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Friday 7th August

Latest News

1300 World Weekend Postponed

Added by Kevin on Tuesday 28th July
September Speed Weekend Statement

Hardie Race Promotions, in Association with Spedeworth Motorsports would like to inform race teams and spectators, that a decision has been taken to postpone the 1300 Stock Cars World Championship, Superstox British Championship and Oval Legends European Championship until 2021.

With Social Distancing and various other limitations still being in force in Scotland, hosting the trio of major championships will see a significantly reduced attendance, even if the Government continue to gradually lift restrictions between now and then. Hosting such prestigious events, we feel, should be done so in front of as many people as possible, and this sadly, we do not foresee being possible. Additionally, we feel that we owe it to race teams and spectators to inform them as soon as possible, so that any accommodations etc can be cancelled in advance.

Hardie Race Promotions will replace the dates with a collection of domestic events across the weekend.

For the 1300 Stock Cars, all meetings between now and the 5th September will count for National Points for the current campaign, with the points being reset on the 5th September.

Fixture Amendments

Added by Kevin on Monday 27th July
Hardie Race Promotions would like to inform all of our spectators and race teams of a number of fixture amendments throughout the month of August.

With Social Distancing still a key factor when planning our events, and Scottish guidance still recommending 2m, there is now a need to drop a formula from each meeting in order to ensure pit space is adequate for the formula that are in action.

With some of the formula being removed, we have had to alter some of the other fixtures as well, to ensure that formula are still having track time. However, should the guidance change, we will look to re-instate some formula where possible, however, this may also result in a slightly earlier start time.

Whilst this isn't ideal, we hope that you understand our reasons for doing so, and we look forward to seeing you all at Lochgelly Raceway throughout August.

Please note, that fixtures are subject to change.

A statement in regards to the 1300 World Championship, Superstox British Championship and Oval Legends European Championship will be announced as soon as possible.

Stock Rod and Hot Rod Points Champions

Added by Kevin on Friday 17th July
Spedeworth / Incarace / HRP would like to make all 2.0 Hot Rod and Stock Rod drivers aware that your respective national points charts have now reset.

The current points leaders for each of the formulas will now be declared as the 2019/20 points champions.

The next events scheduled for each formula will be the commencement of the 2020/21 national points charts.

Practice and Private Hire Information

Added by Kevin on Thursday 4th June
Hardie Race Promotions are pleased to announce that we will shortly be opening up the venue for private hire events and open practice events.

The practice and private hire sessions will be running whilst adhering to the government guidelines regarding Covid-19 and following the ORCi method statement and risk assessment.

This news item will outline everything you need to know so please read this article in full and carefully.

The price for practice will be £40.00 per driver and must be paid in advance. PLEASE NOTE:- Car sharing is NOT permitted due to COVID-19 rules at these practice sessions.

Private hire of the oval is available Mon-Fri between 10am and 5pm, at a cost of £75 per hour, with a minimum booking cost of £150.

Booking Information
All bookings MUST be made and paid for in advance and subject to availability. Bookings will be accepted on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Before confirming your booking, please ensure you read and agree to the file which is accessible via the link below. Once your payment has been processed this acts as your agreement and there will be no refunds. To make a booking please use our form on our website, found within the online shop.

Attendance & PPE
At these practice sessions it will be strictly Driver + 1 mechanic. An additional 1 helper can be added for practice sessions and private hires for an additional £10. There must be no more than 2 helpers for each car.
All drivers and mechanics will be required to supply their own racing PPE as normal plus a face mask which must be worn at all times once within the stadium except in the case of the driver when you have your racing PPE on to practice.

For clarification on practice sessions, part of the guidance on running such events is that we must fully adhere to social distancing, at this juncture this includes travelling and arriving at track.

It also means that we are unable to accept any additional people into the track such as family members unless paid for in advance as a helper (max one per driver).

The baby steps are to get us to a stage where we can prove to the regulatory bodies (regional & national) that we are doing all that we can to prevent the control of the virus, we must get approval from these bodies before we can even run the events and we do expect visits to ensure compliance.

Whilst we all want to return to racing, this must be done in a manner that protects everyone concerned and we will update the procedure as soon as we can.

Pit Parking
On arrival at the raceway you will be required to queue on the road outside the pit gate entrance until instructed to enter the stadium via the tarmac pit area entrance. Formulas who use race receivers need to set your race receiver to channel 952. Please do this so the pit marshal can speak to you and guide you via your race receiver where to park. Non-race receiver formulas please follow the verbal and hand signals of the pit marshal. All transporters will be required to park whilst leaving a ‘cars’ gap between each other. REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST BE WEARING YOUR FACE MASK BEFORE ENTERING THE STADIUM.

Social Distancing
Maintain a minimum of 2 meters social distancing.

Toilets will be provided but social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing to use the facilities.

Exiting the Stadium
At the end of your session, you are required to leave the stadium via the pits via the hard standing exit.

View the ORCi Risk Assessment

A reminder, if you or anyone in your household are showing any signs of COVID-19, you must cancel your booking and not attend the session. Temperature checks may be conducted upon entering the stadium.

Racing Cancelled

Added by Kevin on Tuesday 17th March
The UK Government has issued further guidance to event organisers with a recommendation that people should not attend pubs, theatres and large gatherings and to protect the NHS, frontline services are unable to support such events due to the resources required by the emergency services.
Scotland earlier advised that all gatherings attended by 500 people or more should not take place effective from 16th March.
Having reviewed this information the ORCi have heeded the request from the Government for businesses to act responsibly, and, as such have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend future race meetings at ORCI venues until such time as guidance from the Government changes.
Whilst we recognise the news will be disappointing for race fans and drivers alike, our highest priority must be to ensure the safety of all who attend our events, and protect the resilience of the UK’s public services – especially the emergency services and the NHS – as strongly advised to by the Government. To ignore this advice would be deeply irresponsible given the current circumstances.
Whilst ORCi venues employ their own paramedic, first aid and safety steward team, including private ambulances, we all know that motorsport can be dangerous, and incidents can and do happen which require the attendance of the emergency services. It is impossible for any ORCi venue to legislate against the need to call on the assistance of the emergency services for either an on-track/in stadia incident, and as such we are unable to guarantee that we could proceed without making any call on the services which this government guidance seeks to protect.
As the ORCi we will of course continue to keep our race fans, race teams and individual promotions will keep team members informed of when we plan on resuming the fixture calendar for 2020 and will do this as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to continue to follow the advice of the relevant authorities to ensure the well-being of themselves, their family’s and local communities, whilst sending a strong message of support to the health professionals and members of our emergency services and other key workers who are working so hard for our benefit during this period.

ORCi Ltd

Further to the above ORCi statement, and in line with government guidelines issues on the 16th April, all events up to the 9th June have now officially been postponed.

No decision has been made in relation to as to when and if the lost events will be rescheduled, however, avenues are being explored.

We don't anticipate any further racing at Lochgelly in what would be the first half of the season taking into account the latest information available from Government and ORCi sources.

We will continue to update this article as and when required.

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