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Banger Scottish

Latest Results

Saturday 19th September

Double Scottish Results

Added by Kevin on Monday 21st September
Junior Productions
Heat 1: 924, 605, 232, 52, 5, 673, 88
Heat 2: 232, 88, 924, 605, 262, 871, 555, 5, 687, 673
Final: 52, 232, 262, 352, 605, 871, 555, 673

Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1: 17, 119, 871, 58, 555
Heat 2: 119, 17, 871, 555
Final: 555, 17

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 658, 27, 25, 176, 91, 721, 248, 46, 232, 473
Heat 2: 232, 46, 25, 721, 658, 176, 27, 263, 473, 703
Scottish: 658, 25, 176, 46, 263, 721, 91, 232, 473, 48

Heat 1: 822, 182, 638, 760, 542, 38, 710, 55
Heat 2: 822, 182, 638, 122, 170, 760, 542, 710
Final: 822, 182, 760, 710, 638, 122, 170

1300 Stock Cars
Scottish: 668, 688, 100, 126, 124, 833, 710, 969, 611, 227
Heat 1: 100, 255, 124, 9, 700, 125, 126, 611, 833, 710
Heat 2: 668, 715, 100, 833, 357, 255, 188, 126, 834, 611

Saturday 19th September seen 2 superbly competed Scottish Championships up for grabs!

The feisty 1300 Stock Cars seen there first race off the night being their title event – the grid was formed by a random draw which seen a tasty looking grid, with some of the favourites near the front, and some of the favourites a bit further back! Danny Whyte started the race on pole position and got away well enough to lead at the end of the first lap, however, a melee on the home straight seen the yellow flags called for at the end of the 1st lap with a complete restart required, with the cars lining up again. The green flag dropped and again Whyte got away well, with Fraser Clark and Graham Osbourne just behind – a few laps were completed before another incident on track seen the yellow flags brought out again, this time though, a single file restart was called for in race order. Whyte led away at the restart, with Clark in behind, followed by Osbourne and Dougie Ford. As the green flag dropped, Naismith was quick off the mark and up into 3rd position, with Clark and Naismith soon overcoming Danny Whyte. Whyte dropped back from the lead two, and had a good battle with Dougie Ford, before Ford moved clear into 3rd position. Up front, Naismith was hot on the heels of Fraser Clark, waiting for a mistake, or waiting for the perfect moment to make his move, with a bit of breathing space behind the lead two. As the laps drew in, the anticipation was felt around the venue as everyone awaited the last lap show down! Naismith went in fairly, but hard enough to push Clark wide on the last lap to cross the line just ahead of Clark, with Ford 3rd and Whyte 4th. However, Naismith was deemed to have jumped the restart and was docked 2 places for the infringement, giving the Scottish title to Fraser Clark. A disappointed Sean Naismith went out in the next heat and won the race in a convincing manner ahead of Graham Osbourne and Andrew Mathieson. The final race of the night for the 1300 Stock Cars, was arguably the best of the night, with a superb finish to the race. A yellow flag stoppage with Martin McCafferty against the wall, seen early pace setter Kyle Hegg have his lead wiped out and soon found Fraser Clark and Sean Naismith on his bumper. The trio of front runners had an epic 3 or 4 laps as they traded blows, hits and dummying as the duelled for the win! Fraser Clark crossed the line first, with Kyle Hegg given 2nd by the narrowest of margins ahead of Sean Naismith with all three cars crossing the line within a cars length. The 1300 Stock Cars are back in action this Saturday night!

The Stock Rods were also racing for their Scottish Championship title. Gary Dean looked to defend the title and drew pole position for the opening heat. Gary got away cleanly enough and led the opening laps of the first heat, before being reeled in by Chris Lattka. Lattka opened up a bit of a gap, but Dean again reeled him back in and took the fight to Lattka, though could find no way around. National Points Champion Siobhan Martin finished just behind the front 2, with Gary Nicholls in 4th. The 2nd heat of the night seen a reverse grid from the opening heat, meaning Gary Dean was at the back of the grid for this race. Brett Sneddon kept his nerve as he led most of the race, taking the win ahead of Stewart Paterson and Siobhan Martin. The Scottish Championship race seen Chris Lattka and Siobhan Martin qualify on the front row. As the green flag dropped, the 658 car exited turn 1 sideways after being clipped from behind forcing Martin to back off. Gary Dean looked for a gap up the inside of Lattka as they crossed the start finish line, with the 2 cars touching and both losing control somewhat, with Gary Dean bouncing across the rumble strips putting an end to his defence. Lattka somehow held onto the lead, with Paterson and Martin just behind going into turn 1. Martin and Paterson made slight contact, with Siobhan coming out of turn 2 in 2nd place and on the back bumper of Chris Lattka. Stewart Paterson lost out to Gary Nicholls in the process, with the front 2 going onto have an excellent battle for the lead, whilst Nicholls, Paterson, McGill and McAlpine all battle for the 3rd position place. Up front, Siobhan pushed Lattka around the raceway, with Lattka showing her the outside line. Siobhan tried her utmost to find a way around the experienced Lattka on the outside, but could not force herself in front. As the 2 battled it out side by side, it allowed Nicholls and Paterson to close up behind, with Siobhan deciding to tuck in behind Lattka and ensure that 2nd place isn’t lost to the closing pack behind. Lattka took the title, with Martin and Nicholls completing the top three.

