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Improvement Works at Lochgelly Raceway

Added by Kevin on Saturday 18th January
Hardie Race Promotions (In association with Spedeworth Motorsports) are proud of our venue and always strive to provide an excellent facility in terms of racing, but also one that is great for families.

Over the winter period, work has continued at Lochgelly Raceway with continual improvements being made to the facility.

Since the summer of 2019, work has been ongoing on a new and much improved stand, and this work is continuing as we approach the 2020 season. A balocony the length of the stand is now nearing completion which provides excellent panoramic and unobstucted views of the raceway. An access ramp has been added so that families with buggys, or persons in wheelchairs etc can still benefit from this excellent platform. Around 300 people can comfortably be situated on the balcony in the stand. A new toilet facility and track shop (tbc) is expected to be situated below the balcony of the new stand upon completion. This will provide additional ease of access. A large level concrete pad currently sits infront of the balcony with plans to install seating in this location over the course of time.

The banked corner has seen the often troublesome stones removed from in front of the grandstand, with additonal steps being added to improve viewing comfort and safety of spectators.

The pit lane has seen a large tunnel built up over the course of the winter months. It is hoped that the tunnel will provide an additional buzz around the stadium, particulary on major weekends where smoke machines and flashing lights can easily be added to add to the atmosphere. The tunnel will only be used for cars entering the raceway, with an open route available for cars exiting the track. As part of these works, a new gate has been added to the bottom of the pit lane with heightened catch fencing added to it for additional spectator safety.

There has never been a better time to get your name involved with Hardie Race Promotions in what is the 10th anniversary year of Lochgelly Raceway. We have a host of great events lined up across the course of the season and with bigger and better opportunities available, now is the perfect time to get involved with HRP Lochgelly Raceway - Scotland's Ultimate Oval Racing Experience!

We look forward to seeing many of you throughout the 2020 season!

Superstox Tyre Series 2020

Added by Kevin on Wednesday 15th January
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to announce a new incentive for our Superstox formula for the 2020 season. With a number of new drivers coming into the formula we have sought sponsorship for a tyre series to be run throughout the forthcoming season.

We are pleased to announce 5 events throughout the 2020 season where a number of tyres will be up for grabs for the drivers to take home with them.

The tyres will be allocated to the following race meetings-

Saturday 7th March - Sponsored by CJB Ltd
Saturday 16h May - Sponsored by Hoosier
Sunday 26th July - Sponsored by BFD Autos
Friday 11th September - Sponsored by Hoosier
Saturday 31st October - Sponsored by Hoosier

At each meeting, the meeting final winner AND the first white or yellow graded driver across the line will win the tyre.

Hardie Race Promotions are thankful for the sponsorship donated by

BFD Autos (Bryan Forrest)
CJB Ltd (Campbell Scott)
and Hoosier.

1300 Stock Car Sponsorship Series

Added by Kevin on Wednesday 15th January
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to welcome continued sponsorship from Ringtone Racepainter and MRC Coachworks for the forthcoming 2020 campaign.

At 16 domestic meetings throughout the season, Ringtone and MRC Coachworks will put up £50 on each of the meeting finals.

The £50 will be split two ways.
The driver finishing first will receive £25 from Ringone Racepainter and MRC Coachworks, whilst the top white or yellow graded driver to cross the line will also receive £25.

We would like to extend our continued thanks to Ringtone Racepainter and MRC Coachworks for their continued support here at Lochgelly Raceway!

Swaffham Raceway

Added by Kevin on Wednesday 15th January
In the last 14 days the ORCi has learnt that the stadium owners made a decision to accept an offer
from a different prospective promotional team to take over operations at Swaffham Raceway from the
1st February.

As all who know Pete Gould would understand, he has become extremely well respected and worked
tirelessly for a number of years trying to re-establish the raceway with considerable success and at
considerable personal cost.

In late 2018 / early 2019 the ORCi accepted Swaffham and, with further investment in his operation
from Pete, joined the ORCi.

This potentially opened up the venue to more mainstream formulae and exciting plans for 2020 were
at an advanced stage.

Sadly, in just recent weeks, despite offers of support and meetings involving other ORCi promoters
supporting Peter, the owners took a decision to change.

Whilst the ORCi have not been in direct contact with the new promotion, neither have they been in
contact with us however they have made it clear in their announcement they wish to operate

This was discussed at a recent ORCi meeting and we are saddened for Pete, together with
assistance volunteered with others to secure the stadium for Pete and ORCi formulae.
Mr Gould has been offered support from the ORCi where it can to find ways for him to move forward
however, given the circumstances as part of that support the ORCi advises that:
Any driver racing in any formula at Swaffham will receive a 12 month ORCi ban which will be reset
every time that driver races there.

If there are any further developments, then the ORCi will issue further guidance.

Advertising Opportunities at HRP

Added by Kevin on Monday 6th January
Hardie Race Promotions are delighted to confirm that we again have various advertising and sponsorship opportunities available for the 2020 race season at Scotland's Premier Motorsports Facility.

Firstly, our events at our Speed Weekends are open to Sponsorship.

- The 2020 National Hot Rod European Championship (Part of our April Speed Weekend).
* This event takes place on the 25th / 26th April 2020
* The premier mon-contact oval racing formula in the UK and Ireland
* Drivers from throughout the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe often participate

- The 2020 Stock Rod European Championship and 2.0 Hot Rod British Championships (Part of our June Speed Weekend)
* This event takes place over the weekend of 6th and 7th June 2020
* Over 30 cars participating in each formula across the weekend
* Drivers and race teams from throughout the UK and Ireland

- The 1300 Stock Car World Championship and Superstox British Championships (Part of our September Speed Weekend)
* This event takes place over the weekend of 5th and 6th September 2020
* The biggest event on the 1300 Stock Car calendar
* Over 30 cars participating in each formula across the weekend
* Drivers and race teams from throughout the UK and Ireland

- The 2020 National Micro Banger World Cup (Part of our October Speed Weekend)
* This event takes place over the weekend of 10th and 11th October 2020
* Around 100 Micro Bangers participating throughout the weekend from throughout the UK and Ireland
* Other Events also available at this weekend!

- Our Special Summer Speed Weekend as we celebrate Lochgelly Raceway's 10th Year.
* Most formula in action
* Rookie Banger Scottish Championship
* Unlimited Banger Scottish Championship
* Ministox Scottish Championship

As well as our headline events, a host of other titles are also up for grabs including the National Points, Track Championships and Scottish Championships for various formula.

Custom built 'Series' can be added to the fixtures to suit your requirements.

Each of our sponsors will gain excellent recognition throughout the series, and in the build up to events with logos added to various marketing material.

In addition to sponsorship, general advertising opportunities are also available across various platforms.

Digital adverts can be placed on our website, whilst trackside and pit lane advertising boards / banners are also available at a great rate. Our trackside advertising boards are available at just £5 per race meeting (based on the full season of events).

Get your brands recognised through Hardie Race Promotions and we will endeavor to give your business as much recognition as possible!

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