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Latest Results

Saturday 19th June

Dillon Wins Shaun Walsh Memorial

Added by Kevin on Monday 21st June
1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 125, 18, 715, 188, 99, 668, 100, 88, 75, 255
Heat 2: 99, 700, 668, 188, 125, 715, 255, 411, 833, 100
Final: 188, 99, 411, 46, 100, 715, 668, 88, 255, 700

CC Rods
Heat 1: 20, 170, 69, 505, 171, 671, 337, 703, 71, 289
Heat 2: 703, 700, 671, 170, 171, 337, 71, 289, 91, 20
Final: 170, 700, 289, 71, 20, 91, 98, 703, 506, 505

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 871, 127, 7, 35, 88, 687, 555, 900, 125, 899
Heat 2: 88, 7, 8, 127, 17, 871, 35, 73, 555, 687
Final: 8, 7, 17, 35, 88, 73, 94, 50, 900, 307

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 207, 107, 529, 147, 469, 668, 144, 26, 178, 610
Heat 2: 207, 529, 469, 107, 26, 668, 147, 700, 178, 46
Final: 469, 207, 668, 26, 144, 700, 107, 147, 178, 529, 46

Van Bangers
Shaun Walsh Memorial: 152, 97, 752, 3, 511, 180, 99
Heat 1: 511, 152, 3, 99
Heat 2: 883, 3, 511, 666, 180, 99
DD: 511

The Big Van Bangers rocked into town on Saturday 19th June and provided an evening of super entertainment with a strongly contested Demolition Derby to round off the evening. The Shaun Walsh Memorial kicked off proceedings for the Van Bangers. Sean McConnachie was out in an old style pickup van, and certainly had the crowd cheering throughout the race as the egged him on for his efforts to entertain, as he slowly went around the track trying to hit whatever he was able too! Sean did much the same in heat 1 for the Vans and set out to put on a show – despite a broken steering link! Sean couldn’t really do much, other than go back and forward as he attempted to collect and crash into some of the oncoming vans! Rhory Smith looked to be on route to claim the Shaun Walsh Memorial race, leading by quite some distance at one point, however, was caught out in the closing lap after sliding his van around the track and ultimately lost out to Mayfields Jim Dillon as The Mob driver claimed the 2021 Shaun Walsh Memorial. The Thomson clan claimed the other races on the night in the Vans – Simon claiming heat 1, and Chris claiming heat 2! The Demolition Derby was the race that everyone stuck around to see, and with 9 vans contesting in the DD, it was a lively affair with plenty of vans to watch in their efforts to be the last van moving! Lee Clarke had a well presented van as he looked to raise some money for CHAS on the night as well – with around £2,000 being raised for the cause! A great effort by Lee, and all those that donated! Lee Clarke was another driver who was out to put on a show, and crash as much as he could until his van gave up on him in the DD – though, he did try and get it going again despite a small fire at one point!! The Big Vans are back in action at Lochgelly Raceway on the 6th November as part of our Firework special event as well!

The Junior Productions provided yet another lively encounter, with some great racing from the youngsters, with a few also driving on the edge of the rules! Nevertheless, the youngsters certainly put on a show with around 20 cars taking to the track on Saturday night. Charlie Hardie, having an outing in the Koddi Wright car, seemed to take to it like a duck to water as he crossed the line in 1st place in the opening race of the night, though was later demoted a couple of places for deemed contact which seen Jensen Bell take another race win. Lennon Grant brought his car home in 2nd place, with Charlie demoted to 3rd. It was a great night for the Rogerson racing team though, with Kyle claiming a heat win in the 2nd heat of the night, and sister Samantha then going onto win the meeting final, holding off Charlie Hardie for the last few laps of the race. The formula certainly seems to be providing is fair share of talking points – both for providing some excellent non contact racing, but also for the wrong reasons as well – something that we hope will improve in the meetings ahead! It is great to see the formula continue to grow though, with Connie Anderson being the latest driver to make her debut in the formula, joining sister Leonna on track!

The 1300 Stock Cars were in action again with a few cars missing from the last meeting, however still seen over 20 cars take to the track, and provide some excellent racing throughout the night, with some heavy shunts in the process!! Mike Courts was in the thick of the action, having been on the wrong end of a coming together between Barry Jarman and one of the Naismith cars, which seen Courts spin around on the entry to turn one in the opening race of the night, and go backwards into the wall resulting in a yellow flag caution whilst the medics seen to the driver. Kyle Hegg looks to have his car motoring well at the moment, and looked to have claimed heat 1 of the night before being judged to have jumped a start which seen him docked down to third position, with Euan Mathieson taking the heat win as a result. Callum Barclay has been the car to beat in his first couple of meetings of 2021, taking yet another race win on Saturday night as he stormed to an emphatic heat 2 victory, finishing ahead of the likes of Rory Naismith and Fraser Clark. The meeting final seen one of the best races of the season to date – with a six way battle for the lower places taking place for the majority of the race! A cluster of HRD built cars battled it out, with Euan Mathieson also in on the action. Kyle Hegg, Sean Naismith, Fraser Clark, Rory Naismith and Euan Mathieson all exchanged blows, lap after lap swapping positions, and providing some excellent racing as a result! Euan Mathieson was eventually spun around which seen him drop back the order, whilst Sean Naismith broke clear of the pack and put on a chase to those in front. Jamie Stewart meanwhile, continued his excellent run of form, and took an emphatic final win – winning fairly comfortably from Callum Barclay and Brant West.