The Junior Productions were in action with an excellent 20 cars in attendance, including 3 from Northern Ireland. The Northern Irish contingent almost went away with a hat trick of race wins however, race 2 seen Jack Morrow docked a couple of places for contact. Jack Morrow 924, took the race win in the 1st race, with fellow Northern Irish driver Chelsey Rainey finishing behind, though she was docked for contact, bringing John Bremner upto 2nd and Harvey Sneddon in 3rd. Heat 2 of the night seen Morrow again cross the line first, but was docked for contact, with Sneddon being elevated to 1st and Kyle Rogerson into 2nd. The meeting final seen Chelsey Rainey continue her impressive meeting, taking an excellent race win, with Sneddon 2nd and Matthew Weir coming home in 3rd, in what was an eventful occasion for the Junior Productions!!

The ProStocks lacked some numbers on Saturday, with a few drivers missing for variety of reason, however, the drivers on track did there utmost to put on a show, with Paul Winfield taking a superb hat-trick of wins that will see him pushed up the grades, whilst Ross Stewart also took a hat-trick of 2nd places!!

The Classic Hot Rods were in action for the first time in 2020 in Scotland, though unfortunately see some cars leave with damage. A coming together at the end of the 1st heat seen Gavin Taber and Martin Balfour cross the line in a mess, with Balfour losing his wheel as a result of the collision. Kenny Purdie took the opening race win, with Daniel Buckley finishing 2nd and the returning Graeme Callendar in 3rd. The 2nd heat of the night seen Buckley take the win ahead of Purdie and Callendar, before a 2 car showdown seen an entertaining battle between Kenny Purdie and Gavin Taber in the meeting final, with Purdie losing out to Taber on the last lap.

The Back2 Basics Bangers race for their Scottish Championship this Saturday night with bookings able to be made through our website, hardieracepromotions.co.uk

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Saturday 12th September

Saturday 12th September Results

Added by Kevin on Monday 14th September
Ninja Karts
White and Yellows: 66, 959, 501, 112, 618, 591, 136, 878, 227, 90
Heat 1: 112, 809, 133, 6, 27, 562, 74, 888, 174, 959
Heat 2: 27, 133, 66, 501, 174, 45, 562, 809, 267, 591
Heat 3: 27, 959, 133, 45, 6, 809, 562, 618, 388, 74

Heat 1: 309, 265, 446, 171, 196, 217, 26, 34, 128, 57
Heat 2: 309, 446, 265, 196, 128, 171, 217, 26, 34, 65
Final: 309, 265, 446, 128, 217, 171, 196, 26, 65

Junior Productions
Heat 1: 687, 232, 35, 747, 352, 555, 871, 605, 50, 88
Heat 2: 35, 232, 5, 871, 88, 747, 555, 67, 113, 605
Final: 871, 232, 605, 35, 17, 687, 673, 555, 8, 5

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 610, 169, 500, 183, 144, 668, 172, 207, 107, 26
Heat 2: 147, 26, 183, 610, 144, 107, 668, 500, 169, 207
Final: 26, 147, 169, 183, 610, 668, 144, 107, 172

Heat 1: 182, 822, 133, 145, 122, 542, 638, 170, 710, 38
Heat 2: 182, 55, 38, 122, 145, 822, 133, 638, 710
Final: 182, 38, 822, 122, 55, 145, 133, 638, 162, 710

Saturday 12th September at Lochgelly Raceway seen the rain clouds make there way over Lochgelly Raceway just ahead of start time, and from then on, never receded, ensuring a damp, greasy and wet track throughout the night, providing a very mixed style of racing!

