, 138, 337
Heat 2: 508, 56, 506, 13, 750, 133, 703, 171, 337, 71
Final: 508, 750, 133, 171, 13, 337, 71, 56, 289, 506

Ninja Karts
Whites and Yellows: 501, 55, 245, 105, 126, 135, 323, 120, 15
Heat 1: 227, 721, 174, 133, 6, 888, 74, 55, 501, 105
Heat 2: 6, 227, 174, 1, 721, 888, 133, 501, 55, 703
Final: 174, 227, 1, 6, 618, 888, 721, 136, 703, 74
**227 Wins JusBounce Shield

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 35, 352, 112, 127, 307, 9, 687, 49, 50, 10
Heat 2: 127, 687, 35, 112, 50, 10, 352, 9, 307, 227
Final: 127, 112, 687, 35, 50, 352, 10, 49, 9, 227

It was another wet night at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday, but that didn’t dampen the spirts of those in attendance. There were some excellent racing throughout the night, on what was an all non-contact night of racing, though, the Ninja Karts arguably stole the show as they battled for the JusBounce shield.

The youngsters in the Ninja Karts had 4 races on the night, starting off with a whites and yellows race for those a little less experienced, and it was great to welcome Lexie Scott and Charlie Plenderleith into the formula for the first time in this race. Both drivers drove well and kept themselves out of bother, whilst Lucas O’Donnell, making his second appearance, looked to have some good speed and was unfortunate with a couple of yellow flags hindering his progress in the whites and yellows race. Saul Galloway took the win from Tommy Melrose, with Jaxon Joyce picking up a third place finish. The first heat of the night for the Ninjas seen the rain begin to fall just before the cars entered the raceway, and the teams quickly changed to a wet setup for the race. With less than a lap completed, an incident on track seen the yellow flags brought out, and a complete restart called for. Take 2, would see things get away this time, and there was some excellent driving on show from the youngsters in what was deteriorating conditions on track. Jack Connor, racing from the blue grade, has came on leaps and bounds over the course of the 2021 season, and took a fine race win for his efforts, with Kenzie Bell and the visiting Finley Kew rounding off the top three. There would be no joy for World Champion, Layton Hughes though, as he found himself disqualified for a technical infringement. Heat 2 of the night would see 20+ karts on track again, but with the rain steaming down by this point!! A brilliant race from the youngsters would see the star and superstar drivers battle their way through the grid superbly, with Scottish Champion Hamish Plenderleith taking the race win, overcoming Jack Connor in the closing laps after a fantastic tussle whilst navigating the back markers. Kew completed the top three yet again, with Layton Hughes and Kenzie Bell finishing just behind him. The meeting final would see the karts lined up in graded order, but based on points scored from each of the races determining where they would start in the grade. Jack Connor would start at the front of the blues, having been top point scorer on the meeting, whilst Kew would start at the front of the red grade. As the green flag drop, the spray would kick up off what was becoming a waterlogged track, but the weather didn’t phase this group of kids, as they kept the foot down, and drove superbly. A fantastic race from start to finish would see Englishman, Finley Kew take the final win – in what will be his final race in the Ninja Karts at Lochgelly Raceway!! Jack Connor would finish 2nd place, and secure the JusBounce Shield in being the top scorere on the night, with Layton Hughes and Hamish Plenderleith just behind! Plenderleith would score enough points on the night to secure the 2021 National Points for the Ninja Karts – opening up a gap that is unable to be caught with just 1 meeting remaining, congratulations to Hamish in what has been a brilliant battle throughout the year with Eevie Ford, Dougie Kidd, and Kenzie Bell!! A few big shunts throughout the night for the Ninja Karts seen the most yellow flags for quite some time, but thankfully, the kids walked away relatively unaided in the best part – they are a tough lot, and will no doubt be back again this Saturday night!!!

The Junior Productions were a late addition to the programme, replacing the Classic Hot Rods. Despite the late notice, there were still a good amount of cars made it out on track and provided some more great racing! The battle for the National Points will go to the wire in the Juniors, as Koddi Wright led by only 1 points going into this meeting, though, that has now been turned around, with Jase Walle now leading the points championship! Walle did himself no harm at all, as he took a race win in the opening race of the night, benefiting from the docking of Jack Baird – who drove brilliantly all night in the torrid conditions. Koddi Wright would take a runner up spot behind Walle. James Slater was another driver in great form in the wet conditions, storming through the pack from the blue grade, and battling for race wins in heat 2 and the final. Lennon Grant, Jack Baird and James Slater, had some brilliant racing between them as the trio challenged throughout the night. It would be Lennon Grant that would take a double race win though, which will see him move upto red grade as a result, with Slater finishing 2nd in heat 2, and being docked from 1st position in the meeting final, much to the youngsters frustration. There were consistent results from Leonna Anderson as well, as she managed to avoid any major mishaps, an improvement on the previous weekend where she was caught up in most!!!