The CC Rods were in action for the second week in succession and seen three different winners on the night – Brian Allen, Craig Mason and Ian Christie were the drivers that were present in victory lane throughout the night, though things may have been different had there been a few less dockings on the night! Graham Campbell and Andrew Wightman thought they had raced off into a 1st and 2nd place finished but both drivers were adjusted to have jumped the start and ultimately docked a couple of places as a result, promoting Allen and Christie up into the 1st and 2nd places in the opening heat of the night! One heat was all that John Cuming managed on the night after being caught wrong side by a spinning Vernon Sutherland, which seen the Cuming car career off and into the wall causing a fair amount of damage to the 183 car! Craig Mason finally found some pace in the CC Rod, and claimed a heat win in heat 2 of the night – finishing ahead of the inform Ian Donaldson and Brandon Gourlay. The meeting final seen Ian Christie start on pole position with Brandon Gourlay on the inside of row 2. Gourlay got an electric start and found himself leading the race by the end of the first lap and had soon opened up a healthy lead on the pack behind. All was not over though, as Gourlay caught up with the back markers, he ran into the back of Natalie Mason car before a coming together seen Mason and Gourlay head towards the infield – Gourlay kept the foot down, however, overrun it as he re-entered the raceway and collided with the oncoming Kevin Hutchison as a result – taking both cars out of the race!! Ian Christie took over the running at the front of the grid and held onto take a final win, with Donaldson finishing 2nd and Kyle Hutchison in 3rd position!

The 2.0 Hot Rods were the final formula in action on an action packed Saturday night of stock car racing. Greg Honeyman took a double heat win that would seem him promoted to blue grade for the next meeting, before Scott Devine claimed the meeting final, finishing ahead of Greg Honeyman and Kevin Stewart! It goes right to the wire in the 2.0 Hot Rods as the battle for the National Points intensifies as we go into the final round this Friday night at Lochgelly! FIVE drivers are still in with a chance of claiming the silver roof from Jim Pitcaithly with Cameron Willacy, John Campbell, Gerry Hendry, Kevin Stewart and Scott Devine all in with a shout of winning!!! Be sure to join us on Friday night as the action unfolds and we will try and keep you posted throughout the night with a live update of the points!!

The Superstox and Back 2 Basics Bangers both also feature on Friday night with the first race kicking off at 7pm!! Join us then!

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Saturday 12th June

Tyson takes dramatic Ninja Euro

Added by Kevin on Monday 14th June
Ninja Karts
Last Chance: 227, 117, 542, 105, 529
Heat 1: 929, 45, 809, 6, 901, 174, 74, 721, 136, 591
Heat 2: 721, 6, 888, 507, 45, 929, 591, 901, 311, 152
European Championship: 809, 45, 507, 66, 561, 74, 591, 227, 311, 133

CC Rods
Heat 1: 171, 20, 138, 71, 337, 700, 671, 267, 170, 91
Heat 2: 171, 138, 700, 71, 337, 170, 183, 671, 506, 304
Final: 171, 671, 71, 183, 700, 337, 289, 703, 138, 91

Heat 1: 309, 55, 217, 8, 453, 446, 171 15, 26, 34, 13, 426
Heat 2: 309, 446, 217, 55, 171, 8, 453, 26, 34, 13, 426, 257
Final: 309, 446, 217, 55, 453, 171, 26, 34, 13, 257

Heat 1: 822, 170, 760, 638, 55, 710, 672, 182, 3, 605
Heat 2: 638, 55, 672, 170, 182, 760, 710, 761, 127, 605
Scottish: 638, 170, 672, 822, 162, 127, 761, 3, 123, 710

A dramatic end to the Ninja Kart European Championship on Saturday night at Lochgelly Raceway seen the front runners at the time crash out of contention as Toby Tyson sealed victory at the death!

The Ninja Karts seen 30 drivers participate on the night, with a last chance qualifier race taking place at the beginning of the night. Jack Connor quickly took the lead of the race and opened up a substantial gap to the drivers behind, before a loose chain seen him slow down dramatically over the last 2 laps. This failure enabled Caelan Grant to close the gap significantly over the last couple of laps and very nearly overcame the Connor kart out in front – as it was though, Jack Connor held on for the win, with Grant finishing second, and Layton Cairns in third position. 2 reverse grid heats would follow the last chance race with the qualifiers battling it out for the chance to start at the front of the grid in the main race – sponsored by McAlpine Auto Sills, with KN Transport putting up a prize for the winner as well! Southern driver Finley Kew drew pole position for the first race of the night and looked set for victory before spinning around after tangling with a back marker which would drop him back the field with him finishing in 6th position. Alongside Finley on the front row of the grid was Cameron Mason – starting in his first major championship with the pack right behind him. Stuart Shevill Jnr started inside row 2, and showed good pace through the race, though was unfortunate to be spun out of contention mid way through the race. With a host of quick karts on the track, with many starting a little further back the grid it was Northern Irelands Leighton Hughes that came through to take the heat 1 win, ahead of Dougie Kidd and Toby Tyson. Heat 2 of the night seen the grid reversed, putting Kenzie Bell on the front row of the grid. Eevie Ford, Jake Ashby and Hamish Plenderleith were all in the rows that preceded – some of the favourites for the main race itself. Kenzie Bell took away an impressive flag to flag victory, with Hamish Plenderleith and Eevie Ford rounding out the top 3. With the qualifying heats over, the computer did its work and calculated the grid for the 2021 European Championship! Leyton Hughes was the driver who had top scored putting him on pole position, with Dougie Kidd outside him – Row 2 seen Hamish Plenderleith and Kenzie Bell. As the green flag dropped, there was a early incident which seen George Climo hit the wall on the opening lap of the race which resulted in a complete restart. With Climo out of the way, the karts reformed the grid and lined back up for a second take at the start. Finley Kew and Kenzie Bell both got lightning starts, with Kew in particular making up a number of places on the start. As the race settled down, an titanic five way battle for the lead of the race ensued; Kenzie Bell, Hamish Plenderleith, Dougie Kidd, Finley Kew and Leighton Hughes all diced for position at the front of the track with them all leading at some point throughout the race! With the laps running down, a dramatic twist would follow with just 2 laps remaining! The lead 2 karts, Plenderleith and Kidd spun around and with the following three karts just behind, the top five were more or less wiped out of the race, with Kidd being the only one to get away quickly before the yellow flag was called for as the drivers were all checked on. A delay in proceedings followed as the track was cleared with the sticken karts. This promoted Toby Tyson up into second place having been down the order before the restart! As the green flag dropped, it was Kidd who led the way though under pressure from Tyson. Tyson made his move going into the last lap and was up into the lead of the race in what is his final Ninja Kart meeting at Lochgelly Raceway before coming of age. Tyson took the victory much to his delight, with Kidd finishing in 2nd place, and Jake Ashby in 3rd. An excellent driver from the back of the pack, seen Clark Ferris bring his kart home in 4th place! What a race, and what a remarkable end to the Ninja Kart career of Toby Tyson!

