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Latest News

Fixture Changes

Added by Kevin on Wednesday 16th June
Hardie Race Promotions Press Release

Hardie Race Promotions wish to give advance notice of a number of fixture changes that we are required to make to our published fixture list.

Saturday 26th June. This event has been changed to Friday 25th June, however, Micro Bangers and the Caravans have been removed from this fixture and have been rescheduled for later in the season - read below.

Saturday 6th November - This event was originally scheduled to be the Michelle Freck Memorial event, however, due to a clashing with the 1300 Stock Car European Championship at Ipswich, this has been pushed back to Saturday 13th November. This event will also see the Micro Bangers become a team event, and the Caravan Carnage race added onto this meeting.

Saturday 13th November - This event was originally scheduled to be the Van Bangers Scottish Championship and Firework Finale. This event has been brought forward to Saturday 6th November with the original formula in place.

Our fixture list has been updated to reflect this change.

We will notify you of any further fixture changes as soon as possible.

July Speed Weekend Info

Added by Kevin on Thursday 3rd June
Hardie Race Promotions wish to make race fans and drivers aware of a change to the published programme for the weekend of 24th and 25th July, the Lochgelly 10(+1) Year Anniversary Event, sponsored by Rogerson Coach Travel.

The UKMC sponsored Ninja Karts have been removed from the Sunday event and moved to the Saturday.

In a first at Lochgelly Raceway, this meeting will have an interval during the meeting for drinks and refreshments.

The provisional schedule for the weekend will see practice (tbc) taking place on the Friday at a cost of £50 per driver.

The Saturday will only see practice for junior formula only. Promptly after practice, a drivers grid draw will take place for the Ministox.

The provisonal Saturday running order will then be;
13:00 Race 1 Ninja Karts White / Yellows
13:15 Race 2 Junior Productions Heat 1
13:30 Race 3 Ninja Karts Heat 1
13:50 Race 4 Stock Rods Heat 1
14:05 Race 5 Junior Productions Heat 2
14:20 Race 6 Ninja Karts Heat 2
14:40 Race 7 Ministox Heat 1
15:00 Race 8 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
15:20 Race 8 Ninja Karts Heat 3
15:40 Race 10 Junior Productions Final
16:00 1 Hour Break
17:00 Race 11 Superstox Heat 1
17:15 Race 12 Stock Rods Heat 2
17:30 Race 13 Ministox Heat 2
17:45 Race 14 Unlimited Bangers Scottish Championship
18:15 Race 15 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
18:30 Race 16 Superstox Heat 2
18:45 Race 17 Ministox Heat 3
19:05 Race 18 Unlimited Bangers Heat 1
19:30 Race 19 Stock Rods Final
19:50 Race 20 1300 Stock Cars Final
20:10 Race 21 Ministox Scottish Championship
20:40 Race 22 Superstox Final
21:00 Race 23 Unlimited Bangers Heat 2/DD

Running Order - Subject To Change, and times are approxomite!

There will be no practice on the Sunday, and the provisional Sunday running order will be:
12:00 Race 1 Ministox Heat 1
12:20 Race 2 CC Rods Heat 1
12:35 Race 3 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 1
12:50 Race 4 Superstox Heat 1
13:10 Race 5 Ministox Heat 2
13:30 Race 6 Rookie Bangers Scottish Championship
14:00 Race 7 CC Rods Heat 2
14:15 Race 8 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 2
14:30 Race 9 Ministox Heat 3
14:50 Race 10 Superstox Heat 2
15:05 Race 11 Rookie Bangers Heat 1
15:30 Race 12 CC Rods Heat 2
15:45 Race 13 2.0 Hot Rods Final
16:05 Race 14 Ministox Fife Championship
16:30 Race 15 Superstox Lochgelly Masters
16:55 Race 16 Rookie Bangers Heat 2 / DD

Again, running order subject to change, and times are approximate.

There will be an extended pit area for this event to accommodate the number of cars expected.

Driver Bookings are now open. Drivers can book for all formula through the online shop area of our website.

Tickets go on sale, 5pm 16th June 2021.

Rookier (1600 Banger) rules are available to download on our website through the Rookie Banger page.