An astonishing 31 Ninja Karts were in attendance, which included 7 visiting drivers and 1 returning driver. The Whites and Yellows race kicked off the evening for the youngsters with 15 cars on track – the most in a whites and yellows event this season. Southern driver Clark Ferris took the race win, with Northern Irish driver Ryan Berry bringing his kart home in 2nd place, ahead of Saul Galloway in the UKMC sponsored kart. The first main heat of the night seen a couple of yellow flag stoppages, that was to be expected with the number of karts on track in greasy conditions. Jack Baird took advantage of his yellow grade starting slot as he took the race win, with Scottish Champion Toby Tyson finishing 2nd, and Kenzie Kopacz taking an excellent 3rd position. Kenzie looks set to be promoted up the grades again at the end of the month, given his excellent form of late – starting from blue at the weekend, didn’t appear to dampen his progress with another strong set of results. Kaden Connor, another driver that started down a grade from the last meeting, certainly looked back on form after a run of bad luck. Kaden went onto take a double race win on the night, with Kopacz taking another 2nd and 3rd position as well!

The Superstox seen a reduced number of cars against recent times with a few drivers unable to make the event due to other commitments, however, that didn’t mean the racing was poor – there was some excellent racing throughout the night from the open wheel class. Bryan Forrest looked quickest overall on the night, but Dean Johnston put in an excellent performance in the meeting final after dropping behind Forrest, to reel him back in and take the fight to him in the battle for the lead. Barry Stephen was soon on the horizon as well and it quickly turned into a three way battle for the lead, in a similar nature to that of heat 2 as well! Dean Johnston crossed the line first in the final, however was deemed to have jumped a start having came up the inside of a car that had moved wide, which seen him demoted to third position. This gave Bryan Forrest a hat trick of race wins on the night as he extends his lead at the top of the National Points Chart over Barry Stephen to 10 points.

The Junior Productions seen 19 cars take to the track – possibly the most we’ve seen at a domestic event, with a couple of Northern Irish visitors also in attendance in the shape of Chelsey Rainey and Abbie McKinstry. The Non-Contact formula were generally well behaved on the night, despite the difficult conditions. The opening heat of the night seen a photo finish as Harvey Sneddon challenged James Slater on the outside line over the closing stages – Slater held on by the narrowest of margins however, with Sneddon taking an unlucky 2nd place, with Jas Wall rounding out the top three. Heat 2 of the night seen Jas Walle continue his impressive form in 2020, as he took another excellent race win. Harvey Sneddon again, took 2nd position with Jack Beresford taking 3rd position. The meeting final seen a coming together between Koddi Wright and Jack Beresford which seen Koddi removed from the result. Jensen Bell took the win in the final, the third different winner from the 3 races. Harvey Sneddon completed a hat-trick of 2nd positions, whilst John Bremner fought his way through from the back to take 3rd position.

The 2.0 Hot Rods were back in action, and it was great to see Gerry Hendry back out on track after some time away from the formula. John Campbell was also back on track after a terrific job of repairing his car following last weekends fire. Ryan Mackie took the win in the opening race of the night in relative ease, with Scott Devine finishing 2nd and Ian Donaldson 3rd in what was his best result in the 2.0 Hot Rod formula to date. Teri Linden continued to build her confidence in the car, in what was difficult conditions. Teri led both heats for some time, before being closed down in the 2nd half of the race on each occasion. Gerry Hendry took the win in heat 2, with John Campbell 2nd and Linden finishing 3rd. The meeting final seen Linden and Mackie on the front row of the grid, and it was Linden who got away best as she led the race in the opening laps. Mackie struggled to get off the line which seen Campbell make some accidental and unavoidable contact with the 610 car. Gerry Hendry started the last car on the grid having failed to finish in the 1st race, meaning a 0 point scoring race. Hendry was in excellent form in the wet conditions and weaved his way through the pack in excellent style throughout the 25 lap race, to finish only a few car lengths behind Jock Campbell at the end of the race! Scott Devine finished in 3rd position, with Linden an excellent 4th.

The ProStocks were the final formula in action and provided some super racing throughout the night – With promotor William Hardie having a shot, although was removed from the results on each of the races for failing to have a transponder!! Ross Stewart took a hat-trick of race wins that will see him promoted to blue grade for next weekends race event.