The ProStock Scottish Championship was also on offer on the night! The ProStocks always put on a show here at Lochgelly Raceway, and Saturday night was no different. A grid draw took place prior to the first race, which would see 2 reverse grid heats formed to provide the grid for the 2021 Scottish Championship – being defended by Lochgelly driver Darren Rae. Martin McCafferty drew pole position for heat 1 of the night, with Paul Winfield alongside him. John Mason and Ian Christie started on row 2. As the green flag dropped, Paul Winfield got away quickest and quickly opened up a lead in the race. With the cars behind jostling for position, Ian Christie and John Mason found themselves in an excellent battle for 2nd position behind Paul Winfield. Heat 2 of the night seen defending champion Darren Rae start on pole position, with Mark Boyle alongside him. Behind them were National Points Champion Tam Melrose and Jason McAlpine. Heat 2 of the night seen a superb battle between Darren Rae and Tam Melrose as the jockied for position – lap after lap, they traded hits, swapped positions, providing a battle you had to keep your eyes on. With a few laps to go, Rae got the break of Melrose and managed to put some day light between the 2 cars battling it out. Rae took the win, with Melrose finishing in second, and Jason McAlpine in third. The Scottish Championship race was another entertaining affair, however, with Melrose failing to start the race, Darren Rae would start as the favourite and quickly showed his worth as he opened up a lead to the pack behind him. Ian Christie and Jason McAlpine put in a good showing as they battle for 2nd position on track, with Fleming, Boyle and Winfield all lurking in the wind. It was Darren Rae who held on to take the 2021 ProStocks Scottish Championship, with Christie and McAlpine rounding out the top 3.

The CC Rods were out in action for the first of 2 meetings in succession and with another healthy field of cars on track, we were in for some super racing throughout the night. Kevin Hutchison was the star of the show as he swept to a hat trick of race wins on the night. With a closely matched field of cars, a lot of racing took place with cars side by side as they battled to overcome each other. Emma Kirk held a solid and steady inside line throughout the night as she made the others work tirelessly for position as they tried to overtake her. Emma held her nerve, and held on well throughout as she ultimately took away 3 top 4 positions on the night, including a 3rd place in the meeting final. Ian Donaldson continued his good form as he showed good pace from the blue grade, though was a little to eager at times as he fell foul of a docking or 2 throughout the night. Lee Wotherspoon had a big moment at the start of the meeting final as he found his car airbourne at the end of the back straight after a coming together with Ian Christie!

The Superstox were the fourth and final formula in action and as always – provided some great racing. Bryan Forrest was the one to beat though, as he swept to a hat trick of race wins on the night. Dean Johnston got quicker as the night went on, and looked to have the pace to challenge Forrest come the meeting final had it not been for Forrest getting a couple of breaks in the traffic quicker than the 446 pilot. Lee Livingston and Jack Turbitt both put in strong performances from the yellow grade, with Turbitt coming away with a hat trick of top 3 positions, as well as a tyre courtesy of meeting sponsor Hoosier.

We are back in action this Saturday night with the Big Van Bangers taking centre stage, with the first race at 5pm! Join us then!

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Saturday 5th June

Titles Goto Northern Ireland

Added by Kevin on Monday 7th June
Saturday 5th June
Heat 1: 74, 7, 60, 21, 167, 142, 352, 88, 165, 145
Heat 2: 167, 68, 88, 7, 84, 352, 14, 165, 858, 60
Final 142, 88, 7, 165, 167, 60, 14, 68, 612, 145

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 565, 144, 929, 228, 26, 469, 551, 147, 17, 959
Heat 2: 923, 928, 922, 668, 2, 17, 72, 18, 469, 610
Heat 3: 331, 529, 175, 207, 959, 72, 147, 929, 743, 2
British Championship: 929, 923, 72, 565, 922, 2, 144, 959, 469, 668

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 934, 911, 658, 258, 27, 903, 91, 944, 909, 25
Heat 2: 447, 171, 60, 216, 91, 721, 658, 65, 917, 903
Heat 3: 65, 944, 25, 10, 216, 721, 27, 171, 911, 447
European Championship: 944, 65, 216, 658, 171, 27, 721, 25, 258, 60

Heat 1: 28, 81, 238, 1, 30, 900, 80, 20, 469, 471
Heat 2: 81, 28, 1, 900, 80, 471, 238, 469, 30, 131
European Championship: 1, 238, 900, 30, 471, 469, 131, 20, 125, 79