BREAKING! A £1000 prize fund has been announced for the Unlimited Banger Scottish Championship!

We have advertising and sponsorship opportunities available for this weekend! Contact us for details!

Early Banger Lists

Unlimited Bangers - Saturday 24th July
7 Carl Barron
23 Lee Burdan
27 Liam Glendinning
76 Ryan Scott
92 William Donnell
99 Lee Clarke
134 Josh Heeps
146 Dan Wigman
158 Gary Chambers
159 Callum Campbell
164 Gary Mentiplay
180 Sean McConnachie
209 Tom Waller
215 Dougas Linton
215 Leonard Dunn
217 Sid Madgwick
230 Scott Paterson
237 Scott Black
269 Sean Bonnar
356 Harry Overy
388 Stevo McGrath
397 Darren Linton
400 Lee Kingsnorth
617 Jack Overy
619 Bradley Tomlinson
760 Joey Reynolds
880 Neil Naismith
935 David Gurney
999 Dayle Linton

1600 (Rookie) Bangers - 25th July
3 Ryan Martin
4 Josh Goligher
8 Ross McKitten
11 Gav Fletcher
13 Bobby Palin
15 Noel Anderson
27 Lee Strike
29 Jamie Locker
30 Josh Tonks
31 Peter Coils
36 Jon Reed
38 Gary Thompson
49 Liam Boden
50 Aiden Gamble
58 Ryan Thompson
69 Ryan Dent
82 Reiss Carroll
90 Joey Holmes Jnr
92 Willam Donnell
99 Lee Clarke
116 Mark Weldon
126 Chris Law
127 Katie Strike
134 Josh Heeps
151 James Cocks
155 Gav Broadbent
164 Gary Mentiplay
201 Perry Downes
214 Shane Rawlins
215 Douglas Linton
219 Ben Lewis Thompson
224 Jaiden Gamble
244 Callum Churn
247 Don Lineham
265 Michael Gordon
267 Danny Grady
292 Paul Davies
296 Thomas Jennings
298 Carl Locker
314 Luke Rawlins
321 Reece Pollock
333 Gavin Gamble
352 Ben Mynott
354 Josh Vowden
379 Shaun Turner
387 Jordan Mcerenary
389 Deano McGrath
397 Darren Linton
400 Lee Kingsnorth
424 Andy Farley
448 Jay Byram
478 Craig Royal
499 Sean Watters
508 Harry Hunt
566 Hamish Gilfillan
610 Devon Usher
618 Gary James
621 Gareth Parker
666 Sam Duckett
760 Joey Reynolds
793 Owen Greenhalgh
911 Shane Harris
935 David Gurney
999 Dayle Linton

June Speed Weekend 2021

Added by Kevin on Tuesday 25th May
Hardie Race Promotions are pleased to confirm that tickets (limited availability) and driver bookings are now open for the 2nd Speed Weekend of the 2021 season.

The Stock Rods will race for the Lee Smart Racing European Championship, the 2.0 Hot Rods will contest the ATP British Championship and the Rebels will also race for their own European Championship, with the Ministox in action both days as well. The 1300 Stock Cars also feature on the Sunday.

Spectator tickets can be bought via the Advance Ticket section on this website, and drivers can book through the Online Shop area of the website. Drivers for 2.0 Hot Rods and Stock Rods must only book-in if they have qualified via their home promotion (Saturday only, Sunday is an open event).

Anyone in self-accommodation are permitted to stay on site, but must leave the drive-in viewing area at the end of the Saturday night.

Gates will open at 12pm for drivers on the Saturday.
Gates will open at 2.30 for spectators on the Saturday.
Gates will open at 1030am for drivers on Sunday.
Gates will open at 1130am for spectators on Sunday.

ATP Spray Finishing, our 2.0 Hot Rod sponsors, have decided to raffle out the VIP box that they have, and have agreed to put the funds towards the 2.0 Hot Rod prize fund. Get the numbers at https://www.hardieracepromotions.co.uk/merch/?P=shop1&PT=8.

Drivers - There will be practice on Friday afternoon - 12 until 5pm.

Running Order, Booking Lists and more will be available on the meeting preview.