The CC Rods seen yet another strong field of cars in action, with just under 20 cars racing around Lochgelly Raceway. There would be a hat-trick of race wins for Robbie Holler in what was only his 2nd meeting in the formula, whilst fellow newcomer Lewis Wilson would take away 2 runner up spots in the 2 heats. Vernon Sutherland took away a podium finish in heat 1, whilst John Downs would take away a third place in heat 2 – giving the lower grade drivers a bit of a whitewash over the star graded drivers!! The meeting final would see Raymond Brown and Dylan O’Donnell take away 2nd and 3rd spots – with both drivers having some epic battles throughout the night with absolutely nothing between them at times.

The 2.0 Hot Rods welcomed a couple of visitors in the shape of World Champion James Morris, and British Champion Conor Hughes, whilst former Lightning Rod World Champion Frankie Cunningham made his debut. There was also a debut for CC Rod driver Craig Mason, who found the going tough in the rear wheel drive car in the wet conditions!! Greg Honeyman found good pace in his car, so much so that he swept to an emphatic double heat win, which would see him start on pole position for the meeting final. Cameron Willacy and Jason Secker had some fantastic battles throughout the evening, with the pair spending much of the evening door to door – with some of the best hot rod racing we have seen this year from the 2 champion drivers! Mark Dews seems to be enjoying the wet conditions of late, as he continued to pick up another good haul of points in the conditions, that he claims to dislike!! Heat 1 seen Honeyman lead home Willacy and Secker, whilst heat 2 would see Honeyman lead home Dews and Secker. The meeting final seen Honeyman drop back the field following a coming together with 144 which seen the Honeyman car spin around. Willacy would go onto chase down Jason Secker again, and battle bravely on the outside line, with room being given by the Scottish Champion on the most part. With the wet conditions though, it wasn’t easy to keep a tight line, and at times, the 529 car would run wide forcing the 144 car out of position a bit more than he would have liked, which seen him shown the black cross. Secker would cross the line first, though, Willacy did his utmost to take the place on the final laps again. Jock Campbell crossed the line in third place, but 2nd and 3rd would move up a place, with race winner Jason Secker demoted to third.

The National Hot Rods were back in action at Lochgelly Raceway again, though with a few cars less than we had hoped for. The drivers in attendance though, did put up a good showing, as they were all fairly evenly matched in the torrid conditions. James Mooney and Matt MacPherson had some great battles, whilst Roy Anderson and Marc Spence likewise had some superb battles throughout the night, with absolutely nothing between them at times. Roy Anderson, a firm lover of wet conditions, would take a heat and final double, whilst Marc Spence would take the other heat win, as the Nationals rounded off the final round in 2021.

We are back at Lochgelly Raceway this Saturday night with the Back 2 Basics Bangers, Superstox Scottish Championship, Stock Rods, Ministox and UKMC Ninja Karts. First race, 5pm – Join us then!!

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Saturday 9th October

Byram Takes The Glory In World Cup Chaos

Added by Kevin on Monday 11th October
1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 18, 715, 691, 668, 126, 17, 46, 125, 414, 410
Heat 2: 46, 715, 691, 18, 668, 833, 17, 126, 411, 67
Final: 199, 18, 715, 125, 668, 691, 126, 833, 113, 411

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 127, 262, 352, 933, 52, 747, 555, 125, 35, 227
Heat 2: 687, 924, 88, 127, 262, 555, 747, 113, 933, 125
Open Scottish: 262, 127, 352, 88, 52, 933, 555, 125, 50, 910

Junior Bangers
Heat 1: 622, 361, 352, 190, 382, 29, 455
Heat 2: 622, 352, 361, 172, 29, 455
Open Scottish: 622, 455, 352, 29

Micro Bangers
Last Chance: 557, 126, 141, 109, 348, 13, 342, 775, 197, 88
World Cup: 79, 623, 32, 557, 141, 180, 164, 241, 935, 348
AC1: 935, 250, 248, 108
AC2: 255, 141, 250, 164, 13, 621