Sunday 6th June
Heat 1: 88, 167, 7, 60, 68, 28, 14, 84, 74, 178
Heat 2: 167, 145, 88, 622, 60, 68, 7, 612, 165, 178, 84
Final: 167, 7, 145, 60, 84, 68, 14, 612, 622, 165

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 27, 903, 25, 944, 46, 473, 658, 91, 258, 216
Heat 2: 721, 25, 216, 447, 258, 46, 27, 917, 473, 934
Scottish Challenge: 25, 46, 27, 721, 447, 658, 216, 473, 703, 54

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 144, 77, 35, 209, 175, 107, 922, 565, 529, 147
Heat 2: 2, 26, 565, 922, 207, 35, 147, 923, 668, 77
Scottish Challenge: 35, 922, 565, 2, 147, 144, 529, 668, 207, 923

Heat 1: 81, 1, 80, 30, 471, 900, 238, 469, 20, 131
Heat 2: 900, 81, 1, 28, 238, 30, 80, 471, 469, 131
Scottish: 81, 1, 238, 471, 28, 131, 79, 125, 80, 900

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 125, 835, 124, 410, 668, 715, 88, 99, 188, 17
Heat 2: 18, 99, 638, 188, 125, 88, 668, 357, 22, 888
Final: 188, 88, 125, 99, 888, 668, 18, 638, 33, 833

A feast of stock car action at Lochgelly Raceway seen 29 super races take place across the weekend of 5th and 6th June, with 3 major championships also contested for! There was certainly no shortage of on track entertainment as every formula did their utmost to put on a performance.

The 2.0 Hot Rods seen the majority of the formulas top drivers descend upon us as they sought to battle away the 2.0 Hot Rod British Championship crown from Dan Smith. Dan Smith though, wouldn’t go down without a fight as he looked to retain the title, and got off to a perfect start taking the first race win of the weekend for the 2.0 Hot Rods. The racing was action packed with drivers desperate to get as many points on the board as they could ahead of the British Championship race to give them the best opportunity for success. James Morris and Jason Jackson gave themselves the best possible opportunity, with both drivers also taking a heat win in the qualifying races. It was Northern Irish driver Conor Hughes that put himself on pole position have scored consistently in his 2 qualifying races, with Jason Jackson on the outside. 2 rolling laps were had prior to the main race getting underway as the tension mounted within the stadium. As the pace cars left the raceway, it was down to the start marshal to throw the green flag for the start of the race. The drivers behaved well, and maintained grid positions as they awaited the green flag. As the drivers rolled through turns three into four, the green dropped and Conor Hughes got away first, with a few cars coming together behind him which seen outside pole car Jason Jackson spin around, taking a couple of cars onto the infield with him as they moved to avoid him. James Morris was the driver that pursued Conor Hughes and was on his tail for the majority of the race, with Curtis Greer lurking just behind as well. As the laps wore on, William Hardie and Dan Smith both moved up the grid, with them then overcoming Curtis Greer to move into third and fourth places. There would be no change up front though, with Hughes holding on to take the 2020 2.0 Hot Rod British Championship! The Sunday seen a few cars unable to race which meant a change in format. More cars on track though for the heats on Sunday as a result of the format change, certainly provided some super Hot Rod Racing. Cameron Willacy and Ryan Morgan took the heat wins, before Mitch Souter claimed the 2021 Scottish Challenge Trophy, finishing ahead of Curtis Greer and Dan Smith.

The Stock Rods always provide great racing at HRP Lochgelly Raceway, and last weekend was no exception. Three qualifying heats preceded the European Championship race, with wins going the way of Philip Wilson, Stuart Smyth and Steve McNeice. McNeice would claim pole position for the main race, with George Baker starting on his outside, with defending champion Derek McMillan and Dean O’Dell starting on row 2. As the green flag dropped, Steve McNeice ran wide into turn 1, which Derek McMillan took advantage off, as he squeezed his car in the vacant gap left by the 65 car and quickly found himself in the lead of the race. The lead 2 cars of McMillan and McNiece opened up a gap to the cars behind as Baker put up an excellent defensive drive to hold onto his third position slot. With Baker fighting to the best of his ability, a number of drivers tried to go around the outside, most notably, Chris Lattka - with great respect shown between the drivers, it provided great racing though this also allowed others cars to latch onto the back of the battle for third. Lattka stuck to his outside line right to the checkered flag and narrowly missed out on third position by only two tenths of a second, whilst Lattka himself was also under pressure from Dean O’Dell – who finished less than one tenth of a second behind Lattka!! Derek McMillan retained his European Championship title much to the delight of his race team and supporters, with McNeice bringing his car home in second place, just a few car lengths behind. The Sunday afternoon seen the Stock Rods back in action as they raced for the Scottish Challenge Trophy, with the Scottish drivers coming away victorious in each of the three races. Gary Dean and Darren McAlpine took the heat wins, before Siobhan Martin took a convincing race win in as she claimed the Scottish Challenge Trophy! A gallant drive from Stewart Paterson – who had terrible luck on the Saturday – brought his car home in second place, defending superbly for the best part of the race, whilst Gary Dean brought his car home in third position ensuring it was a Scottish 1-2-3.

The Rebels made their annual visit to Lochgelly Raceway as they fought it out for their own European and Scottish Championships. The entertainingly bouncy robin powered cars provided some hairy moments throughout, with a number of cars tangling and bouncing around each other throughout the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Shay Murphy was the dominant driver of the weekend, taking a hat-trick of race wins away with him, though missed out on the European Championship on the Saturday, but did claim the Scottish Championship on the Sunday! James Brown and Finn Robinson also took heat wins over the weekend, though it was Karl Emmett that claimed the top title on the line, as won the 2021 Rebels European Championship!