We are back in action this Saturday with the 1300 Stock Car Scottish Championship on offer, as well as that of the Stock Rods! The Junior Productions, ProStocks and Classic Hot Rods all also feature in another 5 formula spectacular. First race 5.30pm! Book via our Advance Tickets section of our website, hardieracepromotions.co.uk

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Saturday 5th September

September Weekend Results

Added by Kevin on Tuesday 8th September
Saturday 5th September 2020

Rookie Bangers
Scottish: 478, 85, 246, 901, 99, 164
Heat 1: 621, 85, 478, 246, 901
Heat 2: 621, 85, 478, 13
DD: 13 11

Heat 1: 178, 171, 265, 914, 128, 309, 119, 26, 446, 217
Heat 2: 309, 178, 171, 265, 26, 914, 119, 446, 469, 217
Final: 309, 914, 446, 265, 178, 119, 26, 15, 756, 39

Heat 1: 178, 684, 111, 682, 660, 7, 647, 165, 628, 172
Heat 2: 178, 7, 684, 167, 647, 111, 682, 660, 628, 021
Final: 007, 647, 684, 660, 111, 172, 682, 628, 165, 167

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 703, 721, 658, 248, 46, 25, 27, 91, 671, 184
Heat 2: 721, 263, 25, 658, 27, 46, 971, 671, 232, 473
Final: 25, 721, 46, 263, 27, 232, 671, 176, 473, 31

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 715, 100, 391, 255, 124, 688, 668, 969, 1317, 833
Heat 2: 255, 668, 391, 688, 100, 137, 126, 67, 411, 06
Final: 255, 100, 668, 391, 124, 715, 688, 78, 137, 126

Sunday 6th September 2020

Micro Bangers
Heat 1: 653, 74, 226, 99, 164, 152, 209, 752, 573, 180
Heat 2: 653, 226, 217
Final: 164, 226, 3, 99, 16, 217
DD: 3

Heat 1: 756, 26, 265, 171, 178, 119, 914, 446, 217, 34
Heat 2: 309, 265, 914, 178, 26, 446, 119, 171, 128, 39
Final: 171, 178, 446, 756, 914, 119, 217, 26, 128, 39

Heat 1: 111, 684, 682, 647, 178, 021, 172, 007, 167, 145
Heat 2: 167, 684, 111, 647, 178, 7, 21, 165, 145, 172
Final: 111, 7, 647, 682, 684, 21, 172, 050, 165, 145

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 107, 183, 668, 144, 64, 500, 26, 169, 172, 99
Heat 2: 107, 144, 172, 64, 169, 183, 99
Final: 107, 172, 668, 144, 169, 183, 217, 99

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 668, 715, 391, 125, 523, 100, 688, 137, 88, 833
Heat 2: 111, 357, 391, 523, 700, 125, 668, 100, 710, 124
Final: 100, 668, 391, 137, 126, 523, 124, 715, 833, 255

What an excellent weekend of racing at Lochgelly Raceway – Every formula worth watching in some glorious September sunshine!

A weekend that had it all – on track battles, rivalry, fast racing, head on collisions, fires and handshakes.

The Superstox kicked off the weekend with the opening race on Saturday with visiting drivers in the form of Lee Davison and Bradley Brooker. Bryan Forrest made his race debut with a zetec powering his car instead of the pinto engine and it was right on the pace from the outset as he took a heat and final double. Northern English driver Mark Dews showed great pace as well, as he took a much-deserved race win in one of the heats, as well as finishing 2nd in the other. Barry Stephen showed of his new livery for the first time on home soil, and what a well turned out car it is! The Sunday afternoon was another excellent day for the open wheel class with a great showing of competitive and fast racing. Bryan Forrest was again quick, however, seemed to have a few issues with his car, having 2 DNF’s as a result. Marc Spence took the opening race win in the Ryan Dunbar car ahead of Evan Clark and Barry Stephen. Forrest took the 2nd heat of the night, in a relatively comfortable manner ahead of Stephen and Lee Davison. The meeting final seen Mark Brady take an excellent race win, with Mark Dews and Dean Johnston completing the top 3.

The Ministox, as always here at Lochgelly Raceway, provided excellent entertainment. Scott Allardyce was in superb form as he now seems to have overcome his problems from a few meetings ago. Racing from red grade, Scott took a superb double heat win on Saturday, before failing to finish in the meeting final. Robbie Armit neatly weaved his way through the traffic in each of his races on Saturday, consistently finishing in the top three positions in each of the races, that will seem him maintain his challenge for the Lochgelly Raceway track championship. Koddi Wright made his debut in the ex Mitchell Gold car and was immediately on the pace! Taking a 3rd place finish in his first race was an excellent achievement – It won’t be long before we see Koddi moving up through the grades! Charlie Hardie completed his first meeting having adopted the silver stripe for the month of September, and took a 2nd place in the 2nd heat of the night, and took an excellent win in the final after a mouthwatering battle with Lewis Burgoyne and Robbie Armit. Burgoyne led the way before being chased down by Robbie Armit, with the paid of the dicing for position, it allowed Hardie to close the gap and get into the battle. Hardie managed to get in front, but was continually pressured by Armit and Burgoyne behind, and with the last corner in sight, the cars launched into the corner, with the three drivers crossing the line within a cars length of each other – Hardie, Burgyone and Armit (Three names with many titles amongst them in the history of the sport!!). The Sunday afternoon was another excellent outing for the junior class. Koddi Wright excelling again, with what could have been a hat trick of race wins but for being docked in the 2nd race of the day after starting in the wrong grid position. Koddi took the opening race, finishing ahead of Robbie Armit and Max Walker. Sam Cavanagh took his first win of 2020 in the 2nd race of the night, inheriting it after Wright’s demotion, with Armit again finishing 2nd and Wright down to 3rd. The meeting final seen Charlie Hardie and Lewis Burgoyne battle again, this time for 2nd place as neither of them could catch up with the flying Koddi Wright. All in all, a superb weekend from the Ministox, a formula that will not be back out in action at Lochgelly until the 26th September!