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 924, 933, 352, 127, 900, 687, 307, 50, 125, 227
Heat 2: 924, 747, 933, 262, 910, 52, 125, 352, 35, 555
Fife Championship: 924, 127, 352, 900, 52, 262, 125, 943, 687, 50

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 691, 668, 67, 75, 126, 715, 199, 18, 113, 414
Heat 2: 691, 833, 715, 113, 18, 67, 411, 126, 125, 314
Lochgelly Masters: 715, 126, 125, 67, 18, 691, 75, 88, 314, 411

Junior Bangers
Heat 1: 622, 455, 352, 327
Heat 2: 622, 352, 327, 455
Final: 622, 455, 327

Micro Bangers
Scottish Championship: 141, 342, 448, 348, 232, 166, 99
AC1: 166, 129, 197, 58, 232, 14
AC2: 166, 348, 16, 760
DD: 935

Heat 1: 304, 182, 134, 170, 638, 579, 760, 231
Heat 2: 638, 55, 134, 304, 170, 579, 760, 231, 91
Final: 170, 638, 55, 579, 760, 304, 134, 91, 182

The final speed weekend of 2021 is now complete at Lochgelly Raceway, and it certainly was eventful, with plenty of action throughout the weekend – and a lot of wrecked cars as a result!!

The National Micro Bangers topped the bill as they raced for the 2021 Micro Banger WORLD CUP on the Saturday night, and with around 70 cars in attendance, it was a non-stop weekend of action. The weekend started off with a last chance race for those that had not qualified as one of the seeded entrants, with 10 cars qualifying for the main race. Around 30 cars took to the track in the battle to become one of the few that would make it through.. and in the end, it went down to only those finishing that would go through – such as was the action throughout the race!!! Only 10 cars completed the distance, with Robert Ryan leading home Will Morphey and Jake Stewart. The World Cup race was the 2nd race of the day for the Micro Bangers, and with an Incarace draw determining the grid, it could have been anyone on pole position. Just over 40 cars took to the track as the drivers began the battle of determining who would be crowned the World Cup winner of 2021. As the lets went green, and the pace car pulled off the raceway, the action commenced – turns 3 and 4 were soon littered with cars spun out, stricken and ‘caged’! It wasn’t long before turns 1 and 2 were looking similar with a few big hits at the race control end as well. A superb drive from Michael Byram would ensure that the title yet again, went south of the border, with HRP registered Matt MacFarlane finishing in 2nd place, ahead of Connor Byram in what turned out to be a successful race for the Byram clan. A special mention must also go to qualifiers from the last chance race, with Robert Ryan and Jake Stewart both battling through the pack, and surviving the chaos, to finish 4th and 5th respectively! Two all comer races would follow the main race on the Saturday night, with only a handful of cars finishing each race!! Northern Ireland’s David Gurney would win the first of the 2 all comers races, with northern Scotland driver Joe Yeats being the only Scottish race winner of the weekend, as he held on to win the 2nd all comers race on the Saturday night. The Sunday afternoon seen just under 40 cars in action – a little down on the Saturday, but a great effort nevertheless considering the damage to some on the Saturday evening! The Scottish Championship started off the day for the Micro Bangers. A few big hits, a few big piles ups, and a near track blockage later, and there were less than 10 cars left running by the mid-way point in the race, with Jake Stewart reigning victorious!! Andy Armstrong swept to a double race win in each of the following all comers races, before David Gurney won the DD to round off an excellent weekend from the Micro Bangers!! Former World Cup winner Joey Reynolds was in the mix of things throughout the weekend, and aided in providing an the onlooking spectators some excellent entertainment! Lee Clarke put in a massive hit on Charlie McKenzie, with the resultant driver being a little worse for wear afterwards! Lee Moore and Norman Moore both made their first outings in almost 2 years, and both drivers were in the thick of the action, taking home a couple of squashed cars as a result! The Micro Bangers are back with us on the 13th November, with a team meeting taking place as well as the annual Caravan Carnage event on the same night.
The Junior Productions had 2 excellent days of racing with the Scottish Open Championship and Fife Championships on offer over the 2 days. With an influx of Northern Irish drivers in attendance there was a record number of cars racing for the formula at Lochgelly Raceway. Saturday night seen the Open Scottish on offer, with 2 graded races determining the grid for the Open Scottish race. Heat 1 of the night went to Lennon Grant, with Northern Ireland’s Mathew Weir finishing in 2nd place, and Koddi Wright in 3rd. Heat 2 of the night seen James Slater secure his first win in the formula, much to the delight of the youngster, whilst Jack Morrow and Kyle Rogerson rounded off the top 3. The meeting final seen the grid lined up based on the points scored in the previous 2 races. Up front, a great battled ensured with Lennon Grant and Mathew Weir battling it out for the best part of the race, before Mathew moved up into the lead of the race to win the 2021 Open Scottish Championship title. Grant held on for 2nd place, with Koddi Wright finishing in 3rd. The Sunday afternoon seen a similar format for the heats, but with the Fife Championship lining up in points within grades order. The Sunday afternoon was dominated by Northern Irelands Jack Morrow, as he swept to an excellent hat-trick of race wins, ensuring that both titles went over the Irish sea! There were some strong performances from some of the lower graded drivers over the 2 days, with 900 Kaitlyn Smart standing out in what was one of her best meetings in the formula. Kyle Rogerson and David Dignan also performed strongly over the 2 days, whilst Lewis Dickson didn’t have much luck, but showed good speed, particularly on the Sunday afternoon!