2 litre hot rods are permitted 2 new tyres for the weekend and these must be submitted on your tyre log on the Saturday for the weekend.

Return to Racing 2021

Added by Kevin on Wednesday 14th April
Following on from the Scottish Government update on Tuesday 13th May 2021, Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to announce that racing will resume at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday 1st May 2021 following permission being granted from our local authority.

And in an unexpected, but extremely welcome BONUS, we will welcome in the public as well, with our drive-in viewing facility permitted to resume from the 26th April.

Hardie Race Promotions are pleased to confirm that the pricing structure will remain the same for domestic events as they were in 2020. Hardie Race Promotions are also giving the opportunity to one lucky individual to be in with a chance of winning a season pass for the 2021 campaign in our online raffle. You can purchase a number for less than the cost of a domestic meeting using This Link!.

Drivers can now book in for the event on the 1st May through This Link.

Those wishing to take up a trackside viewing slot, can book through our website as well, using This Link.

With the season finally getting underway, we have a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities still available, from website advertising and trackside advertising boards, to meeting and formula sponsorship. Contact us for more information on how to support HRP and get your business noticed at the same time!!

We are delighted to be back and would like to thank Fife Council for their continued co-operation and assistance in aiding us return to racing!

As with 2020, temperature checks will be conducted upon arrival for all attendees
Those in trackside viewing are required to stay in their vehicles
Face coverings will be required for those visiting our facilities
Face coverings will be required by drivers and teams
Only 1 person should enter the toilets at any one time
Social Distancing rules apply.

National Hot Rod European Championship 2021

Added by Kevin on Wednesday 7th April
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to confirm that the 2021 National Hot Rod European Championship - sponsored by DPC Commercials - will go ahead on May 22nd and 23rd Weekend. The main event will be a 40 lap challenge on the Saturday night as they nations top drivers battle it out for the chance to leave with the European Championship - currently held by Jason Kew! Adam Hylands won the Malcolm Chesher memorial event previously, and will again be looking for silverware across the 22/23 May!

The Classic Hot Rods will race for their Scottish Championship on the Saturday night as well, whilst the Stock Rods will compete in a round of qualifying races ahead of their inaugral Lochgelly Masters to be contested for on the Sunday afternoon. The Ministox will also feature.

The Sunday will see the Nationals race for their own Scottish Championship and Malcolm Chesher Memorial, whilst the Classics will contest for the Malcolm Chesher Memorial as well. The Stock Rods will contest in further heats before racing for their Lochgelly Masters. The Ministox and 1300 Stock Cars will also participate.

There will be practice on Friday 12-5pm. This is only open to drivers participating across the 22nd and 23rd May weekend. This will be priced at £50 per driver.

Ticketing Information
This event will be priced as follows:

Saturday £20 - Anyone age 12 and over
Sunday £16 - Anyone age 12 and over
Drive-in viewing fee also applies (£7).

Drive-in tickets to go on sale on Tuesday 11th May at 7pm, where we also expect to be able to put on sale, a very limited amount of standing spectator spaces.

Driver Bookings open from Monday 10th May 2021.

Friday Practice
For formula participating at this special weekend, there will be open practice on Friday 21st, from 12-5pm at a cost of £50 per car. This will only be open to those formula participating across the weekend.

We will also have limited supplies of a special souvenir race programme.

All information is subject to confirmation & restrictions being lifted.

Note From Hoosier
We intend to attend the European Championship at Lochgelly, but as we no longer have the lorry we will only be able to bring a limited number of pre-ordered tyres for collection.

We will only have a transit van, and will not have fitting equipment on board, but understand that there may be a fitting service available from an independent garage on site, for a nominal charge.

We would ask drivers to pre-order tyres as soon as possible to enable us to plan ahead. Priority for orders will be given to National Hot Rods racing at the event, before other formulas. We will do our best to accommodate as many drivers as possible, but with the space we have available, quantities may be limited.

We anticipate arriving at the track on Friday morning, and will leave at the end of racing on Saturday. If you have tyres ordered, please ensure they are collected by then.

We want to thank you all for working with us during these unprecedented times as things slowly return to normal, and look forward to seeing you all around the raceways.

Andy & Looby
01293 863579

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