The Ministox provided two excellent days of racing at they provided super support to the headlined events. The youngsters had around 25 cars on track on both days and quickly set about each other with some excellent racing and some brave overtakes as well. Logan Tweedie took the first race win of the weekend for the youngsters, with Charlie Hardie and Bailey Millar finishing second and third respectively. Sam Cavanagh had an excellent weekend, and was arguably the driver of the weekend – taking a heat win on Saturday, and two further race wins on the Sunday as well as he really seemed to find his form. Jake Wilson took the final victory on the Saturday night, with Kyle Rogerson finishing in second place in what was his best weekend of racing in the Ministox. The Sunday seen as much action as the Saturday, as a few drivers had some falling outs which meant a few more hits and spins around the raceway. As the quicker cars battled it out amongst themselves, this often opened things up for the lower graded drivers to open up a lead in the early stages of the race – this included Kyle Rogerson taking a heat win, with Cavanagh taking a heat and final double as well. Rachel Kidd had a much improved Sunday performance having had a run of bad luck on the Saturday – Kidd took away a 2nd in heat 2, and a 3rd in the final on the Sunday for her efforts.

The 1300 Stock Cars joined in on the action the Sunday, and with 33 cars on track, it was always going to be lively!! Heat one seen a couple of race stoppages with stricken cars on the raceway requiring moving. Andrew Mathieson crossed the line first, but was deemed to have jumped a start which handed the win to brother Euan, with Blair Robertson also promoted upto third position. Heat 2 of the night seen a fair few hits going in, most notably with Jacob Roff pushing Andew Mathieson hard into the wall on turns 3 and 4 which seen both cars retire from the race shortly afterwards. Patrick Calderwood took a convincing heat 2 win, finishing ahead of the returning Callum Barclay. The meeting final seen the Mathieson car make it back onto track with the crowd eager to see what would come following the heat 2 clash with Roff. Roff got away first, though Mathieson did well to reel him in and took his first opportunity at making contact with the Jacob Roff car! Roff, amongst a few other cars in a battle on track, felt the force of the Mathieson bumper but was able to ride it out with a few other cars between him and the wall, before Mathieson was spun out of the race a lap or so later. Jamie Stewart, William Stawiarski and Euan Mathieson claimed the top 3 places in the meeting final after a super battle further down the pack with cars jostling consistently for positions on track!!

We would like to thank our Sponsors, Lee Smart Racing, and ATP Spray Finishing for the support over the epic weekend.

We are back in action this Saturday night with the Ninja Karts European Championship on offer, sponsored by McAlpine Auto Sills. The ProStocks also race for their Scottish Championship, whilst the CC Rods, Superstox and Classic Hot Rods are all also in action. Tickets can be pre-booked online via our website, hardieracepromotions.co.uk.

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Saturday 29th May

May Ends With A Bang

Added by Kevin on Monday 31st May
Ninja Karts
Whites and Yellows: 703, 147, 501, 618, 691, 75, 135, 529, 274, 834
Heat 1: 45, 133, 618, 691, 501, 888, 135, 126
Heat 2: 721, 888, 133, 6, 591, 74, 703, 901, 501, 834
Heat 3: 45, 721, 6, 888, 591, 74, 136, 618, 133, 542

CC Rods
Heat 1: 750, 171, 91, 506, 267, 23, 289, 700, 671, 20
Heat 2: 750, 91, 267, 289, 506, 170, 671, 700, 20, 304
Final: 700, 289, 750, 20, 91, 71, 171, 98

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 555, 35, 871, 17, 307, 125, 10, 899, 50
Heat 2: 388, 871, 35, 307, 687, 50, 125, 555, 112, 900
Final: 17, 35, 871, 307, 388, 555, 687, 50, 125, 112

Heat 1: 309, 26, 15, 446, 469, 217, 556, 34, 57, 28
Heat 2: 26, 309, 446, 469, 217, 15, 453, 611, 34, 57
Final: 309, 446, 453, 217, 15, 26, 171, 611, 34, 57

Back 2 Basics Bangers
Heat 1: 74, 3, 752, 152, 757, 99, 999, 158
Heat 2: 74, 752, 152, 158, 3, 180
Final: 74, 999, 752, 3
DD: 999

Lochgelly Raceway hosted it’s final meeting in what has been an entertaining month of racing since we returned at the beginning of the month, and at that, it was the final points scoring meeting for each of the formula in attendance before new gradings come into effect.

The Ninja Karts were in action for the final time ahead of the McAlpine Auto Sills European Championship in 2 weeks time (12th June) as they looked to grab themselves a place in the big race! The Whites and Yellows race started off proceedings for the youngsters, with Cameron Mason taking a fine win ahead of Louie Hendry and Saul Galloway. Mason and Hendry, both racing from the white grade both continue to impress, and this confidence boosting result will only further enhance their confidence ahead of future events. Saul Galloway and Stuart Shevill have both also stepped things up with both drivers showing some good outright pace on track. The first heat of the night went the way of Dougie Kidd, who was in excellent form throughout the night, and could have gone onto challenge for a hat-trick of race wins had it not been for his roof coming loose in one of the races. Murray Hall brought his kart home in second place, however, after a video review afterwards, it was deemed that he spun a fellow driver out in the closing stages of the race, and was subsequently removed from the result, which promoted Kenzie Kopacz and Stuart Shevill up into 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Kenzie Bell found form at the right time with the European Championship on the horizon, as he took a heat win, followed by a runners up spot in the final race of the night for the youngsters. Eevie Ford and Hamish Plenderleith both also impressed throughout the night, with Plenderleith looking to be one of the front runners in the battle for the points championship this year. Scottish Champion Kenzie Kopacz had a strong meeting from the back of the grid, though, sustained a fair amount of damage as the karts crossed the line in the final race of the evening!!