The 1300 Stock Cars raced over the 2 days for the Lochgelly Masters, with the five previous races determining the grid for the final race of the weekend for the bumper brigade, the Lochgelly Masters. Heat 1 of the weekend went the way of Patrick Calderwood, as he battled superbly from the back of the grid to finish ahead of National Points Champion Kyle Hegg. Scott Galbraith made an excellent debut in the class, finishing 3rd in both of the heats on the Saturday evening!! Barry Jarman won the 2nd heat, with Hegg 2nd and the aforementioned Galbraith in 3rd place. The meeting final seen the cars lined up in graded order on the Saturday, and there would be no catching Mitchell Gold – who dominated the race from start to finish and never looked like being caught. Further back the grid, there were some excellent battles going on amongst the star and blue graded drivers as they jockied for positions. Calderwood and Hegg would be the two that came through quickest, as they took 2nd and 3rd places in the meeting final. Sunday afternoon seen a further 2 heats take place, with Scott Galbraith continuing to shine, as he took a double heat win as a result of his efforts. Fraser Clark brought his car home in 2nd place, whilst Craig Haxton completed the top 3 in heat 1 of the Sunday afternoon. Scott Lindsell managed to secure a 2nd place finish in heat 2, with Hegg again in the top three. The Lochgelly Masters race would see the cars lined up in points order and as the green flag dropped, the closed grid of cars battled hard for the lead of the race in the opening laps. Galbraith and Hegg would find themselves pushed out wide on several occasions, with Danny Whyte and Euan Mathieson being the main culprits. Patrick Calderwood was in amongst the action as well as Craig Haxton as the top 6 drivers diced superbly for the lead of the race! Kyle Hegg would eventually break clear, but Danny Whyte put in an strong performance in 2nd place, before being overcome by the quick moving Euan Mathieson car with only a few laps remaining. It wasn’t to be over for Whyte though, as he managed to follow the Mathieson car closely in the remaining laps, before striking a hit on the 125 back bumper as he stole 2nd place on the line! Hegg took the excellent inaugural Lochgelly Master race from Whyte and Mathieson!

Junior Bangers featured on both Saturday and Sunday, in a guest appearance north of the border for the formula. A few Scottish drivers took to the track including Lochgelly regulars Rian Mitchell and Koddi Wright. Harvey Webb dominated proceedings throughout the weekend, as he swept to 6 out of 6 race wins for the Junior Banger formula!! The youngsters put a few big hits in over the weekend, with a few cars trailered, and a few more destroyed as a result of the action, meaning only a handful of cars survived for the Sunday afternoon.

The ProStocks joined us on the Sunday afternoon, and provided some really good racing. Three different race winners were the result of some good quality, competitive racing. Robert Conway took the opening heat win, with Darren Rae claiming heat 2, before World Cup winner Ian Christie took the meeting final. There was an impressive display from Becki Ritchie as she led and battled gallantly for each of her positions. The ProStock formula have a couple of more outings at Lochgelly Raceway on the 6th and 13th November, before the season is wrapped up and the planning for 2022 resumes!

We are back in action at Lochgelly Raceway this Saturday evening, as the National Hot Rods return to Lochgelly for the first time since mid July, whilst the ever entertaining CC Rods and UKMC Ninja Karts also join us. The 2.0 Hot Rods will also be in action, whilst the final formula is to be confirmed. Racing will start at 5pm, as the Ninja Karts battle it out for the JusBounce shield.

