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Meeting Preview

Saturday 20th July
Coming Next - The 2019 UNLIMITED BANGER Scottish Championship, the Superstox Tom Michie Memorial Event, Round 1 of the 2019-20 National Hot Rod World Qualifying Campaign, Pro Stocks, Ministox and a charity Coupe Car Race!!

The Unlimited Banger Scottish Championship is the headline event with the biggest turnout of Unlimited Bangers ever seen at Lochgelly Raceway expected for this event! With over 20 cars booked in and expected to be in attendance, a decent prize fund has been put up for the event by Hardie Race Promotions. Drivers from throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland and England are set to grace Lochgelly Raceway for the first time in in Unlimited Bangers, which should see an excellent evening of racing and crashing put on!

The Superstox are in action with the Tom Michie Memorial event taking place and Lewis Willacy was in great form last time out, and will be looking to win the Tom Michie Memorial meeting for the 2nd year in succession! Chris and Dan Roots are set to make the trip north as they seek a bit of practice ahead of the World Championship here at Lochgelly Raceway at the end of August!

The ProStocks have seen a few more cars book in and we're almost at 15 cars, which is one of the best turnouts of the 2019 season to date. Banger driver Callum Campbell is set to make an appearance, as well as Dean McGill who was in excellent form last time he raced ProStocks at Lochgelly Raceway.

The National Hot Rods return to action as they kick off there campaign for qualifying for the World Championship at Ipswich next July. John Sibbald makes a welcome return to action, and with all now to play for, it looks set to be a competitive year in the formula in the Scottish Series. Gordon Alexander and Kenny Purdie will be participating in their first full series since joining the formula and will be hoping to challenge the likes of Billy Bonnar for the Scottish Championship title come the end of the series.

The Ministox are the final formula in action, and another good grid of cars is expected to be on track. Aaron Richards will join us from his base in England, whilst the Scottish challengers will be led by the likes of Ciaran Adams and Taylor Borthwick. Scott Allardyce, Jamie Stewart and Mitchell Gold have all shown good glimpses of form in the closing stages of the first half of the season and will be hoping to continue that trend as the 2nd half of our season gets under way. Charlie Hardie and Rachel Kidd are set to make there first outings at home in the Ministox.

The coupe car event will take before the main event kicks off, with around 30 teams already booked into race. Funds are being raised for FORDS-Care and Radio Forth Cash For Kids!

Get yourself booked in if you are participating in any of the formula / coupe car event by using the Online Forms menu in our website!

Booking Lists -
Unlimited Bangers Scottish Championship
11 Gav Fletcher
22 Douglas McConnachie
26 Lee Burden
36 Ryan Byrde
99 Lee Clarke
118 Kenneth Scollon
133 Lee Kopacz
134 Josh Heeps
159 Callum Campbell
164 Gary Mentiplay
173 Stephen Reynolds
180 Sean McConnachie
222 Colin Riddell
226 Brian Youngson
258 Philip Blowers
266 Alan Roskell
273 Drew Webster
310 John Nicholson
366 Nathan Wren
676 Frank Boardman
880 Neil Naismith
883 Chris Thomson
901 Derek Wilson

7 Charlie Hardie
28 Mirran Adams
111 Koddi Wright
122 Kai Gilmour
128 Ciaran Adams
142 Jake Wilson
145 Rachel Kidd
172 Rian Mitchell
174 Logan Tweedie
178 Scott Allardyce
188 Jamie Stewart
199 Mitchell Gold
210 Aaron Richards
604 Ryan Borthwick
648 Robbie Hamilton
684 Robbie Armit
688 Lauren Ford

8 Chris Cuthbert
15 Steven Ballantine
34 Campbell Scott
119 Aaron Riddell
144 Lewis Willacy
177 Stuart Gilchrist
178 Mark Dews
196 Allan Gibson
217 Jack Turbitt
309 Bryan Forrest
426 Michael Taylor
446 Dean Johnston
453 Kenny McKenzie
611 Adam Low
677 Chris Roots
776 Dan Roots
914 Lee Davison

3 Ryan Martin
16 Dean Abercrombie
23 Ryan Cameron
122 John Jackson
133 Lee Kopacz
145 Dougie Kidd
159 Callum Campbell
170 Ian Christie
231 Grant Barker
263 Dean McGill
327 David Izatt
710 Boab Welsh

National Hot Rods
34 John Maver
36 Roy Anderson
71 Gordon Alexander
77 Ian McGuigan
94 Steven Armit
117 Kenny Purdie
330 Ross McWilliam
500 Ian Donaldson Jnr
629 John Sibbald
700 Ian Donaldson

Coupe Car Event
6 Keeley Paterson / Gary Nicholls
9 Regan Abercrombie / Dean Abercrombie
10 Ellis Gregory / Alun Gregory
34 Pete Robinson / John Wych
39 Logan Mundie / Grant Baker
46 Shelbie Paterson / Allan Gibson
64 Jaxon Moore / Norman Moore
73 Jack Dixon / Declan Dixon
76 Archie Allen / Jamie Brown
78 Sophie Stolarek / Patrick Stolarek
99 Spud Jnr / Lee Clark
117 Colby Alexander / Graham Alexander
126 Lucas Whyte / James Whyte
137 Jak White / William Wallace
170 CC Christie / Ian Christie
171 Elise Hutchison / Scott Kirk
218 Iyla McKintyre / Keiron McIntyre
263 Millie Graham / Dean McGill
267 Nate Wotherspoon / Lee Wotherspoon
408 Charli McComb / Mark McComb
480 Bradley Hosie / Nigel Hosie
535 Leighton Ormerwood / Matthew Ormerwood
638 Logan Rae / Darren Rae
679 Jake Watson / Craig Watson
680 Cooper Whyte / Jock Whyte
681 Harry Whyte / Abbie Whyte
932 Ryan Wilson / Harvey Sneddon
679-1 Keeley Haxton / Steph Haxton

Provisional Running Order
Practice - 1530-1630
Coupe Car Event - 1700
Race 1 Ministox Heat 1
Race 2 National Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 3 ProStocks Heat 1
Race 4 Superstox Heat 1
Race 5 Banger Scottish Championship
Race 6 Ministox Heat 2
Race 7 National Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 8 ProStocks Heat 2
Race 9 Superstox Heat 2
Race 10 Bangers Heat 1
Race 11 Ministox Final
Race 12 National Hot Rods Final
Race 13 ProStocks Final
Race 14 Superstox Final
Race 15 Bangers Heat 2
Race 16 Bangers DD (TBC)

Hardie Race Promotions cannot be held responsible for drivers not upholding bookings.

Running order subject to change.


Saturday 20th July 2019, 6.00pm


Unlimited Banger Scottish Championship!!!
Superstox - Thomas Michie Memorial Trophy
National Hot Rods 2019/20 World Championship Qualifying Round

PLUS Charity Coupe Car Event from 5pm!

Saturday 27th July 2019, 6.00pm

1300 Stock Cars
Stock Rods
CC Rods
Ninja Karts
Junior Productions

Friday 2nd August 2019, 7.00pm

Friday Night Event

CC Rods
Ninja Karts

Saturday 10th August 2019, 6.00pm

2L National Bangers – HRP Points FINAL ROUND
2.0 Hot Rods
Classic Hot Rods
Junior Productions

Friday 16th August 2019, 7.00pm

Friday Night Event

1300 Stock Cars
Stock Rods
Ninja Karts

Saturday 24th August 2019, 6.00pm


CC Rods Scottish Championship

1300 Stock Rods
2.0 Hot Rods
Ninja Karts