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Junior Productions

Junior Productions
Junior Productions are a non-contact high speed formula made up primarily of Corsas, Peugeots and similar small sized cars.

The Junior Productions formula is for drivers aged 10-15 years old - all drivers must retire from the formula on their 16th birthday.

This Formula is Non-Contact, and racing is in a clockwise direction.
Cars should be prepared with a professional racing appearance. This standard is required to be maintained throughout the driver\\\\\\\'s racing season.

With increasing numbers throughout the short history of the formula, the formula is fast becoming a breeding ground for incredible talent. Large grids of cars push forward driver development, and this can only bode well for the future. The formula is seen as a good starting point for drivers looking to develop into Stock Rods or similar sized formula.

Selected events at DMC, for example, the Irish Open Championship, will also be awarded National Points.

Additional Comments and Rules

As discussed at the 2023 drivers meeting for the formula, the following will be implemented for the 2023 race season.

- The Scottish Championship will be contested from an out of the hat draw and the grid will be determined by two reverse grid qualifying heats. The top point scorer from the heats will be at the front of the grid for the Scottish Championship race. In order to be eligible for being gridded for the qualifying heats, drivers must have participated in at least 50% of the race meetings in the season to date OR the three previous meetings. Any driver that has done at least 1 meeting previously in the year, but does not meet the grid criteria may be permitted to race, but MUST start at the back in ALL qualifying races.

- Any driver not booking in by 12pm the day prior to a race meeting, will forfeit any grid position and be required to start at the rear of their grade for all races. Any driver not booked by 12pm on the day of the event will be required to start from the back of the grid for ALL races. Drivers that are booked in and race will receive 5 attendance points. Drivers that book in after 12pm on the day of the meeting, or simply turn up on the day, will get no attendance points. Drivers that book in and do not turn up, will have 5 attendance points removed from their total.

- The Junior Productions will be graded using their points championship, however, the drivers average may also be considered when grading.

- A penalty points system will be introduced where a driver can incur a meeting ban for escalating points throughout the season. If a driver reaches the 10 penalty points threshold, this will incur a 1 meeting ban from the formula. A docking for contact will receive 2 penalty points. A docking for ignoring blue flag will receive 2 penalty points. A black flag disqualification will get 5 penalty points. A load up offence will receive 10 penalty points.

Relevant Downloads

- 2023 Junior Production Rules 16-01-23 - Updated 16th Jan 2023
- Junior Production Points 2023 - Updated 8th Nov 2023
- Junior Productions Grades Nov 2023 - Updated 17th Oct 2023

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Current Lap Record, 15.435, set on 14th October 2023, By Car #96 Callum Doak.

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