Saturday 2nd October

Ninja Shine On Drab Night

Added by Kevin on Monday 4th October
2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 529, 144, 26, 668, 217, 469, 178, 107, 16, 610
Heat 2: 144, 529, 26, 668, 469, 178, 107, 217, 610, 82
Scottish Championship: 529, 26, 144, 178, 107, 217, 610, 82, 16, 9

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 721, 605, 700, 248, 232, 54, 46, 27, 648, 307
Heat 2: 605, 232, 27, 700, 721, 54, 40, 648
Final: 721, 232, 700, 27, 648, 248, 46, 54, 233, 40

Heat 1: 145, 352, 339, 647, 167, 612, 142, 7, 172, 484
Heat 2: 612, 352, 178, 484, 88, 7, 647, 167, 145, 68
Final: 178, 612, 172, 142, 352, 165, 68, 7, 3, 167

Ninja Karts
Whites and Yellows: 126, 55, 542, 105, 529, 703, 245, 120, 90, 75
Heat 1: 227, 6, 74, 888, 133, 618, 117, 721, 136, 703
Heat 2: 888, 6, 133, 721, 227, 136, 117, 126, 618, 105
Scottish Championship: 6, 888, 721, 227, 133, 618, 117, 136, 703, 74

Heat 1: 638, 162, 55, 170, 182
Heat 2: 638, 182, 170, 55, 214
Final: 638, 55, 182, 170, 214

It was a cold and miserable night at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday evening, but there was a lot of hotly contested races throughout the evening, with the youngsters stealing the show.

The Ninja Karts provided some truly excellent racing throughout the evening, despite the conditions – the youngsters – under the age of 11 certainly showed how capable they are, regardless of the on track conditions. The evening would kick off with a whites and yellows race for the less experienced of drivers, which seen Lucas Whyte take his first win in the formula, coming through from the yellow grade and overcoming Thomas Melrose in the closing laps, with the birthday boy, Layton Cairns taking away a well deserved third place finish. The first of the main races for the Ninja Karts would see the ever improving Jack Connor take a win – holding on superbly from a charging Hamish Plenderleith for the best part of the last few laps. Aiden Duffy drove his heart out as he battled his way to an excellent third place finish. Heat 2 of the night seen the grid reverse with those that started at the back of heat 1, now starting up front. A couple of yellow flag stoppages in the race would see the field bunched up – with one incident causing some parents to run the length of the track, as Jaxon Joyce and Aiden Duffy had a bit of a head on collision. Thankfully, both drivers climbed out the karts without too much issue. Eevie Ford continued her excellent run of form, as she raced to another race win – with Plenderleith again finishing 2nd, and reigning champion Kenzie Kopacz completing the top three. The stars of 2021 lined up for one of the biggest races of the season for the youngsters, with the high flying drivers dominating the first few rows of the grid; Plenderleith, Ford, Kopacz, Bell, and Connor all featuring within the first few rows! As the green flag dropped, it was Plenderleith who got away first ahead of Jack Connor and Kenzie Bell, with Kenzie Kopacz just behind. A fantastic battled ensued amongst the drivers, as the dualled for position, and tried to carefully, and as quickly as possible, navigate their way through the back markers. Plenderleith would find his lead closed down, with Eevie Ford challenging in the latter part of the race. It was a joy to watch them dual, dicing in and out of the traffic as they tried to outsmart each other on track – The lead car, Plenderleith often benefited from the traffic, but not always as the gap opened up, and closed down throughout the remaining laps. Kenzie Bell, Jack Connor and Kenzie Kopacz battled further behind for the third podium place. Plenderleith held onto take a deserved Scottish Championship win in what is his final few meetings in the formula before graduating up the classes, whilst Eevie Ford can be proud of 2nd place, and Kenzie Bell likewise of his 3rd place finish! The youngsters really were the stars of the night, and are most definitely the stars of the future!