The 1300 Stock Cars were arguably the formula of the weekend with nothing less than excellent racing from start to finish – 32 cars started the first race on Saturday night, and 26 cars started the last race on Sunday afternoon. Credit must go to the drivers and race teams for keeping the vast majority of cars on track throughout the weekend. With cars spinning and battling throughout the weekend, the gasping spectators didn’t know where to watch with action around the raceway in almost every race! The opening race of the weekend for the 1300 Stock Cars seen Kyle Hegg take a race win from blue grade. Sean Naismith seems to have peaked at the right time in the class, as he looks to defend his Scottish Championship title at the next meeting for the formula, taking 2x 2nd place finishes on Saturday night, from the back of the grid. Englishman Jake Banwell got to grips with the Lochgelly Oval quickly and battled his way through the grid in each of his races, finishing in the top 4 in all three races on Saturday night. Graham ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne broke his duck in the formula, as he took a heat and final double win which will see him elevated a grade as a reward for his efforts! Throughout the meeting final, Patrick Calderwood made an effort to despatch of Dougie Ford, which resulted in both cars hitting the wall, with Ford spinning around, and Calderwood causing some damage to the front left of his car, which seen a yellow flag required to recover the car! The Sunday afternoon seen Fraser Clark race in a calm and collected manner, as he used the front bumper to good effect to come through the packed grid of cars and take the race win in the opening race on Sunday. Kyle Hegg got a 2nd place finish in a weekend that provided a decent points scoring haul for him, though, he may not be fully satisfied with his performance with the Scottish Championship just weeks away. Banwell took a hat-trick of 3rd place finishes to mark an excellent ‘Scottish Weekend’. Regan Watson seems to be enjoying his racing at the moment, with his performances reflecting that – Regan took a race win in heat 2 on Sunday, and looked on course for another strong finish in the meeting final, before his car caught fire and ended his day! Sean Naismith took the meeting final victory ahead of Clark and Banwell.

The Stock Rods were in action on Saturday night with a healthy 16 cars in attendance. Darren McAlpine was racing from blue grade for the first time in 2020 and looked the quickest he has been all season, narrowly missing out on the win in the final after making one mistake which National Points Champion Siobhan Martin pounced upon. Craig Mason took the first race win of the day for the formula ahead of McAlpine and Chris Lattka. Gary Nicholls though, will be kicking himself as he was on course for a race win before running out of fuel!! McAlpine took heat 2 ahead of the challenging Dean McGill and Siobhan Martin. The meeting final went the way of Martin, although McAlpine finished hot on her heels, with Stewart Paterson completing the top three.

The Rookie Bangers battled for their Scottish Championship on Saturday, which was won by Craig Royal in what was an English 1-2-3. The Demolition Derby turned out to be a good show, despite a lower number of cars in attendance than we would have hoped for. A dead heat was declared in the DD, after a big head on with Gav Fletcher and Dean Sievwright ended both of there cars!

The Sunday seen the 2.0 Hot Rods in action, in place of the Stock Rods, with Marc Honeyman not only taking his first win in the class, but the also his first hat-trick of race wins!! The 2.0 Hot Rods were in good form throughout the day, however, a big crash in the 2nd heat of the night was the talking point for many – Ian Donaldson getting out of shape and being collected by the oncoming John Campbell, with Kevin Stewart just behind as well – Campbell hit the kerb before hitting the Donaldson car, before then being hit by Stewart. Stewarts car somehow managed to get underneath the Campbell car flipping it over onto his side – a rare sight seeing a hot rod roll over! As the car settled though, a fire broke out, and it was a relief to see Campbell quickly out of the car and the HRP track team take control of the fire quickly.