Another group of youngsters were also in action, with the Junior Productions taking to the track for the third time this season already. A few cars were missing from action compared to the last few outings, but this gave the opportunity for a number of other drivers to step up and find there feet in the formula. Excellent performances from a couple of the lower grade drivers will see them progress up the grades in the coming month. Cole Ford took his first win in the formula, whilst Lewis Dickson scored consistently throughout the night, narrowly missing out on the podium places on a couple of occasions. Jack MacLeod took the opening race win, with Jase Walle and Jensen Bell both showing consistency throughout the night, taking away 3 trophies each. It could have been even better for Jensen Bell however, with him being docked on a couple of occasions after falling foul of a couple of jump starts!! Dylan Smart continues to move forward in the formula, and took away an excellent win in the final for his efforts following on from the demotion of Jensen Bell. The youngsters throughout the night, all continued to show improvement as they aim to increase their racecraft before eventually moving on into senior formula where they will hopefully be ready to start winning from the outset!

The ‘budget’ non-contact class, the CC Rods, had there second outing of the season, and again, it was Raymond Brown who was the inform driver. Brown took away 2 heat wins before bringing his car home in 3rd place in the final. The white grade driver now tops the points chart, which will see him elevated up the grades for the month of June, where no doubt, points will them be harder to come by! Kevin Hutchison made his first outing of the season with a nice looking new car and it looked to have some good speed, with Kevin taking away a runners up spot in the opening race of the night. Kenny Pitcaithly, having fixed his car from the meeting a couple of weeks ago will be having reservations about bringing out his new car, with this car seemingly going as well as it has ever done. A couple of top three finishes on the night, and just outside the top 3 in the meeting final will ensure a good points haul for the 91 pilot. Ian Donaldson had a much improved meeting, and this cumulated in a final victory for the former points champion. The meeting final in the CC Rods provided some excellent racing, with the cars bunched up nose to tail for the majority of the race. Try as they might, some of the quicker, more experienced drivers found the going tough as they found some of the lower grade drivers equally as quick and with rather evenly matched cars, the outside line was difficult to achieve as the drivers showed respect for each other as they battled relentlessly for the places.

The Superstox formula, sponsored by Cleland Builders and Joiners this week, seen 19 cars take to the track as a quartet of drivers made their first outings of the season. Evan Clark would have been delighted with the pace that he had from the car after a winter rebuild, taking away a heat win and a 2nd place finish for his efforts, before dropping back early on in the final yet managing to recover back upto 6th position. Bryan Forrest continues to be the driver to beat in 2021, taking away another couple of race wins, including the meeting final. Dean Johnston looks to be getting to grips with his new car as he continues to fine tune it to his liking. The Moray based driver improved as the night went on, taking away a 4th, 3rd and 2nd place finish. Lisa Adams also made an outing in the Superstox, coming out for a shot in son Ciarans car, and did herself proud having never sat in the car prior to the practice on the day! Declan Salmon and Bradley Brooker also joined us, as they made the trip north for some Saturday night racing. It was Brooker who faired best out of the 2 though, managing to take away a couple of top 5 finishes.

Finally, the Back 2 Basics Bangers were also in action – the budget, easy to build class of Bangers have seen a decent amount of cars on track over the last year, and with just under 20 on Saturday, it was no different as the formula continues to grow. Jamie Sangster took away a hat-trick of race wins as he shows his dominance in the formula. The meeting final was a lively affair, with plenty of crashing going on. Gary Doyle seen his car leave the raceway a little worse for wear, as did the majority of drivers!! Only 4 cars completed race distance in the meeting final, before a decent Demolition Derby took place. A couple of small fires in the cars meant a couple of stoppages, but in the end, it was won by Dayle Linton.

We are back in action at Lochgelly Raceway this Saturday and Sunday, with another 2 days of super stock car action!!

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Saturday 22nd May

Murray Takes Nationals Euro

Added by Kevin on Tuesday 25th May
Saturday 22nd May 2021
Heat 1: 84, 7, 178, 142, 612, 165, 59, 352, 172, 68
Heat 2: 84, 142, 145, 178, 612, 59, 165, 172, 7, 167
Final: 50, 84, 178, 145, 59, 60, 167, 622, 165, 612

Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1: 72, 17, 45, 58, 871, 26, 44, 70, 195, 888
Heat 2: 17, 45, 871, 70, 58, 26, 195, 44
Scottish: 45, 871, 17, 26, 119, 93, 58, 70, 888, 195

National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 305, 162, 174, 54, 70, 115, 17, 330, 75, 629
Heat 2: 115, 54, 70, 20, 330, 174, 75, 42, 95, 524
European Championship: 70, 174, 54, 305, 17, 20, 330, 524, 42, 71

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 721, 944, 911, 25, 658, 27, 232, 248, 258, 46
Heat 2: 911, 18, 473, 62, 248, 91, 658, 25, 944, 27
Final: 944, 911, 721, 25, 358, 91, 258, 27, 248, 46

Sunday 23rd May 2021
Heat 1: 165, 50, 622, 172, 612, 167, 145, 647, 88, 352
Heat 2: 7, 50, 145, 165, 484, 178, 647, 167, 14, 59
Final: 14, 145, 178, 50, 7, 622, 59, 84, 88, 675

National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 162, 54, 75, 20, 70, 17, 305, 629, 95, 115
Heat 2: 71, 95, 20, 305, 330, 70, 162, 17, 629, 115
Scottish / Malcolm Chesher Memorial: 20, 162, 17, 95, 330, 71, 142

Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1: 119, 17, 72, 93, 45, 26, 70, 162, 888, 44
Heat 2: 45, 119, 17, 72, 93, 26, 70, 162, 44, 195
Malcolm Chesher Memorial: 119, 45, 17, 72, 26, 162, 195, 44

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 46, 126, 668, 255, 125, 188, 638, 99, 18, 357
Heat 2: 125, 46, 99, 668, 255, 715, 638, 17, 75, 410
Final: 668, 715, 125, 357, 255, 638, 18, 126, 46, 853

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 911, 62, 248, 721, 91, 25, 944, 258, 18, 27
Heat 2: 911, 87, 91, 62, 658, 258, 473, 27, 46, 721
Lochgelly Masters: 91, 658, 944, 27, 25, 46, 721, 473, 87, 18

Despite the uncertainty amid the current restrictions in place around the United Kingdom, Hardie Race Promotions were delighted with how our first major championship played out with some excellent racing on show across the two action packed days. The premier of non-contact oval racing motorsport, the National Hot Rods, took centre stage as they battled it out for their 2021 European Championship!! Jason Kew, a visitor here a couple of weeks ago, finally got the chance to try and defend the title he won back in 2019, though would have a host of the sports top drivers trying to snatch that title away from him!

Saturday afternoon seen 2 reverse grid heats formed based on a random draw to determine the starting positions for heat 1. Former European Champion Carl Waller-Barrett drew pole position for the opening race of the night, with former World Champion Billy Wood alongside him on the front row! As the green flag dropped for the first National Hot Rod race of the day, Scotsman Gordon Alexander got an electric start from his row 3 position and was up alongside the 2nd row drivers before they entered turn one as he looked to move into 3rd place as soon as possible, however, his dreams were quickly dashed after becoming tangled with Lance Bowen. This forced both cars wide with Perry Cooke caught up on the outside as well, with Gavin Murray also being caught up. As the 4 cars exited turn 2, Shane Bland was also on the back bumper of those tangled, with the resulting push seeing Alexander and Murray spin across the raceway. The resulting coming together seen Alexander, Murray, Cooke and Bowen all exit the race, with Bland joining them on the sidelines. Upon the restart, Waller-Barrett and Billy Wood ensued on an epic race to the flag, with Wood coming out on top, Waller-Barrett finishing second, with reigning champ Kew finishing 3rd! Heat 2 of the evening seen the grid flipped which meant Derek Martin started on the front row of the grid, with Shane Murray and Chris Haird just behind. As the green flag dropped, it was Derek Martin who found himself in the lead of the race with Shane Murray behind. As the race wore on, Martin had opened up a small gap to Murray and the pack behind and looked set to take the win, had it not been for getting run out wide by a back marker. This enabled Murray to sneak through into first position, and despite the best efforts of Derek Martin, he was unable to retake the lead in the closing laps. However, both cars were deemed to have been rolling before the green flag, which resulted in a jump start penalty, which then promoted former European Champion Chris Haird up into 1st place, with another former Champion, Adam Hylands elevated up into 2nd place, and Murray down into 3rd. With the qualifying heats completed, it was down to the computer to determine the grid for the 2021 DPC National Hot Rods European Championship. A mouth watering grid ensued with champions and former champions occupying the majority of the first few rows of the grid! Hylands had qualified pole position, with Haird outside. Behind them sat Shane Murray and Jason Kew, with Billy Wood, Derek Martin, Ross McWilliam, Carl Waller-Barrett and Robert McDonald occupying the rows behind. Two atmosphere building laps proceeded the green flag as those lucky enough to get a ticket watched on in anticipation. It was Hylands who made his move first as he looked to make the most of his pole position starting slot. Shane Murray was next off the mark as both himself and Jason Kew moved to pass the Chris Haird car. Haird suddenly found himself back the order within the first couple of laps of racing. Murray pushed Hylands hard, tried and almost succeeded on a number of occasions to make his move around the outside of the 54 car, but couldn’t quite make it stick. As the lead 2 continued to battle, the pack behind began to close up. Jason Kew and Billy Wood were soon hovering in anticipation, waiting on a mistake from one of the lead two cars. Murray continued to press as hard as he could over the 40 lap race, however, it wasn’t to be as Hylands superbly held on to cross the line first in the 2021 National Hot Rod European Championship, with just over 1 second splitting the top 4 cars as they crossed the line! However, despite Hylands being jubilant, it was deemed that he had set off racing too soon and was then demoted down to third position. The result was then announced with the top three of Murray, Kew and Hylands in what was an incredible night of racing from the National Hot Rods.