The 2.0 Hot Rods battled it out for their own Scottish Championship, defended by Ryan Mackie. Alike the Ninja Karts, 2 reverse grid heats would be used to determine the grid for the Scottish Championship race. From the outset, it looked like it would be one of four drivers that would come out on top in the main race, with Jason Secker and Cameron Willacy both sharing the wins, and in fact top two places in each of the qualifying heats, with Jock Campbell and Kevin Stewart finishing in 3rd and 4th respectively in the heats as well. As the grid was formed for the main race, it was Secker and Willacy that would occupy the front row. Secker faced a challenge from Willacy in the opening lap, but Willacy soon found himself behind the Jock Campbell car. Secker meanwhile, rode off into the distance as he would go onto become the 2021 Scottish Champion in his first season in the formula. Jock Campbell meanwhile, made his car as wide as legally possible, in his defence of Cameron Willacy, with WIllacy trying the outside line on a number of occasions, but to no avail – though both cars did cross the line within a cars length of each other as they took the flag.

The Ministox featured with 24 cars taking to the track, in what was another excellent turn out for the youngsters. Heat 1 of the night went the way of the recently returned Rachel Kidd, who was also out in a new car. Rachel dominated the race and once out in front, never looked back as she left the others in her shadow. Jay Paterson would continue to show good form at Lochgelly Raceway, as he took yet another race win in the 2nd heat of the evening. Koddi Wright had a strong performance in the formula, as he took away a runner up spot in each of the 2 heats, whilst Rhys Kelly and Scott Allardyce rounded off the top 3 in the 2 heat races. The meeting final seen the youngsters entertain again, with no shortage of action and a yellow flag suspension as well, as Max Walker found himself stricken across the raceway. ORCi Champion Scott Allardyce would inherit the race win, following the docking of Lewis Burgoyne. Jay Paterson would take 2nd place, whilst Rian Mitchell completed the top 3.

The Stock Rods were back out in action for the first time since the World Championship in mid September. Darren McAlpine debutised his new car, and was straight into the swing of things as he took a heat and final double win. The recently crowned Scottish Champion will have been delighted with how it went on its first outing. John Bremner is a driver that looks to be showing great promise in the formula, and took away his first win, sweeping to a win in the 2nd heat of the night. Brett Sneddon looked to show some good speed again, and rounded off his evening with an excellent 2nd place in the final, finishing ahead of Ian Donaldson and Gary Dean.

The ProStocks were the final formula in action, and with a disappointing turn out of cars, it was left to Darren Rae to sweep to a hat-trick of race wins. Becki Ritchie did her utmost to entertain though, as she sent her car spinning on several occasions throughout the night – perhaps looking to get involved in drifting as well?

We are back this Saturday and Sunday, with a 2 day special!! Almost 70 bangers are expected to be with us, as the Micro Bangers contest the 2021 Micro Banger WORLD CUP!!! Racing starts at 4pm on Saturday!

View laptimes on Speedhive

Saturday 25th September

Walle and Christie Take The Honours

Added by Kevin on Monday 27th September
1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 410, 114, 715, 199, 126, 411, 668, 125, 710, 833
Heat 2: 668, 114, 715, 833, 88, 411, 710, 199, 41, 410
Final: 410, 126, 88, 835, 75, 411, 833, 41, 199, 710

CC Rods
Heat 1: 91, 703, 71, 170, 506, 337, 289, 138, 133, 171
Heat 2: 171, 20, 170, 138, 337, 71, 13, 91, 703, 506
Scottish Championship: 170, 171, 71, 703, 337, 138, 289, 13, 506, 69

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 352, 35, 17, 555, 127, 112, 73, 900, 687, 10
Heat 2: 17, 35, 352, 73, 555, 127, 50, 125, 687, 112
Scottish Championship: 35, 352, 17, 555, 127, 112, 50, 10, 49, 307

Back 2 Basics Bangers
Heat 1: 255, 3, 999, 883, 397
Heat 2: 152, 3, 180
Final: 3
DD: 888

The first of our double header double Scottish Championship weekends took place on Saturday 25th September, as the Junior Productions (Sponsored by Alford Garage and IMO Car Wash Leven) and the CC Rods contested for their respective titles. Two new champions would be crowned on the night with both of the reigning champions missing out.

A pre-meeting drivers briefing would explain the expectations for both the headline formula, with a grid draw taking place for each as well. Two reverse grid heats would determine the qualifying places for the main races themselves – the Scottish Championship feature events.