The Micro Bangers replaced the Rookie Bangers for Sundays action, and provided some excellent racing and crashing throughout the day. Despite only having 16 cars in attendance, the Micro Bangers never fail to disappoint with lots of crashing, and lots of entertaining the crowd!

The Micro Bangers race for there World Cup here at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday 10th October!

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Saturday 29th August

Saturday 29th August Report

Added by Kevin on Monday 31st August
Back 2 Basics Bangers
Heat 1: 883, 99, 274, 50, 757, 209, 155
Heat 2: 274, 529, 164, 901
Final: 46, TBC
DD: 209

CC Rods
Heat 1: 337, 33, 671, 636, 20, 87, 232, 71, 224, 170
Heat 2: 636, 23, 20, 224, 267, 337, 232, 87, 71, 39
Final: 337, 20, 224, 23, 671, 87, 232, 33, 71, 636

Heat 1: 007, 647, 684, 660, 167, 165, 059, 145, 172, 028
Heat 2: Void
Final: 647, 660, 684, 88, 612, 021, 604, 007, 59, 622

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 610, 144, 64, 172, 668, 107, 217, 169, 26, 99
Heat 2: 99, 172, 668, 169, 26, 217, 610, 207, 183, 500
Final: 668, 172, 169, 217, 99, 26, 107, 610, 183, 207

It was another fine night at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday 29th August, with every formula in excellent form.

The Back 2 Basics bangers really seem to be picking up with growing interest in the formula, with the grid growing by over 50% against the meeting only a few weeks ago! Several new drivers made an appearance on Saturday in the budget banger racing class, with Thomas Rae and Ryan Waugh, a couple of the drivers to make there debuts! The field was bolstered by some regular banger racing drivers, with Jamie Sangster showing some great speed and the ability to use the bumper to great effect as well. Chris Thomson, another regular banger driver took a race win in the opening race of the night, leading from flag to flag, with a DNF in the 2nd race, before a big head on in the final seen an end to his night. That head on in the final was at quite some force, with the impact sending the Gary Mentiplay car over onto its roof! 1300 Stock Car driver Barry Jarman was in the mix of the action, and somehow managed to ‘bandage’ his car together to make it out for the final, and in turn, taking an excellent race win!! The Demolition Derby was won by Mark Morrison. The next outing for the Back 2 Basics Banger class is their Scottish Championship on the 26th September!

The CC Rods seen Lee Scott take a heat and final double, which will see him elevated to red grade for the next month, with debutant Lochgelly based driver, Steven Duffy also taking a fine race win. Lee Scott took the opening race win after breaking clear of the pack and leading home Kris Douglas and Brandon Gourlay. Duffy took the 2nd heat of the night in excellent style – holding on for dear in the last few laps as the pack piled the pressure on – Duffy held his nerve though, and took a narrow race victory ahead of Ryan Cameron and Brian Allen. The meeting final seen Lee Scott control the race, taking a near flag to flag victory, with Brian Allen and Dylan Coutts completing the top 3.

An excellent 26 Ministox took to the track in the opening race of the night and the bumpers flew in thick and fast. A couple of race stoppages in the opening race of the night seen the star graded drivers manage to close up on the cars ahead. Charlie Hardie took the race win, just ahead of Lewis Burgoyne, who continued his excellent form here at Lochgelly Raceway, with Robbie Armit taking 3rd. The 2nd race of the night was unfortunately declared null and void after a big crash seen Warwick McClymont make a considerable impact with the barrier midway through the race. With a delay in proceedings, a decision was taken to void the race. Zara Hutchinson also had a big rollover in the Ministox as she made her 2nd outing in the formula. Zara was a little sore, however, made it back out for the meeting final. The meeting final seen Charlie Hardie and Scott Allardyce tangle in the early stages of the race, with both cars spinning around dropping them back the order. Lewis Burgoyne chased down the quick moving Bailey Millar at the front and the pair had an excellent race over the closing 5/6 laps, with Lewis hanging on from a last lap lunge from Bailey to take the race win. Bailey took 2nd place with Robbie Armit taking 3rd position.

The 2.0 Hot Rods were the final formula in action with 13 cars in attendance. Former 2.0 Saloon Stock Car driver Greg Honeyman joined the ranks and made a decent start to his Hot Rod career despite starting from the back of the grid throughout the night. Ryan Mackie, sporting another new colour scheme, took the opening race win of the night ahead of Cameron Willacy and Marc Fortune. Heat 2 of the night seen an excellent battle for the lead as Wayne Lee and Cameron Willacy battled it out, with Marc Fortune closing in on them. As the trio battled it out, a coming together between Willacy and Fortune seen Willacy lock up and hit the wall ending his nights action, with Fortune being disqualified for his part in the incident. Wayne Lee took his first race win though, with Derek Connor and Kevin Stewart rounding out the top three. The meeting final seen Kevin Stewart get away best and took a flag to flag victory, as Derek Connor took a 2nd place finish, with Scott Devine in 3rd.