Day 2 of action seen a few cars drop out of the running as the Nationals contested the 2021 Scottish Championship – a title held by Adam Hylands. In a similar format to that on the Saturday night, 2 reverse grid heats were formed – Heat 1 seen pole position occupied by Stuart McLaird, with Terry Hunn alongside, and 2 former European Champions behind – Waller-Barrett and Hylands. It was these 2, that had a phenomenal race from almost start to finish. Hylands had led the way in the early stages, though became under pressure from Waller-Barrett with Waller-Barrett soon trying the outside line. The pair battled side by side for the best part of the race, with so much respect given between the drivers not to force each other off line or over kerbs. As the crowd watched on, all eyes were on this scintillating battle, and finally, Waller-Barrett in the 162 car managed to make the move stick and moved over to the inside line as soon as it was clear to do so to take the lead of the race! Waller-Barret took the win with Hylands finishing second, and Carl Sloan in the 75 car rounding out the top three. Heat 2 of the night seen Gordon Alexander sit on pole position with Phillip McCloy on his outside, with Gavin Murray and Billy Wood behind on row 2. As the green flag dropped, Martin slotted into 2nd place with Wood and Derek Martin falling in behind. Martin looked to get his nose up the inside of Wood to try and claim third place, though Wood lit up his back tyres on the exit of turn 3 which seen his car cross over the white line on the track into the path of the oncoming Derek Martin – as the cars entered the corner, Martin and Wood were in close succession, with Wood running into the back of the Gavin Murray car, forcing him offline. Billy Wood settled into 2nd position and was hot on the heels of leader Gordon Alexander as he looked to challenge for the lead, though didn’t quite have the pace and soon lost some ground to the lead car as the pack behind also closed in. Alexander took the win with Wood crossing the line in 2nd and Murray in 3rd. A video review though proceeded which seen Wood demoted a couple of places as a result of the incident at the beginning of the race! The meeting final – the 2021 Scottish Championship / Malcolm Chesher Memorial Race again seen the grid formed based on the points scored from the previous 2 heats. Derek Martin and Carl Waller-Barrett were the pace setters from the outset and soon were lapping the majority of the field, though a number of cars had pulled off onto the infield during the race. Waller-Barrett put up a brave fight to stay with and challenge the Derek Martin car, though couldn’t quite sustain a challenge that would see him move into the lead, with his best opportunities coming as the negotiated the back markers. World Champion Robert McDonald finished in a distant third position.

The eye-catching Classic Hot Rods battled for there own Scottish Championship on the Saturday with 2 reverse grid heats forming the grid for the main race itself. Dan Buckley was in excellent form, but transponder issues seen him lose his places before borrowing a transponder for the Scottish Championship event. Gary Goodswen opened up proceedings with a race win in the first race with Scotsman Kenny Purdie awarded second position, and Craig Boyd in third. Heat 2 seen Purdie battle his way to victory, with the flying Craig Boyd bringing his car home in 2nd position – Scotsman Graeme Callendar rounded out the top three. The meeting final seen the two favourites occupy the front row – Kenny Purdie and Craig Boyd. As the green flag dropped, it was Purdie who got away first and into the lead, forcing Boyd to be the challenger, and challenge he certainly did! Lap after lap Boyd challenged, looked inside, outside, inside again to try and find an opening. Purdie used all his experience to hold off the nimble 45 machine, and perhaps became a little too defensive in the closing stages as Boyd snuck his nose up the inside on the exit of turn 2, with Purdie slamming the door shut! That move seen Purdie retain the lead, however, would later be punished by the race steward which seen Purdie demoted to third position, with Boyd retaining the Scottish Championship!! Sunday seen the Classics back with us for another bout of racing, this time with the much sought after Malcolm Chesher Memorial up for grabs. Dan Buckley – who now had a working transponder took the opening race of the afternoon, with Scottish Champion Craig Boyd taking the following heat. Buckley added to his heat win as he claimed the Malcolm Chesher Memorial in the final race of the afternoon for the Classic Hot Rods – Boyd finished second, with Purdie just behind Boyd.

The Stock Rods battled for their inaugural Lochgelly Masters over the 2 days with the combined results determining the grid for the Masters race on the Sunday afternoon. Jim Pitcaithly fell foul of the race steward for excessive contact and was disqualified in the opening heat of the night. Shane McMillan crossed the line first, though was also demoted to third for contact with Darren McALpine then inheriting the victory in the opening race of the day for the Stock Rods. Ulster drivers Shane McMillan and Derek McMillan would then take the proceeding races, with Derek McMillan taking the Crane Transport sponsored tyre as the final winner on the Saturday night. Sunday seen another excellent day of racing from the Stock Rods, with Shane McMillan adding to his tally of wins for the weekend – taking 2 heats on the Sunday, before Jim Pitcaithly took the meeting final and the inaugural Lochgelly Masters, with a tyre put up by Lee Smart Racing as well. Chris Lattka and Derek McMillan rounded out the top three in what is the final meeting for the Stock Rods ahead of their European Championship in just 2 weeks time (5th June).

The Ministox featured on both days and provided some excellent, hard and eventful racing!!! A number of yellow flag stoppages seen a few delays to the racing, but the on track action from the youngsters was nothing short of excellent with 27 cars in attendance each day!! Robbie Armit took a double heat win on the Saturday, before Ethan Gemmell took an excellent final victory, finishing ahead of Armit and Scott Allardyce. Sunday, seen much of the same, with even more thrills and spills from the youngsters, which seen Jake Wilson go for a bit of a ride, resulting in his car rolling over onto its side and back onto its wheels! Charlie Hardie took the opening race win before seeing it taken from him for a transponder issue, with Jamie Dawson inheriting the race win, much to Hardie’s disappointment. Hardie made amends in heat 2 as he stormed to victory. Newcomer in 2021, Demi Ritchie claimed a super victory in the final, finishing ahead of fellow female racer Rachel Kidd, with Scott Allardyce rounding out the top three yet again.

The 1300 Stock Cars joined in on the action on Sunday afternoon, with around 25 cars taking to the track. Barry Jarman was out with us having blown his engine at the last outing, and was bang back on form, taking a race win in the opening race, before adding a second place finish in the second race of the night. Jacob Roff crossed the line first in the meeting final, though was set to be docked for a jump start, before he got out of his car at the end of the race, which seen him disqualified from the result. This gave Fraser Clark the race win, with Kyle Hegg – debuting his new car – finishing in second, and Euan Mathieson claiming third place.

We are back in action this Saturday night, with the Back 2 Basics Bangers in action, alongside the Superstox, Junior Productions, Ninja Karts and CC Rods.

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