A four formula line up, featuring the Junior Productions, CC Rods, 1300 Stock Cars and Back 2 Basics Bangers, would see the 1300 Stock Cars kick off proceedings. The opening 1300 Stock Car race of the night seen 23 cars take to the track, with Michael Byers and Kyle Roberts making their debut’s in the class at Lochgelly Raceway. National Points Champion Kyle Hegg looked to have the legs over the competition, making great strides from the back of the grid, though former Scottish Champion Fraser Clark wasn’t far off the pace neither, and matched the 715 car for the best part of the race – as did Danny Whyte. There would be no catching the run-away race leader though, as Callum Sturrock again showed his worth with another great win, with the ever improving Darren Suddaby taking a runner up spot. Heat 2 of the night seen a delay during proceedings following a big hit from Regan Watson on Declan Lindsell only a few laps into the race, with some fence repairs required. A yellow flag caution would bunch the pack up, and upon resumption, gave the benefit to some of the star graded drivers coming through the pack. Fraser Clark would be the one to make the biggest movement, ultimately, taking the race win, again with Darren Suddaby finishing in 2nd, and National Points Champion Kyle Hegg in third. The meeting final unfortunately seen Hegg miss the race, which put Fraser Clark in a position to close the gap at the top of the track championship, though, with Clark sitting in 2nd place with only a few laps to go, retired to the infield! Callum Sturrock would therefore hold onto take his 2nd race win of the night, with Danny Whyte and William Stawiarski completing the top three!! The 1300 Stock Cars are back in action on the 9th and 10th October, as they contest the inaugural Lochgelly Masters for the formula over the 2 days of racing!

The CC Rods began their quest for the Saltire with Kenny Pitcaithly and Raymond Brown starting on the front row of the opening heat, and after an aborted start on the first attempt, the lights would go green on the second take, though the 750 car of Raymond Brown would receive a black cross for an alleged jump start. The front duo would be clear of the pack, with Brown storming ahead, and Pitcaithly having a gap either side of him on track. Behind Pitcaithly, Craig Mason put up a solid drive to bring his car up into third position. Pitcaithly would be given the race win, with Craig Mason finishing in 2nd, before Brown completed the top three, before falling foul of post race scrutineering, elevating Emma Kirk up into 3rd place. Heat 2 of the night, seen the grid flipped around, with Kevin Hutchison starting on the front row, and took a flag to flag victory as a result. A coming together between Graham Campbell and Kyle Hutchison would see the Hutchison car spun around on the start finish straight, with Dylan O’Donnell also swerving to avoid the cars, and bouncing over the infield kerbs!! Both Hutchison and O’Donnell found themselves out of race! Brian Allen and Ian Christie would go onto round off the top three behind Kevin Hutchison. As the computer calculated the grid for the meeting final, it was Ian Christie and Kenny Pitcaithly that would find themselves on the front row of the grid. Both cars drove around side by side, as the green flag dropped to commence the Scottish Championship race. A small coming together between the 170 and 91 cars, would see Pitcaithly bounce off the tyre of the Christie car, and hit the wall just under the starters rostrum, that would put a swift end to his Scottish Championship race. Ian Christie would then find himself under pressure from Kevin Hutchison for the remainder of the race, as Hutchison tried his best to find a way past the ‘fat’ Fiesta of Christie up in front. Emma Kirk drove a solid race, as she defended third place excellently for the duration of the race. Christie would become the 2021 CC Rod Scottish Champion, hanging on by less than a cars length from Hutchison, with Kirk rounding out the top three, in what was an excellent meeting for the non-contact class.

The Junior Productions had arguably, one of the best meetings for the formula to date – with little in the way of issues, and good competitive close racing from the youngsters. Heat 1 of the night seen the former Scottish Champion Koddi Wright march from a mid-pack starting slot, to take the race win, with Jack MacLeod following him home in 2nd place – though was later docked for a jump start which dropped him down to 4th position. Jase Walle and Dylan Smart were the benefactors of this, as they moved upto 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Heat 2 of the night seen the grid reversed, with those starting at the back of heat 1, now starting up front. Declan Dixon was the driver that made the most of the further forward starting position, as he battled his way throughout the race, to take away a 4th place finish – with the same first three as heat 1, being the top three in heat 2 – this time, Dylan Smart leading Jase Wall and Koddi Wright home. With several points positions being tied, it went down to lap times to determine the grid for the main race between those tied on points! Jase Walle would be the driver to get the pole position slot, with Koddi Wright outside, and Dylan Smart inside row 2! As the green flag dropped, Koddi Wright immediately put the Jase Walle car under pressure, with Walle running slightly wide into turn 1, but managed to keep a tight enough line to prevent Wright getting on the inside, who himself had Dylan Smart hot on his heels. Walle would survive the opening lap challenge as he cemented his place in the lead of the race, with Wright and Smart not far behind. Lennon Grant battled consistently, as he did throughout the night, as he took away a 5th place result in the Scottish Championship race – Up front, it was the same four drivers from the first heat of the night that would take the top 4 in the Scottish Championship – Jase Walle taking a relatively comfortable race win, ahead of Wright, Smart and Jack MacLeod. The Junior Productions are back with us in just a couple of weeks time, as they contest their Scottish Open title on the 9th and 10th October – part of our 2 day banger world up weekend!