This weekend at Lochgelly Raceway, we see the Rookie Bangers race for the Scottish Championship on Saturday, whilst the Rookies make way for the Micro Bangers on Sunday. The 1300 Stock Cars, Superstox and Ministox all feature on both Saturday and Sunday. The Stock Rods support on Saturday, in what is there final home meeting before their Scottish Championship, and the 2.0 Hot Rods feature on Sunday. Advance booking only via hardieracepromotions.co.uk

Everyone at HRP would like to wish Warwick McClymont a speedy recovery following his incident on Saturday night – we would like to extend our thanks to our medical team, as well as those from the emergency services that attended.

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Saturday 22nd August

Double Rollovers In Stock Car Actions

Added by Kevin on Monday 24th August
Ninja Karts
Whites and Yellows: 267, 90, 136, 618, 529, 703
Heat 1: 888, 901, 846, 45, 174, 721, 388, 507, 501, 49
Heat 2: 174, 809, 507, 888, 901, 721, 133, 297, 6, 562
Final: 809, 174, 6, 49, 888, 721, 901, 636, 112, 562

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 188, 357, 124, 715, 111, 668, 78, 100, 125, 833
Heat 2: 357, 78, 670, 668, 833, 688, 9, 124, 6, 126
Final: 670, 78, 668, 688, 188, 100, 125, 67, 126, 124
Dash: 188, 670, 100, 125, 668, 111, 710, 255, 06, 75

Heat 1: 145, 162, 182, 68, 38, 710, 542
Heat 2: 182, 822, 68, 162, 170, 638, 542, 721, 518
Final: 55, 68, 170, 542, 638, 822, 710

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 48, 473, 928, 199, 46, 27, 25, 232, 248, 721
Heat 2: 184, 928, 199, 658, 25, 232, 473, 263, 721, 27
Final: 25, 232, 27, 658, 263, 248, 48, 721, 184, 46

Wow, what an excellent night of Stock Car Racing we had at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday 22nd August, an event that seen superb amounts of cars across all formula!!

For the third meeting in succession, trackside viewing was again sold out as the punters came along in there droves to get there weekly stock car fix.

A superb 25 Ninja Karts took to the track on the night, including 2 visiting drivers in the form of Jake Ashby and Finley Kew. A competitive field of drivers seen 4 different race winners on the night. The evening kicked off with the Ninja Karts whites and yellows race, a race that is on the agenda every time the Ninja Karts are on, to give the newer, inexperienced drivers an opportunity to race against drivers at a similar level, and gain track time, confidence and experience. Kal Wotherspoon started from the back of the grid in the race in what is only his second meeting, but came through the pack to take a confidence boosting win. Katie Lee Smart and Shaun Boyle took the further 2 podium positions in the race, with Stuart Shevill Jnr also putting in a solid performance in what was his best meeting to date in the class. The first heat of the night for the youngsters seen Scottish Champion Toby Tyson have a race to forget, as he got caught up and spun out a couple of times, dropping him back the order. Up front though, there would be no catching the flying Eevie Ford who drove her kart excellently throughout the evening, taking a superb race win, with Candice Smart and Isla Chisholm finishing just behind as the girls showed the boys the way! English visitor Finley Kew took an excellent race win in heat 2 after following Scottish Champion Toby Tyson through the pack before reeling in Toby in the closing laps and performing an excellent last lap overtake, which almost ended in disaster as the 2 drivers battled for the same piece of tar as they approached a back marker!! Both drivers made it safely around the corner with Finley just ahead of Tyson, with fellow Englishman Jake Ashby coming home in 3rd! The final race of the evening for the kids seen Eevie Ford again looking in excellent form, with the race seemingly set for an excellent finish as the star graded drivers chased down Eevie Ford, but for a yellow flag stoppage with just a few laps left after a hefty incident involving Lewis Linton, Kenzie Kopacz and Cole Ford. With the bunched up pack the likes of Toby Tyson and Finley Kew were right on the back bumper of Eevie. Tyson make amends from his earlier races, as he took an excellent race win, with Kew just behind and Hamish Plenderleith in 3rd position.