The Back 2 Basics Bangers were in action for the 2nd last time in 2021, and again, provided some good racing throughout the night. Zander Martin would take the opening race win, before the car numbers started to fall away with some bigger hits going in as the night wore on!!! James Dillon would take the 2nd heat of the night, with Ryan Martin winning the final, before the DD went the way of the 888 car!

We are back in action this Saturday night at Lochgelly Raceway, for the 2nd part of our double header, double Scottish Championship week – This time the Ninja Karts (Sponsored by KN Transport), and 2.0 Hot Rods will battle it out, whilst the Stock Rods, ProStocks and Ministox all also feature! The first race takes place at 5pm – be sure to join us then!

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Friday 10th September

Rae on the double as he returns to action

Added by Kevin on Monday 13th September
Heat 1: 647, 178, 142, 165, 612, 339, 352, 172, 699, 680
Heat 2: 675, 484, 647, 142, 339, 352, 178, 165, 699, 612
Final: 142, 612, 7, 172, 165, 484, 339, 178, 68, 352

Heat 1: 638, 304, 134, 162, 55, 170, 518, 672, 231
Heat 2: 638, 304, 135, 55, 672, 170, 162, 182, 518
Final: 304, 638, 672, 170, 55, 134, 162, 518, 182

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 662, 16, 668, 144, 529, 26, 610, 217, 82
Heat 2: 668, 662, 26, 529, 144, 16, 610, 217, 82
Final: 144, 668, 529, 26, 662, 610, 16, 217, 82

It was another non-stop Friday night of stock car racing, with no time to breathe between the action.

A three formula line up provided a slick, but entertaining race event despite lower car numbers than we have become used to at Lochgelly Raceway.

The Ministox provided some excellent racing, with three different winners on the night. The opening race of the night seen a yellow flag stoppage after Mirran Adams was spun around and collected by the oncoming Charlie Hardie, resulting in both drivers retiring from the race. Rhys Kelly made his debut at Lochgelly Raceway, and despite being a relative novice to the formula, took to the track like a duck to water, galloping clear of the pack in each of his three races, putting in some good lap times and strong performances to go with it. Lewis Burgoyne took the race win in the opening race of the night, with Charlie Faichney taking a well deserved race win in the 2nd race, whilst Jake Wilson won the final race of the evening for the youngsters. Dean Heeps put in an excellent showing from his yellow grade starting position, taking a runner up spot for his efforts in the 2nd race of the evening. Jay Paterson also continued his fine run of form at Lochgelly Raceway as he took away yet another podium finish having battled his way through from the red grade.

The ProStocks provided some good racing throughout the night, despite the lowest turn out of the season here at HRP. A well matched field of cars though, did provide some good, fast and competitive racing. Tam Melrose, Ian Christie and Jason McAlpine battled throughout each of the three races, with nothing between each of the cars. Robert Conway continued to impress following his switchover from the CC Rod formula. Conway took away 2 second places finishes, before capping his night off by winning the meeting final. Darren Rae returned to action, and it was like he had never been away, as he swept to a dominant race win in each of the two heats, before finishing in runner up spot behind Conway in the meeting final. The battle for the points championships are well and truly on, with Melrose and Rae looking to be the two drivers that will battle it out until the end of the season.

The 2.0 Hot Rods were the third and final formula in action on the night, with former F2 driver Keith Brown making an appearance in a car. Keith Chesher continued to improve in the 2.0 Hot Rod class and took away a race win in the opening race of the night, before being muscled out by Kevin Stewart in heat 2. National Points Champion Cameron Willacy capped off a good night of racing with a win in the meeting final, finishing ahead of reigning track champion Kevin Stewart and Jason Secker.

A reminder that there is no action this Saturday (18th) at Lochgelly Raceway, and we will return with a double header Scottish Championship event on the 25th August, with the CC Rods and Junior Productions battling it out for the Saltire, with the event also featuring the Back 2 Basics Bangers and 1300 Stock Cars.

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