A mighty 30 1300 Stock cars were in attendance on Saturday, the highest number of cars on track in the formula for a domestic meeting, in approximately 5 years. From the outset, the bumper brigade put on a show, trading blows, lap after lap, with action around the raceway, throughout the night. Declan Lindsell had a big rollover on the back straight after being spun around, with all of the cars taking evading action to avoid the flying car of 834 Declan Lindsell!! Declan was quickly out of his car and had it back out for the forthcoming races! Brother Scott had a battle with Andrew Mathieson in the meeting final, with the pair exchanging hits, lap after lap, dropping them down the order in the process! It was 16 year old Jamie Stewart though, who again looked the quickest on track, showing some excellent maturity as he kept his head down and avoided a lot of the incidents. Starting from the blue grade, Jamie took a win in the opening race of the night, ahead of the ever improving Craig Warner, with track points leader Andrew Mathieson finishing in 3rd position. Heat 2 of the night seen Warner get away excellently from the white grade as he took a race win, just ahead of Stewart Aitken, who seen Iain Price have a hit at him in the closing laps. Ross Watters finished in 3rd position as he begun to find his feet again in the formula after some time away. The meeting final seen Stewart Aitken again finishing in second place – he’ll be beginning to think that victory just can’t be his!! The meeting final went down to the very last lap though, with Aitken, Dougie Ford, Ross Watters and Fraser Clark having a super last lap battle with the places changing around on the final corner after a combination of bumper work and different lines around the corner! Watters came out on top, with Aitken 2nd, pushed across the line by Fraser Clark! The final race of the night seen a closed grid, 10 lap dash take place. Regan Watson got away well and led for the first few laps of the race before being chased down by Jamie Stewart, who then took over proceedings at the front of the pack. A yellow flag was called for with a few laps remaining after a few drivers seemingly hit some oil and clattered the wall, with Craig Haxton seemingly coming off worst, losing a tooth in the process!! Stewart made an excellent start on the restart, with Ross Watters and Sean Naismith unable to make any contact on the back of the 188 car!

The ProStocks were in superb form from a spectators point of view, with 20 cars in attendance. A rollover, and a number of on track battles throughout the night seen a lot of action, but ultimately, a lot of damaged cars as well! The opening race of the night was no sooner on its way before a complete restart was called for after a coming together between Stuart Hall and Paul Winfield. With Winfield tagging a car in front coming onto the home straight, Hall was in the mix too just behind Winfield, and a combination of factors seen the 822 car flip over onto its roof with a red flag quickly called for! As the race got under way, a number of big hits ensued throughout, with Dougie Kidd planting a big hit on David Linton with a few laps remaining as Kidd fought his way through to the lead of the race to take the win! Graeme Fleming and Ross Stewart completed the top 3 in a race that seen only 7 finishers from 20 starters! The 2nd heat of the night continued in much the same fashion, with the hits continuing to go in. Tam Melrose latched onto the back of Jason McAlpine on the home straight, with John Jackson just ahead as well – Jackson came off worst being the front car, and pushed to the outside ultimately hitting the wall with McAlpine and Melrose in tow. With the momentum lost, and some damage to cars, McAlpine kept the foot down and closed up on Melrose on the back straight, taking a massive lunge to make contact with the rear quarter of the Melrose car, with both cars hitting the wall and sustaining damage, with McAlpine coming off worst. Ross Stewart took advantage of everyone elses misfortune as he took a race win ahead of Paul Winfield and Scott Jamieson. The meeting final was a little more tame as the car numbers deteriorated and it was Tam Melrose who took the win, finishing ahead of Scott Jamieson and Ian Christie.

The Stock Rods were the final formula in action, and they too seen some visiting interest in the shape of Maison Waugh and James Morris. Stuart Hamilton made his return to racing on home soil, taking a comfortable race win in the opening race of the night, with Paul Wilson finishing in 2nd and Morris 3rd. Stock Rodder Pete Thomson has been in the formula for a number of years on and off, and made his first outing since racing re-commenced, and took the win in the 2nd heat of the night for his efforts, with Morris and Waugh rounding out the top three. The meeting final seen a closed grid of cars with the top point scorers from the two heats at the front of the grid. Morris led the way from the outset, though was under intense pressure from Siobhan Martin, Brett Sneddon and Gary Dean behind. A number of blue flags were given to advise Morris to hold a line as the pressure continued to mount, with the race steward finally deeming that Morris failed to adhere to the instruction and removed him from the result, giving Siobhan the race win! It was an excellent race to watch from the front few drivers battling it out in such a manner!

This coming Saturday we are back in action with the Back 2 Basics Bangers, 2.0 Hot Rods, Ministox and CC Rods! Tickets can be purchased via hardieracepromotions.co.uk.

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